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    J22 bottom & keel refinishing questions

    Thanks for the responses. I will try jacking it with the trailer pad jacks and then lower onto a block to take the weight off the pads so it doesn't hand there too long
  2. I recently bought a j22 that is in pretty good shape. Has what appears to be vc offshore that needs to be redone. I have sanded everything to the gelcoat but the bottom couple inches of the keel. does not appear to be any barrier coat presently. Plan on applying barrier coat and vc offshore by roller. I have a coupe of questions if anyone can shed any light. 1. Is it safe to jack the boat up using the 6 point adjustable trailer pads to elevate the hull enough to get the keel base above the trailers track to sand and refinish the bottom couple of inches? Looks line the easiest solution but not sure if the hull can take tge pressure or just deform . 2. Anyone know how much interlux 2000e is required for a proper job on a j-22. Thanks