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    Hard vs soft dinghy

    I have a small sailing gunkholer in the San Juans that is kept on a buoy. We take a ferry to visit it and use the dinghy like a commuter car with a portable EPcarry motor. We use a Minto dinghy kept in the water at a local restaurant dock. Had to bottom paint it. Not as stable as an inflatable but- any inflatable owners have a similar use case? I like the stability of an inflatable but am concerned about beaching on rocks, swings in temp causing it to feel too tight in the day and then soft in the evenings, punctures, fowling over extended periods in the water etc. Looking for opinions and suggestions. Thanks, Joe
  2. Jet14

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    I'm struck by all the different use scenarios. Some people like speed and others row. Others want a small motor that can be easily stored and passed down to the dink like ours. We don't want to make waves or noise at an anchorage and just want to get the dog back and forth and have access to the beach etc. I'm leaning towards something like a Gig Harbor 10 footer or the 10' Walker bay. Light enough to drag above the tide-line and stable enough and enough carrying capacity for a small family and gear. I think a hard-shell dink is easier to wrap my head around.
  3. Jet14

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    Yes, I tow it everywhere. I do like the Minto and we deal with the tenderness pretty well but we'd just like more stability. Other thing is that we end up making multiple trips to transport stuff and people. I am thinking a bigger version of the same thing would work for us. Anything is too big for our deck anyway.