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  1. InfiniteElement

    Stanchion installation

    Neat idea. My Olson 25 (and the Olson 30’s) have long removable stanchions that plug into the deck. There’s a fiberglass pocket thru the deck glassed to the side of the hull. I’m happy to take pics or measurements to give you ideas if it helps with your less common setup.
  2. InfiniteElement

    Gelcoat discoloured by sunblock

    I noticed bad sunscreen staining in a few spots on my last charter (shaped like my back on the white deck). It seemed to peak then went away after a few days. Maybe yours will fade without intervention if the sun is still strong. I get the same orange staining on clothing from sunscreen. Agree that the switch to titanium and zinc oxides is probably better for you and does not stain.
  3. InfiniteElement

    Sanding gelcoat and CF - dust control tips?

    Glad to hear that you found some. Around here Tyvek suits, full face respirators, etc are starting to be available again but are way more expensive than before the pandemic started.
  4. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Update for posterity/ anyone else doing this in the future: after laying one layer of 1708 using the techniques described above, I just got done laying up 2 more layers in one go, still using 1708 rather than 17oz. After I got one more layer down on top of more thickened epoxy and wetted out with the foam roller, I went over it with a thin layer of peanut butter thick epoxy using a toothed spreader, slapped on the next dry 1708 layer which stuck fine, then wetted that out with the foam roller. I found that after the peel ply was on I prefer to squeegee out the excess epoxy(thickened and nonthick oozed out the sides pretty well) w a plastic spreader rather than using the fin roller. Much easier to clean. I did it in 80-85F weather with slow hardener, no problem getting it all on before it kicked. These were relatively small areas tho (about 24x24 max) So, laying 2 layers overhead at a time is possible if you use thickened epoxy between layers. 3 layers in one go may be possible, but I didn’t test. Thanks for all the tips. Glad I didn’t have to do vacuum bagging.
  5. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Don’t remind me. They wouldn’t do an appropriate backing plate even though I gave them the G10 and had multiple conversations. I literally sold my big boat and got this trailered Olson BECAUSE I refuse to be held hostage by the only travel lift in the area, staffed by those folks, with no diy area.
  6. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Well luckily this repair is on the inside so paint isn’t a big deal even if whatever I put up there doesn’t stick perfectly (won’t be exposed to wear or uv). The existing coating smears a bit with acetone, so it isn’t gelcoat. I don’t have a plan for the coating yet. I do have a can of white gelcoat sitting around, so I suppose I could put it to the test.
  7. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    First failed try, no- that would have probably fixed it. Now that I’m using thickened epoxy it’s sticking without waiting.
  8. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Second area, SBD chainplate, single layer of 1708. This time I fin rollered only AFTER the peel ply was up. This saturated the ply better, so hopefully I won’t have to sand before the next layer. Learning stuff. Much more satisfying. Still too gun shy to try more than one layer of glass at a time, after my original terrible failure. Those foam rollers sure do smoke after you’re done.
  9. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Here’s the result this am, with one layer of 1708 as described above. Seems like decent wet out. The peel ply didn’t give full tooth everywhere, as pictured (peel ply was pushed away by the stitching). Thus I’ll be sanding before the next layer anyway. Now i’m debating going ahead with 1708 for the other areas vs waiting for my 17 oz to arrive.
  10. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Yeah I suppose I could take it to my local yard, where on my big boat they used starboard and 5200 as structural backing plates, heated undersized below-waterline hoses to make them fit on the barbs of the new unbolted “seacocks” they installed, and faired the hull w bondo. Or take it to the next closest yard over 50 miles away where they pulled similar bullsht. Or I can do it myself. Can’t do worse.
  11. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

  12. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Well after all the replies and various options I decided to give it a go again at the smallest repair at the port chainplate - with one layer of 1708 to start (17oz won’t be here till next week). Put some thickened epoxy w colloidal silica on with a notched spreader, laid on my piece at one edge, and used a wooden stick to press the glass against the underside, working one side to the other. That mostly held except at some edges where my putty was light. Then wetted out with a 4 in foam roller followed by fin roller, followed by peel ply, then some more fin rolling. Never used the peel ply before. We’ll see what it looks like in the AM. It’s 70F tonight, used slow hardener- Will update with results.
  13. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Father google said 1708 was .044”, and the stuff I tore out looked a bit over 1/8, so 3 seemed right and 4 seemed minor overkill to me. Glad to hear people think I could do a bit less. Since i will probably end up using 17 oz (.035), that puts me back up to 3-4 layers.
  14. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Whelp, I went ahead and ordered some 17 oz biaxial... might as well get that on the way here. Hoping I can make that work without going to vac bagging. No harbor freight nearby either Once I get that biax ... and assuming it will stick with some combo of smaller overlapping pieces and colloidal peanut butter... do you reckon I’ll have to lay one layer at a time, with peel ply on each layer? With 4 spots this is going to take forever if I do 3-4 layers at each spot.
  15. InfiniteElement

    Laying 1708 overhead

    To continue my saga of Olson 25 deck recoring (thanks for the replies to my previous thread)... I replaced my core (4 areas) from below, with balsa using thickened epoxy. Smoothed it all out with more thickened epoxy to lay 1708 on it. All set to lay up my pre-cut 1708, 4 layers pre cut, peel ply standing by.... damn stuff won’t stay up!! First layer falls down before I can even wet it out. Tried wetting it out before putting it up and that was even worse. I thought it would be easy since the small thru hull patches of 1708 stuck from below just fine. The area I’m currently working on is 28x10 (biggest first layer). Whats the trick? Please tell me I don’t need to figure out vacuum bagging.