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  1. Best Sailing Knife

    I have several of these, both traditional blade and sheepsfoot, as well as a custom sheath knife with a pointy blade but sheepsfoot at the base that was in the cockpit for 14yrs. They never corrode and are very light.
  2. Update on my prior post. It turns out the problem I had was with the starboard light, not the stern light. Stern light was just a wiring problem while the starboard light had actually failed. New Morning was launched in May 2008 so I'm technically past the warranty period. The bad news is that when the older light (don't know about the new ones) fail they create a short so the fuse blows and it's impossible to tell which light has failed. It takes a bit of testing and extra fuses to sort out. That said, I see they now sell a monitor which will tell you if the light has failed, but you have to have one on each light. The good news is that I filled out the online form and the next morning I had an email with the FedEx shipping information for the warranty replacement. It's hard to get better service than that! I have not had any failures of the newer lights which are potted at the factory and provided with a long pigtail.
  3. My bad stern light turned out to be poor installation, the wiring was crimped as it entered the light. Moving the wire into the correct position solved the problem. The newer lights with the potted pigtails would have avoided the problem entirely. So after about 5 1/2 years and 16,000nm I have two failures. A port light which was not properly potted and failed after less than 1,000nm, and a steaming light, both of which were replaced under warranty. Much better track record than my previous boat's Aqua Signal lights which had to be completely replaced on a regular basis.
  4. I've had three failures in five years (port, steaming, and now stern). I think all the failures are due to the connections on the light and/or poor installation. The instructions were basically to have the installer pot the connections, which didn't always happen, or not well. Now the wiring is potted at the factory and I've had no failures from new lights that have the potted wiring. They did honor the warranty on the first two lights which failed in less than five years, but I doubt they will honor the stern light which just failed, I need to get it off and check the s/n. Not a great experience, but no worse than I had with Aqua Signal.
  5. Please consider a donation to the scholarshup fund on the main page, and pass the word to your sailing friends.

  6. Hi Russ. Bob Perry & others on CA suggested I contact you about systems for my new 58' build (DROOL Thread). We're in the final stages of Prelim. Design &I need to make some tough choices about simplicity vs.comfort/systems. Everyone says you'd be a good go-to person given your boat & its age. We also are selecting 3 builder finalists (from 12) and I'd like your view...