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  1. pilotdave

    Looking at Euro Swans

    Just do yourself a favor and buy one already in the US. It is such a hassle to import one and for some reason they tend to be a little cheaper over here.
  2. Sailing to Hawaii is not for beginners.
  3. Sure have. I went up and saw this one. It has been set up for less crew and has already crossed 3 oceans singled handed. If you google the name of the boat you can find more info about that. I almost bought it but ended up with a swan 45. Anyway I think it would be a great boat to sail to Hawaii and back, then sell. Much higher quality than the other suggestions.
  4. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1985/Nautor-Swan-42-038-3130704/Channel-Islands-Harbor%2C-Oxnard/CA/United-States#.WngVk2aZNZ0 Just buy this and go. You could sell it anywhere in the world probably for just about what you paid for it.
  5. pilotdave

    SoCal non-spin

    I might be interested. Have a swan 45.
  6. pilotdave

    Bigger Swan info

    Around 65k for the 47 and 75k for the 53.
  7. pilotdave

    Bigger Swan info

    http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1981/Nautor-Swan-47-3112366/San-Diego/CA/United-States#.WmBsKCOZNZ0 This one is going for 50k. I inspected this boat myself and it is sweet. The engine needs work and the decks are shot and need replacement. But hell 50k for a swan 47 can't go wrong!
  8. pilotdave

    My Next Boat

    I used to have a catalina 30 too and took it out many times (including docking) all by myself.
  9. pilotdave

    Tehuantepecker going off right now

    Just went through there over the weekend. We stayed a few hundred yards off shore. Yes we did see 45 knot winds but the seas were calm and it turned out to be a non event.