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    I am a young traveller from Spain. At the moment I am travelling through Europe and Asia on my way to Australia.

    I am a young healthy man, passionate about travelling and nature. I love keeping fit and preparing healthy food, especially if sharing it with friends.
    In my free time I like to help friends and other people. I am an active Couchsurfer and I have been volunteering in Russia for the last 2 months.
    I have a W&H Visa to work in Australia for a year and I dream about sailing there!
  1. Hey folks! I'm a young Spanish man trying to follow my dream of getting to Australia without flying. At the moment I'm in Russia and I'm heading East. I should be in Japan and Korea for early new year and I'd be looking for a boat from Feb/March onward. I need to be in Australia before July due to my visa application. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Recommended ports, times of the year, etc.. Anything would be helpful! Thanks and safe travels to everyone Mario xx