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  1. Only Fools Rush In

    1987 Dehler 34 or Optima 101 or???

    More modern versions have an updated rudder. Mine (an optima 101) is converted voor the door to an elliptic design. It’s worth to change to a Modern design rudder. I have lots of documents on Dehler 34s (all versions), so please ask if you need something specific.
  2. Only Fools Rush In

    1987 Dehler 34 or Optima 101 or???

    That keel is not stock. None of the Dehlers build have that keel design.
  3. Only Fools Rush In

    Storm jib vs. Heavy weather jib

    Yes, old skool dacron.
  4. The problem wasn't the harbour entrance.. It was the finish next to the harbour, closely to the beach.
  5. I finished half an hour later. The problem was the position of the finish line. Between cardinal and harbour entrance. With a 25-30kn wind, this was just a disaster waiting to happen.... The wind blowing towards the beach in combination with a low tide..
  6. Only Fools Rush In

    Show your boat not sailing

    Does this count as not sailing?
  7. Only Fools Rush In

    OpenWind - solar powered wireless anemometer

    If you run the openwind app in the background of you iphone/ipad. The app passes all the needed nmea sentences to the navigation app; iSailor, iRegatta, etc. You don’t need the NMEA kit. The Openwind app actually has quite a few cool features. Pretty nice for everyone not wanting to invest a lot of money into displays, cables, etc.
  8. Only Fools Rush In

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Jack and Wayne, do you wank at night, thinking of each other? Isn’t this troll war stuff beyond sad?
  9. Only Fools Rush In

    Anarchy V autopilot

    Ray ev-100 or Pelagic. Both work fine.
  10. Only Fools Rush In

    3di north sails

    But but, it’s God’s gift to sailors..
  11. Only Fools Rush In

    Single Handed roll call?

    Just having fun during the Corona Cup on Wednesday evening..
  12. Only Fools Rush In

    Kwindoo or RaceQ or...

    Try i-sail.
  13. Only Fools Rush In

    new halyards

    I get mine at
  14. Only Fools Rush In

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    It’s fucking hilarious!
  15. Only Fools Rush In

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    The Grand Soleils are indeed perfect.