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  1. Bareboat charter in Croatia - no certification required?

    I am also looking into this: http://www.nauticed.org/sailing-blog/how-to-get-the-international-certificate-of-competence/
  2. Bareboat charter in Croatia - no certification required?

    As the original poster, I appreciate the feedback and didn’t love the petty banter and faceless low blows. I will go for my ASA104 cert starting with ASA101 equivalency test. when it’s time to book a charter in the coming years, I’ll have it. I agree everyone can benefit from some structured courses but it’s hard to pay up. I wish I could take a test locally to get certified, in a day, but that’s not going to happen in the Seattle area and would cost a pretty penny anyway.
  3. Does anyone know of a charter boat operator/owner in Croatia who is not going to force me/or husband to show a license? My husband and I have extensive cruising experience and own our own boat and don't want to spend $550 + the time to prove we know how to do it. Additionally, the ASA is the only one in my area doing certs and the ASA/IPC isn't always listed on sites as a license. I respect the value to do it, but am interested if it's possible to go without. Worst case, buy a boat for the vacation and resell it. Sounds like more hassle and money than the cert to me.