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  1. usa1136

    Plastic winch handle socket/holder

    They are used to store handles. I have one on the interior cabin top in reach of the pit person so they always know where there handle is.
  2. Anyone know where I can buy a few of these, or similar, in the US?
  3. usa1136

    Comparing Rig Dimensions

    What is the best site to find like sized boats based on IJPE dimensions?
  4. High level sail design question.... What would be the differences in performance of a sail with a higher cut clew where the distance between the clew and the genoa car is about 2' vs a sail with a longer leech, where the clew is lower and distance between clew and genoa car is around 6-7"? All other design are about the same in both sail designs, outside of the longer leech (approximately 15"). Boat is 30' long, 7K lbs and sail is an overlapping genoa; mostly W/L inshore racing. There is no class issues with length of leech as long as LP comes in < max dimensions.
  5. Have owned many "string" genoas for the past 10 years (NS 3DL / Q Fusion) and took the plunge with a new 3DI. Planning to hoist her for the first time this weekend. Sail is a raw version with extra protection (unwoven leech) on the overlapping areas. I understand the sail shape is much more stable vs string sails. What tips do you have from trimming and adjust the sail. I assume much less variance between low to high halyard tension? Anything those sailing with overlapping 3DI genoas are willing to share? Also, I was always told that spreader patches should be staggered to avoid a hard line on both sides of the sail where the patch terminates. I noticed on my 3DI this is not the case. Is that theory not valid for 3DI, I would think even with no delam on 3DI, a patch terminating, on the horizontal plane, at the same place on both sides, causes a higher stress area, and staggering the patch would still be beneficial, no?
  6. usa1136

    New J80 Jib @ NOODs

    Anyone have any info on the new J80 jib that John White was sailing with at the NOODs? What are the materials and advantages over standard paneled sail or 3DI (which appears to be more expensive than this one). Is it the BTY-15 Jib? It looks like, from this pic, there are three different materials. If you look at the top of the photo the first two vertical panels (luff) are obviously different, but then the middle two look darker than the back two (leech). Given this is not an overlapping sail, curious what the design intent is.
  7. I have multiple "string" sails that have all been the "standard one design cut" in the last 3-5 years. I considered going to a paneled sail. Would there be any reason why the dimensions of the sail would be different if purchased from the same brand sail maker, simply as result of the sail changing from a string sail to a paneled sail (materials being different)? What i am asking is, should the sail be the same dimensions (specifically Girth measurements) unless the sail maker is trying to tweak the design, or are the forced to revise the design as a result of a change in materials. Yes, I have already reached out to the loft, but interested to hear other viewpoints.
  8. 30 year old aluminum tank has spring a leak and looking for an inexpensive options for replacement. Was thinking of just cutting the top off of the current tank and placing a smaller soft bladder in the existing tank and reconnecting the exciting fuel lines to the new bladder. Any suggestions on fuel bladder manufacturers? Looking for something between 5-10 gallons.
  9. usa1136

    American Yacht Club Fall Series 2018

    Mea culpa, Mea culpa. How could I forget how the LIS contingent here on SA are so affable and courteous. :-)
  10. usa1136

    American Yacht Club Fall Series 2018

    I see eclipse is for sale from salavage company. Any details to share? What happened? How much water got into the boat before salvage. Where did it go aground. Structurally, the only damage to the bow? Any pics of it on the rocks?
  11. usa1136

    Sail #s on Genoas

    Racing rules of sailing state that, "The national letters and sail number shall be displayed on both sides of a headsail whose clew can extend behind the mast 30% or more of the mainsail foot length." My question is, why are there rules that requires sail numbers on headsails only larger than 130%? The only reason I can come up with, is a larger sail may conceal the sail numbers from another boat looking at the leeward side, but I reviewed lots of photos and even boats with 170% jibs typically don't overlap in the area the main sail number are located based on the acute angle of the head of the headsail. I ask because, given the fact that some people will even paint the bow of their boat white to match the fleet at a starting line so they are no more obvious to pick out of the line than another boat, and given many new/modern are configured with 100% jibs, doesn't this rule, in a mixed fleet of non-OD boats, give some advantage at a starting line, to boats that don't have jibs larger than 130% as a standard configuration and therefore don;t have sail number on their headsail? Heck boats like J80, J70s and even some J99s with huge AKites don't even have sail numbers on their spinnakers. Why is that? And yes, we mostly race OD, so please skip the PHRF hack and PHRF sucks; race one design comments.
  12. usa1136

    Classes that don’t allow 3di?

    I understand 3di is not a brand. I also understand that classes like j70s don’t allow laminates. The north site specifically states their laminate product can be used for one design classes that don’t allow 3di. I was looking to learn what class rules would not allow 3di sails, specifically, Genoas. For example, I assume the J24 class does not allow genoas? Thanks.
  13. What are some of the one design classes that don’t allow 3di Genoas and what is the reasoning behind the limitation? Are there other brand sails also not allowed, if 3di is not?
  14. usa1136

    Considering buying '82 J 30

    If you are also considering racing weekdays in Annapolis, the j30 is a great low price option. Towards the end of 2018 Wednesday nights, there were more J30s than J105s. Heck we even have an OD fleet for frostbites this year. I bought a 30 3 years ago and have enjoyed the boat and the fleet. She’s slow in light air with a fairly dead helm downwind, but who cares if racing OD. I’d rather have a slow boat with a genoa, than race around 90% of the time in Annapolis underpowered with a blade. The 4 sail OD race inventory is great compared to what you would need to race other 30’ Phrf boats and the .75 oz kite will last a good bit of time. Our boat is in the water at EYC (hull 526) and will be racing the second frostbite series. If you want to go for a sail, feel free to message me. I’m sure any of the 30s racing would have you aboard if you are interested in joining the class and have questions about the boat. If you are seriously considering buying a boat of this vintage, spend the money for a moisture meter so you know what you are getting into. Especially check the transom, chain plate areas, anchor locker, Genoa car and winches, the hull under the ice chest, and around the sliding hatch and sea hood and traveler.
  15. usa1136

    Sail Material for Overlaping Genoa

    Interesting, I have not heard that, for overlapping genoas using RAW products, the leech section gets the same surface as Endurance anyway. Good to know. I also should state that although I agree that a light and heavy genoa would be ideal, the class rules do not allow it.