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  1. There is no way you can adjust the backstay in a timely manner with puffs with the current set up. I had a 48:1 cascading backstay and it worked great, wwnt to main trimmer in cockpit. i had two self-tailers on the cabin top port was for jib halyard and stayed in winch at all times when hoisted - did not use spinlock. Main Halyard was also on port and went to a single spin lock. Spinnaker halyard was on starboard winch but also has clear on mast. topping lift had a cleat at the bottom of mast that uncleared when pulled at pit through spinlock. Also used windward outboard cabin top wind for checkstays when going upwind. Biggest enhancement was realizing there was about 2” of space between the the rib under the mast and the bottom of the floor. Epoxied in a block and stiffened the boat up significantly. I got there by cutting 6” hole under the head. Cost about $10 in materials and some time.
  2. caption contest

    Now that I convinced the phrf committee that my rating was off by 15 spm, I guess it’s time to call the diver in before the phrf championship regatta.
  3. So I am told North is not selling 3DL anymore. However I still do see international North Sails' websites showing EDL as options which I thought was odd. I am not sure if I'm ready to drop the $$ for a 3DI #3 for PHRF and OD racing on a 30' boat. Thinking panel sail. I am think of going DP Flex 19 vs North NPL Sport. Any thoughts on differences between the two materials? (weight, shape, durability). Spoke to DP and North and both of course, think their products are better. I assume North has a vested interest in using their own cloth to cut down on cost, but that doesn't always mean the product is inferior. Thoughts?
  4. NASS Race to Oxford 9.9.17

    Agreed. Our first time racing this distance race. What a great ride down the bay (and back up on Sunday). The J30 fleet was amazingly close with 5 boats within 25 seconds of each other before we went up the Choptank River and a great fight to the finish. We'll be back on TOTALed Mayhem in 2018!
  5. Pettit black widow antifoul

    I heard it was a bitch to sand/burnish. But that is only second hand info.
  6. Start Rules Question with Video

    Good points. Agreed. I would have answered yes to both questions. We were way clear if 33242 would have gone straight, we were not even close to each other if they did not turn. We would have kept clear at any point if they were on starboard as long as there was not an immediate course change to not continue with a sharp jibe as they did, not leaving us with time to avoid. My POV is once their boom was on port, we had to avoid them as leeward ROW boat as they put themselves in a position of an immediate foul as we headed down to avoid contact. We were passed for sail trim reasons and a gust from windward / behind. Thanks for the feed back.
  7. Start Rules Question with Video

    thanks for all of the feedback. keep in coming. great to see even with a video there is such a contrast of opinions. The one point I will add from a vantage point perspective is that the camera was far away minimizing any zoomed, impacting the perception of the distance between the boats on starboard and port. As they were approaching each other, there was about 25' - 30' between them prior to starboard tack boats turning down or jibing. also at 4:58, as the driver of 526, I could see that the other boats tiller was complete over, meaning that from my vantage point he was not going straight toward me and as a result, I could judge how I needed to drive to avoid contact, which we did, immediately. Also, to point out, neither boat protested.
  8. Last night in Annapolis the committee decided to set a line that was significantly pin favored with a tight reach to the first mark. This created a scenario where some boats decided to sail on a reach on starboard above the pin (outside of the starting line) and try to find a hole at the pin to gybe onto and start at the favored end of the line on port. We were on port at the pin end sailing toward the first mark with a timed start that was going well. One boat on starboard decided to slam a jibe at the pin going from starboard to port directly in front of us, causing us to take immediate avoiding action. Was this not a complete foul? I can't see any possible way of reading the rules where this was not a foul. But considering the strange start and course set up, would love to hear opinions. I know there are a few around here. Go to 4:39 on the video, there is a perfect view of the entire incident.
  9. New #3 sail problems

    http://www.photoboatgallery.net/p448061774/h4d2e7d59#h4d2e7d59 - pic of a #3 that worked well on our 30/30 The #3 on the Santana can be complicated, but I have seen 3 different positions for the track on these boats. I had a RC version where the car was positioned just behind the turnbuckles. I ran the jib sheet between the lowers turnbuckles and the mid/uppers. That worked well but required a very specific clew location as well as a very specific cut to the leech. It took a sail maker three attempts to get it right. First attempt, the foot was 1' too long. They tried to recut the sail and it looked like crap. They replaced the sail and the third try was the charm, delivered 7 months after my first order. ironically the sail maker was also from MD (Evolution). I would never buy another sail from them again, however the #3 they did provide, with even an upgrade in materials for the hassle, was a great sail. . BTW - If you are interested in that used carbon pole I mentioned to you in December, let me know.
  10. Santana 30/30 in classifieds

    Had one for 7 years. No way. Only time we felt like we were on a plane was 2015 BIRW around the island. 30 knots + 6' waves of stern quarter. Hit 15.7 and sustained 13+. It was awesome!
  11. Help me find my next boat?

    https://annapolis.craigslist.org/boa/5912198480.html This J30 looks decent and has the new cockpit and not too far away
  12. Decided to leave my boat in the water this winter in the Annapolis area. Does anyone have any recommendations on a marine engine compartment heater that plugs into standard AC from the dock?
  13. Trying to ship a 11'5" pole and UPS is quoting me $1k for shipping. Seems insane, and other suggestions for a carrier?
  14. Adding Pigment to Pettit Vivid

    FastBottoms, I get that, however plenty of companies do suggest pigments can be used in their paint, like KiwiGrip as an example. Of course, antifouling paints are much more complicated that a water-based paint. I ask because of Pettit's response that left the window open that "some" pigments would effect their paint negatively. So again, I understand that no one can warranty the product if you add pigments, I am asking if anyone has had the balls to try it and if so, what was the outcome. Thanks.
  15. I was told by a few people that they have added pigment (brining to Home Depot) to white vivid with good results. When I asked Petit, they responded that not all color pigments will work and that I should buy a quart of one of their paint colors to change the color if needed. When I asked what pigments would and wouldn't work, they never responded. Which make me think they just want me to drop another $80 on a quart. Has anyone added pigment to white vivid, and if so, how did it work?