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  1. Couldn't bring myself to pay the price of the Stainless Steel push button locker seat latch on the standard J-Boat source . It's made by Victory, part number HM007104. Only $15 each at Nice upgrade for older hull models.
  2. sleeving interior of boom for backing plate to increase thickness for tapping the new bolts for new hardware.
  3. Replacing my outhaul hardware on my boom. Going to tap / bolt new hardware on. Was thinking to ensure they stay there for a decade or two, was going to buy a then sheet of aluminum that is bendable and cut the the shape of the bottom of the boom, then drill/tap and affix to the hardware area. What Gauge aluminum sheet is best to use that will still be bendable enough to fit into the space?
  4. usa1136

    Cabin Sole

    best stuff i haver ever used...deks olje use d1 then d2
  5. I decided to convert a new to me J105 to tiller steering. I removed every piece of hardware on the boat, drilled, filled red drilled, primed, painted, etc. For a 25 year boat she is very dry. Except...under the now removed wheel pedestal. Spent the day yesterday removing core and prepping to replace core and laminate. The area was completely soaked with a crack 13” long directly below the pedestal. It appeared that not only were the bolts that hold up the steering pulleys/system through the core with no epoxy isolation, but a 2” hole was drilled for the cables which exposed the balsa. Was this how it came from the factory when new? Or was this a botched DIY job from a past tiller to wheel conversion? Pic attached.
  6. Has anyone ever used FRP (Polywall Plastic Panel0 @ Home Depot) to replace old interior vinyl liners in the interior walls of the cabin?
  7. usa1136

    Total Boat -Total Tread?

    In theory you can roll sections of top coat, shake the soft sand on the paint quickly (completely cover the paint), let dry then paint two more coats. I am told it looks great. I used a primer as a base and it didn't stick well. Maybe worth a try , I've seen videos and it comes out great.
  8. usa1136

    Total Boat -Total Tread?

    I just applied Quantum 99 topcoat with "softsand" last week. I mixed the softsand 2 caps of the pint container of softsand per 16 oz of paint. (including paint, thinner, activator). I applied by dabbing a large Purdy brush which allowed me to control (to some degree) the soft sand distribution. I was not able to control softsand consistency with a roller and the broadcast method did not work form me (sand did not stick well enough). So went with the brush and dab approach. I was very happy with how it came out and this method allows you to dab more on with the second coat and "fill in" are where the texture may not have been ample on the first coat and also allows easier repairs in the future if needed. Some pics attached of the final result
  9. Thanks. I think based on my section sizes, I can apply each section, stop, re-stir mixture and pour more into the try, repeat. Waterways; who knew, then I glad a located the waterways running to the stanchion bases of the lifelines. Almost like I knew what I was doing.
  10. Removed all hardware from the deck, filled, faired and now have three coats of primer on the deck and two coats of topcoat on the smooth section of the deck/cabin house/cockpit. Now time to paint the non-skid. Taped out "sections" for the non-skid to help manage the job. I tried to apply the soft sand via broadcast method over freshly rolled paint and the soft sand did not stick well - big fail. Now areas are -re-sanded and ready for second try and will be adding the soft sand into the topcoat this time and rolling on. Are they any tips before I go for try #2 that folks can share? I have a three day weather window left before it get too cold. I am planning on applying two coats. One one day, one the next, as daylight is short and dew arrives at sunset. Suggestions on rollers? I have been told by the paint mfg to use the hot dog 6" foam rollers, I am told by local marina repair folks to use low nap 9" RedTree mohair rollers. Any more lessons learned you can share? Thanks in advance.
  11. usa1136

    Moving Jib Tracks

    I just bought an older 105 with the 1” further outboard tracks as well. Is there any advantage of keeping as is? Have all of the competitive < hull 70 moved their tracks inboard to match the newer track location?
  12. I have significant corrosion at the base of my aluminum J105 mast. From what I gather, there are two repair options. 1) Cut the 1/2' off at the base and add 1/2" G10 plate to ensure the mast section that meets the partners stays at the the same location. 2) Have a local rigger make up a "doubler" and affix to the exterior base of the mast #1 seems much more simple and less expensive. Will this not change the characteristic and bend of the mast? Any other options and or suggestions? I'm also concerned that #2 might not fit in the partners when re-stepping the mast.
  13. Curious, what are you selling.  and yes she could go bigger but still restrained by depth.

  14. usa1136

    ISO 32-36' Cruiser without Mast / Sails

    Thanks all she just surveyed a 34 hunter that she is very happy with.
  15. usa1136

    ISO 32-36' Cruiser without Mast / Sails

    So many opinions! Guess I should have expected it on this site. The boat will be at a very protected dock, so no issues with rolling. She does not want a motorboat, she likes the interior of a sailboat, likes a separate V birth, likes the aft cockpit with canvas, likes an aft state room. She doesn't want to deal with diesel engines, or buy a boat without engines and get towed to and from the marina each year. When my friend, single mom with two kids, told me she wanted to buy sailboat years ago for the purpose of having a floating weekend getaway near the shore I thought she was crazy. We found her a Hunter 25 for a few grand and she and her kids have had a blast with it for 5 summers for very little cost. Now she wants to move up to a bigger boat. Make fun of it all you want, but bottom line, it works for her and her family and she is ready to find a bigger boat to float on 10 weekends a year.