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  1. ok, your photos are great, but the plates of foam and glass are horizontal vice vertical. Damn, I am confused. Yours makes sense because it is like laying bricks, but I have see other photos where they put in "vertical sheets" with pour in between. Good excuse to start drinking over the winter and just go for the consensus this spring the it is warm enough to epoxy. This is a "spare J24" that will be used to allow newbies into the class to try it out. But still want to be class legal.
  2. The photos are locked but I have seen similar pictures. Is there sufficient structure to prevent compression and movement in the keel when the keel bolts are torqued down? The J Class site shows a full pour, while others show your suggested method of high density foam and compression sleeves around the bolts. And i have no idea where to get 5/8" bolt compression sleeves.
  3. Getting ready to cut the last of the filler out of an 81 J24 sump around the aft keel bolts...when I re-fill, and going by the class website guide, do I use polyester or can I use west epoxy? thoughts on difference? epoxy bonds better but is more brittle. I have milled fibers to mix. ideas?