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  1. Mark Set

    Tanker hijack

    I know that for a while at least the port of Houston had a problem with ships coming in from Haiti and elsewhere, stowaways would jump off the ships and into the water. Then they would swim up the storm drains that emptied into the ship channel and exit onto the street. They had found stowaways with maps of the drainage sewers so they could find their way.
  2. Mark Set

    AC 75 foils legal (shit)storm?

    what exactly are his damages though? This isnt a commercial product, so what he wants royalties for putting them on 7 boats?
  3. Mark Set

    INEOS Team GB

    not possible, the earth is flat of course.
  4. Mark Set

    New sailor question

    My kids have been in youth sailing for a few years now and they love it. The kids are in a group, and there are coaches on the water with them so the drunks in jet skis usually stay away. I think the club closest to you that has a program is Dallas Corinthian YC which is on Lewisville Lake. Ft Worth Boat club has a bigger program, but is a lot further from your area.
  5. Mark Set

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    lmao you guys still talking about Brexit over here.
  6. Mark Set

    armchair Protest Com.

    it seems to me that if you are shortening the course at a mark, RC should (though it doesnt sound like they are required) set up the finish line along the normal route of the course. So, if the weather mark is normally left to stbd by the competetors, then the RC finish boat should set the finish line between the mark and the finish boat to the right of the weather mark. seems obvious but ive seen worse RC fuck-ups.
  7. buddy im not on the Daily Mail website
  8. im so sick of this shit
  9. Mark Set

    Insurer Recommendations?

    Where is she moored? American Modern has been super cheap, especially with older boats.
  10. Mark Set

    Hurricane Delta

    YAY They keep saying its gunna turn right to Louisiana but i just know its coming here, i feel it in my bones.
  11. Mark Set

    Are all the fastest sails black now?

    all the guys with the means are buying new 3di raw which is only in solid black. They offer the cruising (UV resistant) 3Di in 3 colors, dark grey, light grey, or yellow but they're heavier because of the UV protection.
  12. Mark Set

    Covid Misinformation Time-Outs

    lmao are you really talking about me making a wise crack? i swear you are the softest lil bitcc in the world.
  13. Mark Set

    Covid Misinformation Time-Outs

    Sailing Oligarchy
  14. Mark Set

    The Swedish Experiment

    yeah we're fine here in Texas, other than the swarms of Californians currently moving here which is annoying.
  15. Just perusing the latest listings and came upon this, listing photos taken under a smoky orange hue. I have a feeling we'll see more of these.