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  1. Reasonable Gun Control

    2/3rds of states have to ratify, its not going to happen. Its simple math.
  2. Reasonable Gun Control

    You dont get it, I'm stating a fact not an opinion.
  3. Reasonable Gun Control

    yeah, ive never bought a shotgun but they arent exempt in any way AFAIK. when you buy online you have to have it sent to a licensed gun dealer, where they do the background check when you pick it up.
  4. Reasonable Gun Control

    you've clearly never bought a gun over the internet or you would already know how it works. Every gun transaction goes thru an FBI background except private sales between two individuals in person within state lines, neither of whom are licensed gun dealers. It is illegal to privately sell a gun to someone who you know is not legally eligible to buy one. If you want to have a reasonable discussion first you need to realize that guns will never be banned in the US or even limited to permits without the 2nd amendment being repealed which WILL NOT HAPPEN IN OUR LIFETIMES GUARANTEED. It is the law, you cannot ignore it, it is there and it is not going away any time soon.
  5. Fast "safe" boat....

    i gotta say this pair of posts had me fuckin ROLLING! LOL with the "what kind of car do you drive i drive a porsche" on top of that it seems to good to be anything but a troll, but i can dream.
  6. Just Another High School Shooting

    Another Known Wolf. Not a surprise. I dont know how many of these calls the FBI gets a year but seems like they should follow up on this stuff right?. https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/15/us/nikolas-cruz-fbi-warned/index.html
  7. Just Another High School Shooting

    yes, a grocery list with all the lefts favorite things on it, that will solve the problem. You guys are all way too ideological to think about this problem clearly.
  8. Just Another High School Shooting

    i guess i need a glossary then
  9. Just Another High School Shooting

    Why do you keep going on over and over about fucking elk? are you trying to say "ilk"?
  10. Just Another High School Shooting

    You're talking about gun confiscation here, right? because it would take decades to get them all. because you would have to violate due process, privacy, and the 4th amendment in order to collect them as you have described, you bonehead. Go to bed.
  11. Just Another High School Shooting

    When i was a kid there was always a cop on duty at the school. my kids schools dont have one. why not? I dont get it. I know thats not as gratifying and difficult as banning guns, but seems like a start.
  12. Just Another High School Shooting

    you're acting more psychotic than usual, you must be drunk. What time is it in Poland?
  13. Just Another High School Shooting

    Based on what ive extrapolated from the internet there are millions of people in this country like Ed that would like to throw me into a gulag or put me up against a wall and shoot me in the head. I'll keep my guns, thanks, none of which have ever harmed anyone.
  14. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    Ill be sure to coat all my black rifles in for OD or flat dark earth and I'll be safe from the gun grabberz. Or better yet hot pink.
  15. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    So I'll keep my AK and my SCAR and my Mini14 and my Tavor? no problem. No idea why people obsess over the AR-15