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  1. very elderly people dying? well that settles it, pandemic is real.
  2. Mark Set

    Are Mount Gay Hats Cool?

    didnt we settle this like 2 years ago? The answer is no.
  3. Mark Set

    1 in Every 1000 Americans Dead from Covid-19

    imagine believing these statistics. I'm acquainted with many thousands of people, the only one that died "of covid" also had heart disease, kidney failure, Multiple Sclerosis and had been in and out of hospitals for his whole life. Really think he died of Covid?
  4. Mark Set

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    last I remember La Vag didnt own the Outremer, they were leasing it on a sweetheart deal with Outremer as a promotion. Lease over?
  5. Mark Set

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Arrested while getting a haircut?
  6. Mark Set

    do big race boats depreciate?

    $1 Million dollars in $100 bills is a stack about 8 ft tall. That picture is silly.
  7. Mark Set

    Docking. When it all goes wrong.

    Yeah, use more throttle, thats it. I would have fucking shot him.
  8. Mark Set

    Christmas Regatta

    Does that work in the US? Well you're about 14 hours late for that! Very happy with the NBC stream but for what i paid i should be!
  9. Mark Set

    Watch live racing

    Yeah, in total its going to be around 50 races, that was my rationalization.
  10. Mark Set

    Christmas Regatta

    I ended up buying the US pay-per-view for all events thru April or whenever, dont regret it. No Ads!
  11. Mark Set

    Christmas Regatta

    this is exactly what the OA was looking for when they created this class, this is what they had in mind. I was extremely skeptical when this vision was presented, they win.
  12. Mark Set

    Christmas Regatta

    USA OOF! advantage of PPV is no ads thankfully.
  13. Mark Set

    Christmas Regatta

    imagine thinking that a sailboat race, any sailboat race , "means nothing" just give it up bro
  14. Mark Set

    Christmas Regatta

    youve dunnit mate good job
  15. Mark Set

    Christmas Regatta