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  1. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    except that was the original intent of the 2nd amendment. You can't confiscate 100,000,000 semi-auto firearms in the US, and it wouldn't stand up in the courts anyway.
  2. Just Another High School Shooting

    funny how the right wingers get time out for insinuating pedo but the left wingers dont.
  3. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    theres a right to bear "arms" which would mean all weapons, including attack helicopters and battleships. Obviously it has been limited by the courts.
  4. Fast "safe" boat....

    New Jersey river is not a myth!! Ive SEEN it!
  5. Fast "safe" boat....

    no, no rivers either no matter what Tom says. As everyone knows New Jersey is just the turnpike and some gas stations where they make you stay in your car.
  6. I had armed cops in my schools growing up, seems reasonable. Too bad schools have to be "gun free" now, someone please let the shooters know.
  7. Fast "safe" boat....

    we stole this land from the dinosaurs fair and square buddy.......
  8. Oyster Yachts gone bust

    ""The engine compartment is filling with sea water" "The keel is flexing within design specifications"
  9. Does Texas count? We sailed in a series this past winter, had to wear pants and a jacket some days!! Its the middle of February at this point so we're back in shorts now.
  10. Reasonable Gun Control

    2/3rds of states have to ratify, its not going to happen. Its simple math.
  11. Reasonable Gun Control

    You dont get it, I'm stating a fact not an opinion.
  12. Reasonable Gun Control

    yeah, ive never bought a shotgun but they arent exempt in any way AFAIK. when you buy online you have to have it sent to a licensed gun dealer, where they do the background check when you pick it up.
  13. Reasonable Gun Control

    you've clearly never bought a gun over the internet or you would already know how it works. Every gun transaction goes thru an FBI background except private sales between two individuals in person within state lines, neither of whom are licensed gun dealers. It is illegal to privately sell a gun to someone who you know is not legally eligible to buy one. If you want to have a reasonable discussion first you need to realize that guns will never be banned in the US or even limited to permits without the 2nd amendment being repealed which WILL NOT HAPPEN IN OUR LIFETIMES GUARANTEED. It is the law, you cannot ignore it, it is there and it is not going away any time soon.
  14. Fast "safe" boat....

    i gotta say this pair of posts had me fuckin ROLLING! LOL with the "what kind of car do you drive i drive a porsche" on top of that it seems to good to be anything but a troll, but i can dream.