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  1. Mark Set

    Snowflakes and sailing

    We all broke rule 3, we are all disqualified from sailing for life. Shut the website down. So long, gents.
  2. Mark Set

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    "Knotty Bouy" All puns are bad boat names, do do it.
  3. Mark Set

    Dear Dr. Rules

    run into a committee boat, see if they make you do turns.
  4. Mark Set

    Dear Dr. Rules

    so you arent penalized for hitting a starting mark? dont think so. that is not the definition of mark you made that up.
  5. Mark Set

    caption contest

    These helicopter opti parents these days, sailing the kids races for them now
  6. Mark Set

    caption contest

    "The class rules for the 2018 Golden Globe Race have really gotten out of hand"
  7. Mark Set

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place how bout that new Delos viddy, fellas?
  8. Mark Set

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    De Niro got a leasehold on Barbuda for a resort property, and he lobbied the government to make it freehold so his group can make an investment in it with less risk. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is Barbuda is apparently ruled by a group of people on another island with no connection to their interests and also corrupt. I hate to see yet another Caribbean island taken over by resorts, as if here weren't enough of them.
  9. Mark Set

    The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    yes, those "yearly" dues look more like monthly dues numbers.
  10. Mark Set

    Chiles vs Hancock on what is an "Open Boat"

    yes that's what i meant, since corrected. So you didnt answer the question was the Shackleton expeditions famous "open boat voyage" done in an open boat or not?
  11. Mark Set

    Chiles vs Hancock on what is an "Open Boat"

    what if you took an open boat and stretched a canvas across the gunwales? . .
  12. I can see both sides here. Seems to me any boat where you are exposed to the elements without shelter is an 'open boat". Though the advantage of having a dinghy with a deck is you dont have to do nearly as much bailing, if any, so it's a big advantage. If having a deck makes something not an open boat though, then every 20ft center console fishing boat does not qualify as one.
  13. Mark Set

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Zatara has traded in their 55ft Bene for a 58 ft cat, more room to store their Keurig K-cups and Christmas trees and machine guns: Also, YouTube has started putting the Subscription tab in non-chronological order so that'll be fun.
  14. Mark Set

    Desperately Seeking B&G Depth Transducer

    did you check for Simrad replacements? its all the same stuff. Edit: oh its pre-Navico, man thats old stuff.
  15. Mark Set

    Radio controlled sailing

    theres a small gang of RC Lasers in my area, thinking of getting one. Opinions?