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  1. Mark Set

    Marina Karen

    All human interactions are filmed now apparently. Marinas are just high-class trailer parks, that's why i like to anchor out.
  2. Mark Set

    Has anybody started fully crewed racing yet?

    RS21 NAs went off without a hitch. TX Gov Abbot has an announcement this afternoon and there is a lot of speculation that he is going to announce new restrictions/rolling back the reopening. That's my guess anyway.
  3. Hall monitors will fix this situation. I have my reflective orange sash ready to go.
  4. Hey since we got a new forum for Corona shouldnt we also get a new forum for the rioting? The name should be Anarchy Anarchy. Or just change PA to Anarchy Anarchy since that would be fitting also.
  5. Mark Set

    2020 tropical storm season

    its awfully early in the season for a big storm to form. Hopefully Cristobal doesnt get any worse than a TS but that would require a very big improvement in our luck in 2020.
  6. OP video at the top is not the White House, its not even Washington DC. Rioters didnt make it inside the white house.
  7. a fucking click-thru site? get real.
  8. The racing exclusions are put on boat/yacht policies with powerboats in mind usually, they use the same policies and endorsement for both. They normally will remove the racing exclusion for sailboats if you ask.
  9. The BoatUS policy is no good since they moved the program to Geico. ALWAYS check for a depreciation clause, they are very common. With a recent survey (3 or 4 years) you should be able to get a policy without one. Also check your navigation limits, and check for a racing exclusion. You might also have a single-handed exclusion. All the policies are different.
  10. Mark Set

    What do you know of places reopening for sailing?

    Yeah, of course i mean the regular regattas are all cancelled but i heard GBCA added a new pursuit races. Bay is full every weekend.
  11. Mark Set

    What do you know of places reopening for sailing?

    Sailing on Galveston Bay never missed a beat. Except of course for the facilities ashore. IIRC marinas were restricted to owners and members only for a while but not anymore.
  12. Mark Set

    Texas Attorney General - An American Idiot

    PA has me seriously considering it
  13. Mark Set

    Texas Attorney General - An American Idiot

    I just had $3,700 in fraudulent transactions on my account from the internet. It wouldnt necessarily be illegal if they did. Constitution leaves it up to state legislatures how electors are selected. I seriously doubt they would try that though.