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  1. Mark Set

    Coolboats to admire

    TIL that there are people on SA that dont like Bob P. I guess that shouldnt be a surprise considering all the nuts that show up here.
  2. Mark Set

    Ghost boat in the Gulf

    Most likely the AIS, or maybe they could observe the auto pilot operating? He might be deceased down below, or just fast asleep! They said they used the ships horn to try to see if anyone was on board. I remember it took my 4 blasts from my huge horn to wake up a sleeping bridge operator years ago.
  3. dont need a dually 1 ton pickup. They make F-150s now with 11,000lbs towing capacity. But bigger is always better! 3/4 ton no problem. Get trailer brakes.
  4. Mark Set

    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    It was a NATO joint effort im sure EDIT: It in fact WAS a NATO joint US/Norway effort lmaooooo:
  5. if you really want to move it yourself you should do it on the water. ICW the whol way.
  6. Mark Set

    Beto O’rouke must run for president

    uuuuh, they found plenty. Shows how much you know about the race. Robert Francis when he was 24 crashed his car while drunk driving and ran from the cops. Case was dropped cuz his dad was a local judge. Obviously this was not well covered by the national mainstream media who adore him so much.
  7. Mark Set

    Beto O’rouke must run for president

    yes its true, we are all very tired of rust belt midwesterners moving here to escape that hellhole.
  8. Mark Set

    Beto O’rouke must run for president

    the only thing Austin is the capitol of is hyperbole....well, and Texas.
  9. Mark Set

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    Requiring a sponsor for new members is a real problem for assholes with no friends.
  10. Mark Set

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    We also allow non-members in. We make them pay a half share of dues an let them call themselves "Associate Members"
  11. Mark Set

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Mark set boat does 40 kts after we get the anchor chain off the prop.
  12. Mark Set

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    when i read the title i thought they were going to start building a Catalina powerboat lol.
  13. Mark Set

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    North has a better loft with better cloth.
  14. Mark Set

    Trimming with rudder

    2 ways to keep the sails trim, use the sheet or use the rudder. Fine either way. When racing though you typically only steer to trim on an upwind leg. More efficient to use the sheets going downwind and steer straight to the mark.
  15. Mark Set

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    there's an old C&C zombie fleeter on my pier, nobody's been on it in years! I'm sure nobody would mind if it went missing. Not sure he'd make it out of the inlet though, we'll need a volunteer to tow him.