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  1. Snow Guy

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Magan (J30) lost the top part of their mast above the headstay out by the Ruins. Caliente (Tripp 36) had their headstay pull out. Those are the only big breakages I heard about. There were plenty of smaller breakages.
  2. Snow Guy

    Donnybrook is back (on the market)

    Looks like Donnybrook has been donated to the Mudratz.
  3. Snow Guy

    Annapolis Racing- Looking for Tips & Tricks

    Not sure exactly. We will be racing the Navy 44s out of the Academy. All the NOR says is 3 buoy races and a medium and a long distance race.
  4. Yeah, not much around Framingham if you don't want to go into Boston. If I had just an evening and had to pick, I would go to Newport, hands down. There's good food in Providence, but I would say Newport is the best combination for the things you are looking for. There's always plenty of racing/boat porn to check out. There are plenty of dining options depending on what you are in the mood for. I would have the driver drop you off in the area of Bowen’s Wharf and you can meander down Thames street from there. I'm sure there are locals on here that can give you a better idea of the hot spots on a Thursday night.
  5. Where are you? Might be some fun options a little closer than 1hr away.
  6. Next month, my crew and I will be going down to Annapolis for the US Offshore Nationals. None of us have raced out of there before. Any tips/tricks when it comes to local knowledge? Seems to me that the currents should be pretty straightforward in the main channels. Are there much for eddies? I don’t have access to Expedition, but we do plan on bringing a tablet to run OpenCPN. Any quirks with the breeze? Thanks in advance.
  7. Snow Guy

    Mark Ellis

    It was. The guy has already taken a couple trips to Block Island with minimal maintenance needed before going. I think the guy (a partner in the now previous boat for the Limestone owner) that found the boat and brokered the deal is kicking himself for not buying it.
  8. Snow Guy

    Moving to Connecticut - Looking for a YC

    Forgot about your desire for junior sailing. The best options for that are either Pettipaug YC in Essex or the Mudratz in Noank. Pettipaug is more for a summer camp with good racing and the Mudratz for more opportunity for a transition to big boats. I don't have kids, so I'm sure there are others than can chime in with more knowledge.
  9. Snow Guy

    Moving to Connecticut - Looking for a YC

    I guess it depends on the crowd you are looking to hang with. You would help lower the average age of the membership. It's also the type of club with Porsches, Teslas, and Maseratis parked in the parking lot. Not sure the exact numbers for the fees, but I recall hearing years ago that the initiation fee is approaching 5 figures. If you are looking for a more down to earth club, you might want to look into Essex Corinthian Yacht Club next door. They have lunch available Wednesday-Sunday and dinner served Wednesday, Friday, and now Sunday. It is a BYOB club, but that could be good or bad depending on how you think about it. You mention growing the family; there is a growing base of younger members with at least 3 having their first child in the last year. ECYC races the Ideals with EYC, but are not scored due some issues between the clubs. Neither club has any regular PHRF racing. Fees are around $1200 a year with the same amount being the initiation fee.
  10. Snow Guy

    Moving to Connecticut - Looking for a YC

    The only box Essex YC ticks is “dinner for date night”. They do have OD racing 2 nights a week(Tuesday- Non-spin, Thursday- Spin), but that is a few Ideal 18’s. Plus they start at 5:30, so it is difficult for anyone that works more than 15 minutes away unless you get out of work early every race day. Comparing the distance from Hartford to what you are looking for, you may want to consider Duck Island Yacht Club in Westbrook. I would say between Mudheads and DIYC, we probably have some of the most competitive beer can racing on ELIS. There is PHRF racing on Wednesdays from early may to the end of August, and OD (JY-15 and Lasers) on Thursdays. There also is a series that runs 6 races on Tuesdays over of the course of the summer that requires a female driver and over 50% female crew if your wife is interested in that. There is a kitchen and grill there, but you would be doing your own cooking outside of social events. For date night, there's always Bill's Seafood right across the street. The most interesting/competitive OD racing in SE CT is Frostbiting in Essex. Frostbite is a paper club that usually gathers in Essex YC. There are established classes of Etchells, Ideal 18, JY-15, and Lasers. It’s not for everyone though as the schedule is 8 weeks of racing that end the first weekend of May in the spring, and the first week of December in the Fall. That means you have the option to race from mid-March to December in the area.
  11. Snow Guy


    I saw it at the Mystic Luxury Cinema. Looks like they are no longer playing it.
  12. Snow Guy


    You could use it as an excuse to go have dinner in Mystic. When we went, we had dinner at "Margarita's" which was sponsoring a fundraiser for the local youth sailing team that night.
  13. The boat has been there for quite a while. Don't remember exactly when it showed up, but I don't recall seeing it moved through the whole foliage season. Until very recently, I was living on the Cove and I'm usually one of the last to pull my boat out of the water (around Thanksgiving). That was one of maybe 2 or 3 still out there on my trip down river.
  14. Snow Guy

    ToT PHRF pre race calculation

    Here's the spreadsheet I use. As Kirby Nitwit mentions above, check to see if your OA/YRA uses a specific "B-Factor". That can be entered in the highlighted cell near the top of my spreadsheet. For a quick reference, I have added conditional formatting based on the rating so that if a boat owes you time, a ll the info on that line will be in red. Time Differential-SA.xlsx
  15. Snow Guy


    That's fun to do and, as you can see, very aerodynamic. Have to watch the boys on the remount though!