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  1. Snow Guy

    ToT PHRF pre race calculation

    Here's the spreadsheet I use. As Kirby Nitwit mentions above, check to see if your OA/YRA uses a specific "B-Factor". That can be entered in the highlighted cell near the top of my spreadsheet. For a quick reference, I have added conditional formatting based on the rating so that if a boat owes you time, a ll the info on that line will be in red. Time Differential-SA.xlsx
  2. Snow Guy


    That's fun to do and, as you can see, very aerodynamic. Have to watch the boys on the remount though!
  3. Snow Guy


    And to get milkshakes, the cows have to be milked on a vibrating table, right?
  4. Snow Guy

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Exactly. Wasn't worth the flack even though we were right.
  5. Snow Guy

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    2 of the 3 did. Can't speak for the other boat, but the whiners won. While what was done was legal, it wasn't worth the flack. Especially from some industry guys that were likely pissed they got out smarted by some weekend warriors. This is supposed to be fun. It gets frustrating when people don't know the rules, but then preach like they know everything.
  6. Snow Guy

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    And you're a bitter, angry drunk who is obviously still harboring a deep resentment for getting kicked off the boat years ago. Get over it, dude. This ridiculous post riddled with insults coming from a member of the Race Committee is a disgrace.
  7. Snow Guy

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    We sailed the following course - W, 4, B - what course did you sail?
  8. Snow Guy

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    First, radio communications are a courtesy, not a requirement. Not sure why a measurer would be held to a higher standard than any other competitor or even a previous PRO (or co-PRO) . There were 3 boats that didn't go around the island, but sailed the proper course. Not any of the 3 skippers in question's fault that no one else thought about it. It was the tactician of at least 1 of the boats that realized about 5 seconds after the course was posted that around the island wasn't necessary with the course on the board. The PRO was warned about the issue at least 10 minutes before any gun sounded. The response was, "Sail whatever course you want, we'll score you." Around the island is fun, not so much in 4 knots of breeze. As a previous PRO in other events myself, I do hold RCs to a high standard. It pisses me off when RCs, especially when as established as OSC, make mistakes like what happened on Saturday. Those that are questioning the integrity of at least one (1!!!) of the skippers (as an "official") obviously either do not know him or are total bullshitters when you talk to him in person. One of the most honest and fair guys I know.
  9. Snow Guy

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    230 @ 2.0 miles. Basically on the way to 4. Wasn't really necessary.
  10. Snow Guy

    Alex Honnold free solos El Capitan

    Congrats to him. Alex is an insanely good climber. For those that want to learn more about his adventures, read "Alone on the wall". Great book and you can almost feel some anxiety just reading about his exploits.
  11. Snow Guy

    Asymmetric off spin pole?

    Wristwrister- Sounds like that setup would make for a nice crossbow when your deck fitting fails. Would put a hole in the cabin top or your crew pretty easily. You'd be much better off keeping the pole attached to the mast and using the 5-line setup as previously mentioned. You also wouldn't take a rating hit if you sized the kite properly. If you're worried about shorthanded situations, it's easier than you think when you get used to it. Have run the sheet/foredeck alone for gybes multiple times on a Schock 35 when only 2 of us were onboard for deliveries with wind up to 20. The key is to worry about the pole only after you get the boat going again.
  12. Snow Guy

    Navtec finished?

    Navtec France is still operational. Navtec USA is currently closed. Website has not been updated yet. I'm sure it will be when the owners figure out how things will move forward.
  13. Snow Guy

    2017 Dinghy Distance Race I posted in Dinghy Anarchy, but want to post here as well due to higher traffic. This is a fun, "run what ya brung" type of regatta. It is open to any centerboard/daggerboard boats. We have had over 30 different types of boats during the 6 years running it. From Lasers to Cats to a Connie. If you have something in the back yard, bring it down and we will figure out a handicap rating for it. Last year there were 48 starters and we are hoping to have at least the same number this year. This is a great way to tour the beautiful lower CT River valley. The long course goes from the Goodspeed Opera House/Bridge, almost to 95, then back up to Essex. We also plan to have great food for the after party again this year. We also will keep with tradition and give photos from that day on the water for trophies. Dan
  14. Snow Guy

    Dinghy Distance Race 2017

    The date for the 7th annual Connecticut River Dinghy Distance Race has been set! (Attached is the NOR) It will be May 6 this year. At little bit earlier than in the past, but due to scheduling conflicts, it has to be the first weekend of May this year. We had over 50 registered and 48 starters last year. I hope to have at least the same number, if not a few more. Also hope to have more breeze than last year. If you are interested in sponsoring the race, let me know. We don't want to raise the entry fee, but are hoping to give some more money to the Pettipaug Youth Sailing Academy this year. You can also find us on FB. I will post a link later as I cannot access FB at work. I just wanted to get this out. I hope to see a bunch of you there. Dan