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  1. Snow Guy

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Your equation was correct for momentum, not kinetic energy. Momentum is probably a more relevant number for the situation.
  2. Snow Guy

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    RD was perma-banned after making physical threats to other members unrelated to 1000 Daze. While those other scenarios are plasible, he is still around the local sailing scene.
  3. Snow Guy

    Rescue 240nm of Nova Scotia

    Agreed. Just delivered a Hanse 575 about 825 miles. While I'm sure they are great, comfortable boats at the dock, at anchor, and for day sails, they aren't great offshore. For one thing, there aren't enough hand holds down below for a boat with so much interior volume. Everyone of us (3 out of 4 were experienced offshore) fell when down below due to the lack of handholds and the boat being squirrelly with a confused sea state. There were some other ergonomic issues too, especially when driving. While we made it safely, a Hanse wouldn't be my first pick to go offshore.
  4. Snow Guy

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    I believe everything is cross-compatible between the Fenix 5/6 and the Quatix 5. At least that is what I have experienced when trying to get apps/ watch faces for my Quatix. It seems everything was initially designed for the Fenix.
  5. That's where it sank. Basically one of the first moorings on the right as you enter the mooring field from the river. Now it's on the hard at Chester Point Marina.
  6. Just responded in the other thread. Still sitting on the hard as of the end of November.
  7. No news on the story, but the boat was still sitting on the hard, as shown by Mr. Zog, at the end of November when I helped a friend bring his boat to its winter home. From the outside, it doesn't look like anything is happening to it.
  8. Snow Guy

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    I prefer the term I learned last week, "Bitch Biscuit"
  9. Snow Guy

    Random PicThread

    Snaggy- Here's the Wikipedia page.
  10. Snow Guy

    Random PicThread

    Love that comedy show. Can't get away with most of it now though. Audio NSFW!
  11. Snow Guy

    1000 Daze at Sea

    Good call. Comes up as first hit on Google.
  12. Snow Guy

    1000 Daze at Sea

    That's the one. As we all know, the search function isn't the best around here.
  13. Snow Guy

    1000 Daze at Sea

    Where did the original thread go??? For some reason, the NYT thinks Reid is still relevant. They missed the fact that drifted, not voyaged. There is another mention of SA, but they don't mention the gold that was in that thread. Another interesting article here.
  14. Snow Guy

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Magan (J30) lost the top part of their mast above the headstay out by the Ruins. Caliente (Tripp 36) had their headstay pull out. Those are the only big breakages I heard about. There were plenty of smaller breakages.
  15. Snow Guy

    Donnybrook is back (on the market)

    Looks like Donnybrook has been donated to the Mudratz.