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  1. EvaOdland

    Boat Hook Terror

    A good name for a band that plays Jimmy Buffet songs in the style of Metallica... Offset Companionway
  2. EvaOdland

    Found the Worst Boat Ever?

    Millions of years from now they will find this perfectly preserved shitty boat encased in amber.
  3. EvaOdland

    Boat Hook Terror

    Of all things on a sailboat to hurt yourself on...I managed to create a nice blood blister and avulsion (hunk of hanging skin) in my little finger with the boat hook. I was collapsing the extended boat hook and managed to force a big chunk of skin into the damn thing and then walked into the end of the boom with my head as I went forward to get something to catch the blood flying all over the cockpit. No pictures as it happened. Too gory. It is that time of year.... Be careful while you are crammed in your lazarette trying to access the engine. Don't get stuck you aren't as skinny as you use to be.
  4. EvaOdland

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    You must of been to some rather hellish marinas...lol There aren't any grand dreams here... One thing I have learned thus far in life from the variety places I have lived and visited...paradise is what we make it and who we share it with. I hope you find less hell around you...
  5. EvaOdland

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Correct. Anchoring would rare and If we did we would be using a propane grill on the rail and or a small camping butane cooker.
  6. EvaOdland

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Update: here is a nice view of the line ...been a couple weeks and I have ran and tested, fixed, tweaked most of the systems on board...so far all gizmos are working well....and I have a good list of projects...new batteries, water system review and then sailing gear including: Spar repainting, mast lighting to LED, Wind instruments install (new came with boat), windex replacement, fix first foil section on furler which is bent. Replace main sheet and traveller running rigging, new lazy jacks, new reefing lines, new headsail halyard. Get familiar with maintenance of this engine and HVAC system...organize wiring behind panel, document and label it all, review bilge system fix and or replace as needed. New VHF and RAM mic, WiFI router, Media PC install, LapTop station for using chartplotter...new cabin speakers, cockpit speakers, electric range for galley. Handrails, hatch boards and other teak trim clean and seal...make a winter companionway hatch... service winches, rig a boom vang... remove old name decals, buff and polish topsides, new name decals.... lots of stuff to do....
  7. EvaOdland

    Improving the site

    Astute observation... When you tout anarchy as a operational philosophy, it doesn't bode well for sustained operation of a special interest information aggregator site... Most sites that start with a organic model have either shutdown or become professional, hiring staff and content creators They cleaned house and developed a operational plan. The GeoCities, WebRIng, Blogging, V-logging era of amateur content creation and sharing is gone. Clean was part of that era and made it very clear he was not a professional and did it because 1. No one else was and 2. He enjoyed it. Yes it was his interviews and coverage of sailing events that made me stop by frequently over the years. So....given the problems this site has caused itself, lack of discipline and professionalism which is big part of what makes this place interesting is no longer sustainable given the the ubiquity of "the internet" The convergence of traditional media (TV, radio, movies, journalism, edutainment, infotainment, etc...) with internet infrastructure and the dissolution of net neutrality has changed everything including how people consume information. Most people have grown weary of amateur content and the unfiltered online abuse that comes with it. SA forums are a great example of this. Many threads eventually dissolve into petty squabbling and actual abuse and threats. What has changed is now we see slick productions by content creators that are making special interest content and are doing so with a high degree of professionalism and technical skill. (video production, editing...etc...) and they aren't doing it alone. They are hiring *gasp* MILLENNIALS and SNOWFLAKES and turning a passion into a media business or they are die a long slow death or a sudden one via litigation. So yeah...times change.
  8. EvaOdland

    What boats?

    I am pretty sure the first one is a C&C but can;t pin it down with 3 windows...the doghouse profile is consistent though....
  9. EvaOdland

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/boa/d/1980-wiggers-custom-yacht/6723599481.html A lost IOR boat...looking for a home...? Is this a Doug Peterson design?
  10. EvaOdland

    What boats?

    Come on super boys...what boats are in these ads...
  11. EvaOdland

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Crew Outfits I know you boys are going to jump at the chance to hang with Skipper Eva this next season....here are some outfit selections to choose from. The onsie is cute and practical for summer sailing and a hot night dancing at the club...The Orange Color Block Tunic paired with the zig zag poncho would make a nice outfit for shore cocktails, when the cool lake breezes set in after dark. And when it is time for quiet with a nice glass of wine and some jazz, satin PJs of course...
  12. EvaOdland

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Speaking of geese....DO you know why one side of the V shape formation is always longer than the other?.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . because it has more geese in it... ba doom boom I am here all week...
  13. EvaOdland

    i touch myself

    Sit down and ask women and girls in your club what would attract more women to pursue sailing as a lifetime activity, find out why some choose to not pursue, or if they are what do they want out of sailing, what will make their experience more satisfying...and listen to what they have to say. From a man's perspective it may look like there are no barriers to sailing but have you formally asked? Challenge them and give women the autonomy to build a women's sailing program at your club or community. (In my area there is a women's skipper and crew series every Monday with various training classes and mentors that focus on education and teamwork, not winning) Get it started and hand it off. Help when they ask for help. Don't hover and doubt their resolve. Sometimes to communicate properly and effect change you have to step back to a very basic starting point and let people air feelings, ideas and desires. (these are things that I have seen happen)
  14. EvaOdland

    i touch myself

    I wonder if the anecdotal statement "sailing is shrinking" has taken into account anything other than racing and counting the guys that were doing it 35-40 years ago...maybe that segment of sailing is shrinking and it should credit much of the fault to those that participated in it. That past has sailed and sailing is never going to be "great again" in the way some hold it in their minds. Sailing is so much more than dick measuring on the race course...and once the industry grasps that energy spent equally promoting non-racing sailing events and activities the better off all segments of sailing will be in the future. We don't sail because we have to - we sail because we want to - and it is up to us all to facilitate others wanting to as well...and that includes women, kids, white, black, rich or poor... How many times a season does your club sponsor a regular come sailing event that isn't a race or part of a crew search for racing?
  15. EvaOdland

    Save Our Seas Legislation Signed!

    I don't think Barrett has any real control over MMSD that is WI-DNR, nor is the city (or district) capable of fixing the sewer issues on its own. Agreed though on...the combined storm and sanitary system is the biggest problem. There has been significant progress in the separating of the systems but it has been slow and spotty at best and we have lead problems to boot....but it comes down to money. Who can pay for it and when...Seems a quagmire, when no one can agree how to get it done...maybe Foxconn will be all magnanimous and help the city out with it's sewer problems...??