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  1. Sailimggoddess

    Does Size Matter?

    Just curious to know what the average height of the pro sailor is these days. Seems like a lot of big egos in tiny packages.
  2. Sailimggoddess


    I’m sorry did you mean next year?
  3. Sailimggoddess


    Do you really think Ayres dad is going to let him spend his allowance that way?
  4. Sailimggoddess

    Best Semi-Pros?

    Caution, horses are closely related to Jackasses. This is a well known fact.
  5. Sailimggoddess

    Best Semi-Pros?

    And how would you know this? Let me guess you heard it from a sailor who heard it from another sailor?
  6. Sailimggoddess

    Best Semi-Pros?

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?
  7. Sailimggoddess

    Best Semi-Pros?

    Someone you won't see on ESPN.
  8. Sailimggoddess

    Best Semi-Pros?

    Since their is no official ranking at this level, who are the the top semi-pro sailors in each one design class? Viper 640 Melges 20, 24, 32, & 40 J 24 J 70 Etchells 49er Others?
  9. Sailimggoddess

    Why don't more people race?

    I'm a female sailor so my perspective might be a little different. I love sailing and I've raced competitively on a few different teams. A few years ago, I decided to stop racing. Not because I no longer wanted to, but because I just became so turned off by the race scene. I don't like how sexist and perverted some sailors and owners can be. I'm not saying all sailors and owners are this way, but quite a few seem to act as if though they are truly the best thing to ever happen to the sport. Just look at the names of so many of the boats, not even a subtle innuendo, just pwrverted. Because I've agreed to sail on your boat doesn't mean I have any interest in sleeping with you. Fellow racers, you're not a "rockstar", you're someone that has an incredible opportunity to get paid to do what so many people enjoy, and to see some amazing places along the way. Calling yourself a "pro" should mean more than accepting money to sail. You should act like a professional both on and off of the race course. I like to have fun, sometimes a little too much. Being a pro sailor doesn't make you God. I don't want you hitting on me, nor do I want to hear about all of the women you've had. Again, not all sailors that race act this way, but a few sailors I've encountered during my trip me racing come to (MB, WVW, JG, KJ,) Especially when everyone, including myself knows you have someone waiting at home for you. Enough with the derogatory comments about women; we are not all racer chasers or bow beauties. We are sailors that just happen to be women. If the behavior of "pro" sailors were scrutinized like the behavior so many other professional athletes are subjected to, the shenanigans of NFL players reported on ESPN would pale in comparison to the way "pro" sailors conduct themselves.
  10. Sailimggoddess

    Why don't more people race?