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  1. sushi

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    ok, who's going to Ft. Worth weekend after next? I think at least two or three Evo's from DCYC intend to show. Besides that, who else?
  2. sushi

    The VX Evo

  3. sushi

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Who else is going? I'm thinking about bringing my X16 up for the event. Is there a list of registered boats you could share?
  4. sushi

    The VX Evo

  5. sushi

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Evo's will be there. at least 6. If the container gets sorted, maybe 10-15.
  6. sushi

    North Texas Dinghy

    Well i was going to tell you to jump on the Evo. It ticks every box, except the price point. You'd be north of that by about 4-5k for a used one. Holler at rod favela while your at rush creek. he has a VX one there, this is the little brother. DCYC on Lewisville has four of them and growing. AERO would be the boat for you if you were willing to give up the 2-person point, didn't worry about performance (really guys, the aero is NOT a performance dingy) - and to be competitive, was willing to lose about 30 lbs. Edit: I should walk back that statement about not being a performance dingy, or at least clarify. Compared to a sunfish or laser, it feels like a performance dingy. But the performance delta is marginal. Compared to Ortega's canoe, a 505, 49'er, evo, FD etc - it is not. Those, i would put in the category of performance dingy. The Aero is a good boat, and is going to be a hell of a big OD program in north texas very soon.
  7. sushi

    Fast affordable dinghy for 2

    420's are dump trucks, not a lot better than a flying sidewalk. Don't waste your money.
  8. sushi

    Fast affordable dinghy for 2

    Might check out the texas centerboard website and thread here, if your from texas. Get a boat, whatever boat- and come join the fun. FYI thinking back - might be some cheap 505's, 470's or even a random Flying Dutchman around. Didn't SSC have a bunch of 470's? great little boat for two light-weights ;-)
  9. sushi

    The Future of One Design

  10. sushi

    Gouv in a Laser again

    Well put
  11. sushi

    Gouv in a Laser again

    It is, overdue actually. That tidbit was all I was authorized to disclose. More very soon
  12. sushi

    Gouv in a Laser again

    Depends on the beginner. Someone straight off the couch with donut crumbs in their navel - not so bueno. Someone athletic or motivated, perfect. Lots of room in the cockpit and you can go two-up comfortably. Edit: one is the Dallas owners is 60 yrs young and this is his first dingy. And he is extremely new to sailing in general. Got the boat, figured out he needs to up his mental and physical game. He’s a beast now. It costs far more than what your sailing now. But what your sailing now costs a lot more than a sunfish. It’s all relative. Develope that 2k thing, and watch more and more people rotate into other more stimulating activities. But I see your point. It’s not a boat for the masses. But it’s not extreme either
  13. sushi

    Gouv in a Laser again

    Done need and address for delivery
  14. sushi

    Gouv in a Laser again

    How about a modern single handed dingy / sportboat that is owned by a fellow Texan?! Yep, IP, tooling and all rights associated with the amazing VX EVO are heading to a Texas owner with financial backing, a network and lots of energy. how many can you stock Fred? And hey, no more worries that “this boat makes my butt look big” It’s about to get real