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  1. Getting back into sailing

    go buy an RS Aero. Looks like a grownup open bic, about 7-8k and they sell foiling kits for them. In fact there's a guy here named Lindy. usually hangs out on the Texas Centerboard Circuit thread. He has a foiling kit. Buy his so he can get a VX evo. Hmm, 6'4 and 160? Wont foil and it's out of your budget by a few K BUT you should check out the Evo. I'm 6'2 and felt like a giant on the Aero.
  2. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    think i may have to play hooky tomorrow afternoon
  3. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Uh oh... ANOTHER very active member of the original TEXAS viper 640 mafia looking at joining the VX Evo Cult. I'll bring the advil and Excedrin
  4. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    We recognize what a thankless job organizing and managing a regatta is. Early registration certainly helps plan. We appreciate what you do. side-note, i just got a line on an Evo that's come available. Barely ever used, owner has a stable of other high end yachts (like a 37' melges) and has agreed to let it go for us. Good financial deal on the boat, we just have to get it here. It's been a long time since i owned a boat id just go bang around on for fun, this one i do! If you in the area and would like to jump in - send me a PM. Rod also has three new boats showing up soon.
  5. VX Evo

    The K1 is a keelboat. Completely different animal. Looks like a very safe platform to knock around on single-handed. Have fun. As for me - tomorrow I’m going out on one of these dangerous Evo’s, affairs are in order and my buddy knows to destroy my phone and computer hard drive if I don’t return. Pets go to my folks, the rest gets auctioned to pay for rum at my funeral. Wish me the best?
  6. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Thanks Lindy, done. Will you guys post a list of currently registered boats? Always nice to see who else is showing up. If not, maybe you could post an updated list here from time to time?
  7. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Is anyone doing the HYC midwinter regatta? Weather pending, of course. They used to have a Portsmouth line, back in the day. And we (EVO's) are for sure in for the DCYC regatta in may https://dcyc.org/CHCR
  8. How many people in corpus don’t pay at least a hundred-bucks a month for cable? The question is, how do you convince people to put down their iPhones, cancel their cable and get the hell ouside. For a hundred bucks a month you could step it up to an Evo!
  9. The VX Evo

    30? For several reasons the Evo didn't get a big marketing push after it's launch. In fact it appears that Bennett did nothing to support the boat, I wont speculate why but let's just say it may have been the best thing for the class. I will say that I think they were more focused on the VX One. North American Distribution has been handed to Vela Sailing which is going to be an absolute blessing. Their level of customer service is something you don't often see in the marine industry, and just what this awesome little boat needs. You'd never single hand the VX ONE in any reasonable breeze, efficiently anyway. The VX EVO is designed to be a single hander for larger folks, and can be singled handed by a talented smaller sailor like the 155 soaking wet dude in that video. Otherwise, two smaller people will be ideal. Both the RS 100 and Evo step up the technical aspect of sailing by giving you a kite. The RS100 looks like an Aero on steroids (more manageable for small to moderate size sailors) while the Evo is better suited for moderate to large sailors (or again, if you think you want to sail with another person). I think the RS100 would be a better training platform, the EVO is a beast of a boat. For me, personally - a dingy with main alone doesn't really make me want to go sailing. The EVO's something that will get me out of the office early a few days/week. Go sail them both, let us know what YOU think!
  10. The VX Evo

    DOH, for travel. sorry, I mean mast up storage. Interesting idea Dex. Honestly, hooking up this kit takes a few seconds. The biggest hassle is re-running the halyard using a tracer but that's only a few seconds itself. Sorry, I misunderstood
  11. The VX Evo

    I’m leaving the kite rigged on mine. Just pull the halyard against the mast base and Velcro it, then a cover over the entire thing
  12. The VX Evo

    No, but it would be a great idea. Kudo’s to Vela Sailing Supply for doing the evo vid. They just took on boat distribution and are doing a bang up job. Customer service just took a giant leap forward! Two more Evos hit Texas and another on its way from Florida. Finally a boat is just go sail for fun
  13. The VX Evo

    Sailed the boat today in Sarasota, I love it. I was a little apprehensive at first, lots of stuff going in and extremely powerful. After about an hour I got comfortable, no worries. The boats big, I’m about 6’2, 220 and it was awesome not being cramped up. It feels like a little Vx one (in fact missed it sitting next to 20 Vx ones when I arrived. I think this is going to be a perfect boat for big fellas’, folks who like to be challenged, sailors who like sailing on top of the water rather than through it. I also think your going to see a lot of 2 person small crews. I really wish I’d had this thing when my son was young.
  14. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Probably one of if not the best yacht club camping venues around . It’s a drive to any hotels or bars so most everyone hangs out, which is something I really miss. On that vein, Sailing’s decline has sort of followed the party decline. The most successful regatta around are at events were off the water activity is strong (wurstfest for example). Hmm, bring the party back... save sailing?
  15. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    What about dcyc? Great club, big regatta in the spring
  16. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    well done man! Show all the big yacht clubs how it should be done.
  17. I'll go with these goals and for me personally, add - 1) more small boat sailing , seems to provide some personal motivation to get in shape 2) try to make some of my regatta weekends less stressful. Turn of the my work email, let some calls go to voicemail and when I can - take off Friday, get to the venue and add more non-racing time on the water.
  18. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Very cool, i'll put it on the EVO schedule. I doubt the container will be in by we should still have five on the line. Great place to camp.
  19. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Should be enough VX EVO's there to make a traditional 5-boat fleet but I say "keep'em all together", including the Aeros'. TCC Style throw-down!
  20. The VX Evo

    Your thinking of the Vx one
  21. 2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    '18 is going to be an exciting year for dingy sailing in Texas
  22. The VX Evo

    Sorry i don't have the weighted board - check with rod at Vela sailing, I think it may be there but I'm not involved with it
  23. The VX Evo

    Well, if you happen to find yourself in Sarasota between Jan 12 and Jan 21 feel free to hop on mine for a bit. I'm taking delivery along with another Texan. We're brining them back after the Viper regatta to do just what you described - bomb around with friends and hit fun centerboard events. Four of the new Texas owners are from the prior Viper mafia, and there's a very good chance most of the boats from Rod's container will fill out that roster. (one boat is heading to a viper owner in Arizona)