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  1. pater001

    Corsair Pulse 600

    I am considering buying a slightly used pulse 600 from South Florida. I am looking for a co-owner or a group to make this a boat club for occasional use on the coast of North Carolina. any interests let me know. Have owned 2 corsair F24s in past and loved them--just too much boat than needed.
  2. pater001

    Astus Upwind

    Tom--I would like to look at your Astus if still for sale. I live in Cary. How do I contact you? My phone is 9194138779
  3. pater001

    Astus Upwind

    Tom--your vids are "sick"--as my teenage son used to say about what we call "awesome". I know you've had issues with the astus--did you have her listed for sale at one point? Is she still for sale? Do you prefer her to the weta? rwp