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  1. local boy Rossi wins the event! congrates to all competitors. tough racing, nothing over 8 kts of breeze
  2. the nikon version is cool.. 360 view, so you can see what you hit and the expression on your face! Many winter sport athletes use them now.
  3. the bike industry is now using Dyneema with carbon.. more flex, and when it does fail. the results are spectacular.. ( the dyneena hold all the bits together) they are using it on rims and handlebars now ( limited use but it is being used)
  4. placement of the trailer axle also impacts the Sway ( fulcrum) .. way too many varibles ( tow vehicle, road crown, wind etc) but still impactful demo.
  5. duratec may help( use it on everything requiring gel now with great results..( freshwater) ( but expoxy is the best). Blisters are chemical reaction , change the chemistry change the result
  6. I think the class rules will not allow it... please check with your measurer.
  7. so who owns the 43 molds, where are they? or did the chainsaw get them?
  8. we race against a M32 in PHRF.. we are more or less equal upwind ( with the rating diff) once they turn the corner in anything over 6 knots.. they are gone.. 7,000 pounds difference.. they plane, we plow ... we rate 69 they rate 30something// they mostly win by over 2 minutes corrected..the rest of the fleet is compressed with in a 1 minute corrected window.. we just got used to fighting for 2nd place with the rest of the fleet.. still good racing.. is it fair?hmmm
  9. I also noted Christopher Dragon IRC1 going slow.. was rocking and going backwards compared to the fleet sails? rig? Keel?
  10. What ever they did it seems to work.. nice score so far, all bullets. Great looking boat.
  11. continuous loop yup.. the loop works great with bullet blocks on rail, the main trimmer can windward sheet from the low side!
  12. Video shows what looks like Alex to be the first to be airlifted out.. Could be me but ??something looks off .... Maybe other factors were in play...
  13. me thinks you should get a moisture meter. odds are there are more areas of concern,, easiest is to do from up top.. resin waterfalls are not fun..
  14. You are right, same go for tires,, for most folks all season ( no season) tires work. and they are happy 99% of the time,, Timex tells the same time as a Rolex .. People that know, can see and feel the difference. PS most folks that have High end cars cant drive worth shit ,, They look good going slow.