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    Favourite Boat pic?

    Lindenberg 22
  2. they still make them, not sure if anyone has actually bought a new one in 25 years. I figure a decent used one for 3 grand and getting a family on the water seems like a win.
  3. I was thinking the daysailer would be a good choice as well.
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    He's on the .....

  5. Infinity+1

    Schrodinger's Waterline

    good one!
  6. Infinity+1

    5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    I would imagine the USCG requirement goes back to the Jones Act.
  7. Infinity+1

    Another St Marten OOPS

    Lovely... reminds me of jackup oil rig that didn't correctly pre-load the legs in the gulf of Mexico...
  8. Infinity+1

    5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    You probably should get a USCG 6-pack license (GT < 100T, 6 passengers), this is what most charter operators get for small craft. There are courses you can take to get it (check online, there are a number of courses out there). You need a TWIC card as well and a med cert. The 6-pack may only require Permanent Resident status to get (all the other creds require US Citizenship). The 6-pack can be endorsed for sailing vessels.