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  1. Dwight Schute

    Gunwale damage on high performance dinghy

    Thanks for the reply, if I were to do something like this I could temporarily water-proof it with some 3M 4200 which wouldn't be too much of a struggle to pick out in a few weeks time.
  2. Dwight Schute

    Crazy weight reductions stories

    Anyone have any crazy weight reduction stories? We all know how much weight matters but anything can be blown out of proportion. Ive see a lot, from dehumidifiers overnight in 14ft dinghies to drawstrings being removed from gear. A common one is switching trap harnesses between light and heavy breeze. I want to hear the stories you have.
  3. Unfortunately on Wednesday we were involved in a collision which resulted on a crack between the deck and hull of the boat. Boat is currently on the road so won't be able to be repaired until the beginning of September. However one event still need to be completed before a complete professional fix. The boat is currently upside down on the trailer so water is free to saturate the damage but the sun can also dry it out. I will see the boat a few days before the event so I'm wondering how to best fix it so we can complete the regatta and get home with minimizing any further damage. Currently I am looking at 2 options but would love suggestions. 1: Grind away the chipped gelcoat and some glass. Fill the crack with thickened epoxy and clamp. 2: Tape it up well and let it dry out during the dry nights. I am a little weary about #1 because it will make it harder for the pros to do their work it they choose to salvage the edge of the deck. I am worried about water getting inside and adding extra weight and down the road possible causing soft-spots. If it would help i could get a friend to tape over the damaged area while the boat is out of my reach. Any advice is much appreciated. Pictures below.
  4. Looking for any advice on what dremel and orbit sander to buy? I will be doing pretty basic and small glassing and gelcoat jobs. I want to have the flexibility to do some work for friends in the future but still want to keep the costs down as much as possible. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Dwight Schute

    Deck marking

    Sharpie with thick packing tape over it has worked for me. Usually fades after 8ish months for me however.
  6. Dwight Schute

    Belcher/ Page trapeze puck setup

    Great, Thank you.
  7. Dwight Schute

    Belcher/ Page trapeze puck setup

    Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of what material Belcher and Page use above their pucks, it just looks so comfy. I've used plastic hose and seen teams using rope cover but this doesn't look like either. Sorry about the bad pic. Anything helps.