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  1. Orca Research

    rs aero

    My Daughter is 10 and she is showing an interest in dinghy sailing/racing! I want to buy an RS Aero for her and myself to use and I was wondering where the best place to find one used. I live in Seattle and there isn't a lot around here. West Coast Sailing in Portland OR has a used one but they are asking like 7 thousand still. Is it possible to get an older used one for around 4 thousand USD? Where is the best place to find used AERO listings in the United States? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Orca Research

    New Zealand Orca

    I totally get it man I would losey fucking shit if she popped my rib. I had her trap me on a dock with my 10 year old daughter when I was down there in August. Using a hose works wonders. She hates running water for some reason. Keep one handy. I love that dog! 10/10 but a Leopard seal can "de glove" a penguin in one motion. Worth a try I suppose if you aren't attached to the dog.
  3. Orca Research

    New Zealand Orca

    Oh that is Owha! I know she has been a bit of a pain for you guys but she is unique in the world in that there has never been another documented case of a leopard seal being outside of the antarctic for so long. Please be kind to her. I know she has been a bit of a nuisance but she is actually helping scientists world wide study climate change in the antarctic. We would also like any information and pictures of her if you have them! We started a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/LeopardsealsightingsNZ/ and a web page also. Thank you so much again and please make sure everyone (especially children) and pets stay at least 100m away from her. for more information on Owha and her story please visit. http://www.leopardseals.org/
  4. Orca Research

    For Sale: Used Empty YETI Cardboard Box

    10/10 quality post.
  5. Orca Research

    New Zealand Orca

    Also...meant to post in General. Please delete or move to the appropriate board. Thanks.
  6. Orca Research

    New Zealand Orca

    Attention New Zealand Anarchists If you see orca in New Zealand waters, please report it as SOON AS POSSIBLE. We rely on sightings from the public to find the orca and would rather receive 10 calls about the same sighting than not hear about the orca at all. Many people believe that someone else has called – but often what happens is that we don’t hear about the orca until days later. You can also download the NZ Orca Photo-Identification Guide to help you recognise the individual orca. Please call the toll-free number 0800 SEE ORCA (0800 733 6722)
  7. Orca Research

    Jeanneau Sunfast 3600

    I am watching your guy's videos in complete agony. I can't wait to get my hands on this sexy girl and so some DH races here in the Pacific Northwest with my uncle. Boat arrives here in May. So excited I'm coming out of my shoes!