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  1. Strategery

    How much speed am I losing?

    A halyard lock with a fine tune on a purchase @ deck level could be a cunning stunt.
  2. Strategery

    How much speed am I losing?

    You may consider putting marks on your halyard and marks on the deck or a sticker scale with numbers just before the cleat. That way you know for example that you pull the halyard up to 3 by hand then wind on the winch to 5 or 6, etc depending on breeze. This way, your end plate is set and the guesswork is mostly gone. Winding on halyard tension shouldn't take u more than 5 seconds when prepping to round, especially if the halyard is already in hand and your marks are right there. The juice may not be worth the squeeze, but you could get a jib cunninham grommet put in your sail (or maybe your lowest hank is low enough to use) and use your jib Cunningham there. The theme here is endplating is of value and you dont want to give it away if you can change your process slightly.
  3. Strategery

    Songs in Battle

    Boogie in the butt. -Eddy Murphy
  4. Strategery

    caption contest

    For sale: 1 Mast from 13' skiff. 25% OFF.
  5. Strategery

    caption contest

    "Just the tip"
  6. Strategery

    Masthead vs Frac Assym

    Thx for this! Will PM you, grateful for the wisdom! Any 30'er that can plane while simultaneously having a lady crew able to be comfortable in a private head with a door is a boat that I want to own. Fun is Fast is Fun!
  7. Strategery

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    In '94 I rocked that years Swiftsure one for my HS senior picture in the yearbook. Admins didnt realize MtGay was booze. I only have one left now and have converted it into a visor. The Rolex hats met the same fate as a converted visor. There is a nostalgia about them for me.
  8. Strategery

    Masthead vs Frac Assym

    My humble grattitude for all your input. Will be reaching out to the sailmaker. We have light airs here usually, and not a ton of reaching, but occasionally do on our mini distance races.
  9. Strategery

    Masthead vs Frac Assym

    I recall back in the day that Ultimate 30's went better with frac assym on longer pole than mastheads. Different horses?
  10. Strategery

    Masthead vs Frac Assym

    Just bought a Ross930 and looking to hit turbo. Masthead assym (will require rig mods) with moderate prod OR Frac assym (no mast mod required) with long prod? Thinking the frac assy with long pole could be quicker. Thoughts?
  11. Strategery

    11 Metre One Design

    Theres one on the PNW that's been turbo'd to overcome the light air stickiness. It McScoots.
  12. Strategery

    These guys are higher then Rick James

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.
  13. Strategery

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    I can't believe no one recommended the Snark. The Pepsi foam model's mast easily fit in a 70's grocery store.
  14. Strategery

    caption contest

    Get with the program old timer, bailing has been cancelled. Also, why would anyone make and / or buy a boat that resembles an Opti?