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  1. Knut Weberg

    Why ballasted foils ?

    OK. Seems there is no way around ballasted foils. But I still don't understand why the windward foil i a lever only. Of course, if you are less than overpowered, this concept makes sense, but doesn't it make sense to stick windward foil in the water with a negative lift when overpowered ? This way, you can, in effect, adjust the width of your imaginary cat
  2. Knut Weberg

    Why ballasted foils ?
  3. Knut Weberg

    Why ballasted foils ?

    Just love the new keel-less AC boat. But why ballast the foils ? Would it not be possible to have both foils in the water, and - when overpowered - the windward foil gets a negative lift, pulling the hull down. As leeward side would have normal lift. You could probably get a lot more righting moment with such a system than you could achieve on the AC50. The more pressure on the rig, the faster you go, the more downward pull you have to windward. I understand the rolling-issue @ low speeds, but as soon as roll becomes an issue, the boat probably moves fast enough to make the foils effective