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  1. Floating Duck

    buying a boat to live on and sail

    Well seeing as how the OP hasn't responded yet, I say all of y'all good for nothing anarchists have scared him off... How dare we stop someone from doing something stupid! Y'all just wait. 4 or 5 years from now everyone whose been watching these super cool "inexperienced couple buys a..." vlogs will have saved at least $20k more greenbacks and this place will be swimming in super cool [mis]adventure threads. Anyway where were we... Is there a youtube channel yet or what?
  2. Floating Duck

    New Corsair 880

    That main reason for this isn't what you think. Your first boat is very rarely "perfect" if only because you don't actually know what you want. I promise, even if you think you know... You won't really know until you have one (or a couple...). However, This is definitely a great way to learn. Way to go! Do more of this! It will save you lots of money and frustration down the road.
  3. Floating Duck

    Saphire 27

    I guess that's a matter of perspective isn't it... That's exactly what I hate about other options, tons of standing headroom, slow and boring as hell... And that headroom is damn expensive to boot. How much room does a day sailor need anyway? You are there for the day only, as per it's title... No wonder cars are also getting huge and uninspiring.
  4. Floating Duck

    Race to Alaska best boat

    If you look at most of the winches of IMOCA boats they have arrows to show direction. These are professional sailors for gods sake, don't they know which way the thing turns?! ... sleep deprivation is real. The Aussies tend to be the best high performance sailors in the world. Why aren't they taking over endurance racing like the Vendee Globe??? ... Just something to think about as y'all get out there and start preparing! Can't wait to hopefully race against you guys one of these days!
  5. Oh let me tell you, ANYTHING you get is better than a wheel pilot I promise you that. I had one on an old boat of mine years ago (Hunter 37) and I believe I rebuilt it twice because the damn bearings kept going all over the place. You will NOT be upset with a NAC-3 system, especially coming from a wheel pilot. I would save the money IMO and buy yourself a new C0 or a nice dinner.
  6. Following the Vendee Globe I recently heard something that went a little like this; The teams are spending more on their autopilot systems than on the entire sail wardrobe. Which is to say; - Unless you have $100k+ to drop don't expect to do much sustained surfing to TWA's in large sea states. You 100% don't need this system unless you have a foiling boat and/or a professional program. - For $20k you could get a very good system from B&G / NKE, but do know they are tricky to setup (or pay someone to do it). May be able able to steer to TWA in light to medium conditions (if they are calibrated correctly...). - For $5k you would do just fine in weather that you actually want to be out sailing in (i.e. coastal conditions). Very nice steering to compass and AWA while actually sailing. This is what 99% of us probably run. - Or get a tiller/wheel pilot for $500. These are fine for steering to compass, mostly while motoring. Some can do AWA (only upwind, where it's stable enough) when interfaced with NMEA, but don't expect wonders. So. How much $$ you got?!
  7. Floating Duck

    Multi 23 Questions

    Do you have a picture by any chance? If one side of the tube is in the mast (slug), where does the other side of the tube attach? It's interesting that just a straight tube, inline with the mast, would provide enough lateral support (I'm assuming the slug is fixed, unlike when attached on a sail).
  8. Floating Duck

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Well, y'all sure are making a lot of noise; https://www.peninsuladailynews.com/sports/sailing-bellingham-teens-plan-to-join-race-to-alaska/ Let us know when you decide on a boat. The article is very cute.
  9. Floating Duck

    Multi 23 Questions

    Honestly, look at the SeaRail 19 if you want a self tacker. Very well priced. Another option is any offering from Astus, seems to fit your requirements of a day sailor quite nicely. Or the Pulse 600 if you want to stay in the well thought out family of Corsair, you can always add a self tacker (I looked into this option and it's very possible and relatively cheap to add one). The reason for this suggestion over the M23 is that all of these both fold, so you don't have to break your back taking them apart at the end of your season. More importantly though, they are MUCH more well rounded... The M23 is fantastic at reaching, pretty crap at everything else. Not sure if you know, but the M23 has a very large dihedral that makes it like a wild horse when on a mooring AND heels pretty heavily when going upwind. I would bet some money that your dogs would definitely slide off an M32 going upwind.
  10. Floating Duck

    Poor Mans/Womans Globe Beater

    Racing around the world is damn physical, no matter how you look at it. I wish running marathons were less physical, I'd be doing a ton of them. Oh wait I can run a 5k... Maybe they should just "cruise" around the world instead.
  11. Floating Duck

    Race to Alaska best boat

    So. Why do you need to beat a SeaCart? Is a SeaCart being entered? If not, you just really need to beat whomever entered. Now, if you follow the train of thought of Randy; You will probably be chasing the Joneses... There is always someone out there with a faster boat I promise you that. An M32 (or whatever is fast) isn't cheap. Especially if you want to bring all your mates aboard. Plus, it's sort of a moot point anyway, as most of the years this happens; Aaaaaaanywho. Are y'all going to be doing some races in the area leading up to the R2AK? Swiftsure? Any of the semi-long distance races we have around here? There are a couple of us here in the PNW (@gspot @Russell Brown @40Plus) that you could race against next year to see how you stack up.
  12. Floating Duck

    SeaCart 26

    What does your base speed say for the Diam with only 2 crew? Curious.
  13. Floating Duck

    SeaCart 26

    Apples to oranges, there was about a 5x difference in price between them. That was exactly the point of the design brief for the 26, to make it much more accessible to everyone who couldn't afford an all-carbon-hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars-SC30. Now if it doesn't sail to its rating, well that's another discussion all together.
  14. Floating Duck

    Pure multihull porn -from the mythical front page

    Yeah neither of those. But not because of money at all (although I'm poor and don't have much of that anyway)... I would get one of the fancy ass Gunboat 60ish's or the Rapido 60. Far more comfortable, and more importantly, with far more competition as they are slower... It's very lonely to be the fastest. It's depressing being at the rear. Somewhere in the middle is where the fun is at.
  15. Floating Duck

    Poor Mans/Womans Globe Beater

    The problem is you can't have small, low budget around the world boats. There just isn't a market. If you are poor like me you can't afford to take 3 months off work to go race So only build them 40ft or larger for those who can afford more than just the cost, and let us weekend warriors do weekend races.