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  1. Ubi Maior Jiber

    Good point. The one negative is having four pieces of string to lead across the deck and back to the cockpit versus the 1 with the traditional discontinuous line. But, no more overrides on the furler, or running out of line when you're furling up in a big breeze, so that is nice. And thanks J28 for that link, somehow I did not se the previous thread. Sometimes the "search" function seems to not work for me, telling me to retry in 3 seconds while returning no results. Ugh!
  2. Ripoff Alert! Vsport

    Surprised to hear this, I must have used them 5 or 6 times over the year for hats and crew gear for my previous J/boat. They always delivered just what I ordered in a short amount of time. As J/boats touts their status as a "official" supplier and links to them directly off the J/boats web sites, have you thought of reaching out to Newport to see if they can assist you with this? Might be worth a shot, and far less work than small claims court.
  3. Ubi Maior Jiber

    Hello all, Does anyone out there using the Ubi Maior Jiber as their headsail furler have any strong opinions on it? I’m in the final stages of specing out a J/112E and am about 99% certain I’m going with this system over the standard Harken furler and tuff luff system. The major advantage as I see it is the ease of single/double-handed headsail hoists/drops. The added advantage is a little less weight aloft and better sail entry shape. It appears that there are two options: rod rigging or a carbon textile cable as the forestay, and either a continuous or discontinuous line for the furler. I’m inclined to keep it simple/less expensive by going with the rod and discontinuous options, any strong evidence-based opinions on the choices? Info here(http://www.ubimaioritalia.com/index.php?p=category-intro-jiber) and a cool video below for anyone unfamiliar. Thanks!
  4. J/112E

    It seems unlikely that any sort of One Design class will be possible with the J/112E. As I recall with the 109, right from the start there were OD rules and the only options (other than a shoal draft keel) did not make the boats all that different from one another. With the 112 having options such as a carbon rig and all of that fancy teak decking, it would appear any sort of homogeneity from boat to boat will be tough to achieve. But the truth is that of the almost 700 race I did with my 109 over the years, less than 5% we One Design, as there were never enough of them in my local area to get us our own start.
  5. J/112E

    Grinning Ape, I've owned two boat in my life, a J/109 for over 10 years, and my Jeanneau 41 DS for the last two. Loved the feel and performance of the 109, loved the ease of sailing and luxury of cruising in the 41DS. But what I REALLY wanted was a bit of a mashup between the two. And I also felt the 40' of the Jeanneau was just too big for our needs. So I started out searching for used boats in the 35-38' range built from 2010 onwards. Most of the boats in this range a squarely in the non-performance cruiser range, (Beneteau, Jeanneau, Hanse, etc...) and a few of them seemed to be in the high performance, non-cruiser range (J/111, Sunfast 3600). To my eyes, boats like the Elan E/S4, X-Yachts Xc35 or XP 38, Dehler 38, Dufour 36P etc...seemed to bridge this gap. The 112E was not even on my radar, until the 122E popped up on a search. While I loved how that was a great combo of a cruiser/racer, it was just too big. But at that point I said "oh look, there is a 36' version of it called the J/112E". The next thing I noticed was there were no used models on the market, which made sense as it was a relatively new boat. As I dug deeper into research on the 112E it just started checking off pretty much every box for me. It seemed too good to be true...that is, until I went out sailing on one for 3 hours. The performance under sail was fantastic, the setup was ideal for single/double handing, and the accommodations belowdeck would work perfectly for our costal cruising. One thing I was VERY conscious of was the SA/D ratio. I was trying to find a boat that was light enough to keep the sail area small for shorthanded situations, but heavy enough to handle choppy seas and bad conditions when they arrise. The 112E was in my mind an improvement ove the 109, as it sailed like a much bigger boat but no longer required the 155% Genoa that rally made the 109 perform. Given your list above, I have no doubt this boat should be on your list. Have you sailed one yet?? At that point, as a past J/boat owner my search was over. I cannot say enough good things about my previous J/boat, the local dealer and J/boats themselves, just down the road from me in Newport RI. I stopped my search and pulled the trigger on the 112E. Looking forward to the build process once again, and taking delivery of her in 2018!!
  6. J/112E

    My J/109 had the Harken vang as I recall, and I put that thing through some serious abuse ove the years without a problem. That being said, the Boom Kicker looks pretty cool, perhaps that would be worth trying. I am guessing it is the Nautos 91330 that comes as the standard option, is that right? BTW, let's keep in touch about the factory tour. We have a few moving pieces on the travel schedule right now, but if we can make a trip over there work it would be great to meet up with you guys there!!
  7. J/112E

    Haha, master of understated are you! Likely to do B&G but not the high-end stuff, going with Zeus3 chartplotter, Triton2 displays, etc...and if all goes as planned a trip to Olonne-sur-Mer for us as well...with a stop or two in Paris, bien, bien sûr! Perhaps we will see you there...
  8. J/112E

    Thanks Cats Rule. No fin keel for me, but I am seriously leaning towards the carbon rig. After sailing my 109 close to 25k nm with an aluminum stick, the difference in feel was immediately noticeable when driving the 112. Do you have a contact on Davanti I can talk to about spinnakers? Struggling with the correct size for the kites, especially for the A2.
  9. J/112E

    Looks like you are just a LITTLE bit excited for the new ride!!! When does she arrive in the US? Are you doing B&G for the instruments??
  10. J/112E

    Many tanks for the input. 1) Yes, I thought the zipper bag would kinda defeat the ease of handling. I am going to seriously consider this. 2) We get -3 for a carbon rig up here in NE. I am going with a mainsail track system, likely the Antal, so the fact the aluminum mast accepts it without modification is well worth thinking about. 3) Yes, I'm doing the remote panel as well, and was considering an upgrade to clutches. 4) Thanks for the measurements! And here is hoping for 30+ years...or at least until the J/113x hits the market!! ;-)
  11. J/112E

    Hello 32! Homeport of Boston, MA, with sailing from the Gulf of Maine to Long Island Sound. Very cool info about your build, a few questions for you... 1) You're the second person to mention the Jiber to me. Very interesting concept, certainly looks like it makes getting the sail up/down (especially in any amount of breeze) a heck of a lot easier. Do you hank it on to the forestay with soft hanks? I have also seen a video where it looked like there was some zipper mechanism, but can't quite make it out. What were the major pros/cons that sent you that way? 2) What kept you from going with the carbon rig? Was there a really big hit on the rating?? I loved the feel of the boat with so much less weight aloft, especially as we will be doing a lot of short-handed sailing. Of course, it does add a good chunk of change to the final price, so I'm not sure if it is worth it. 3) Yup, going with the remote hydraulic adjuster on the pedestal, will make it VERY easy to adjust the backstay while driving/trimming. On the 109 we were CONSTANTLY adjusting the backstay for changing wind-speeds, so this will be a nice improvement. What are the "standard" clutches they were planning on installing and why specifically did you go with the Spinlock XTRs? 4) What are your plans for the chute? I'm sold on doing an A1.5, but thinking of also adding an A2 for some deeper sailing. And what size is your sailmaker specing our for the kite? The J/boats specs called for something in the 120 m2 (1.292 sq ft) range for the spinnaker, which was the size of the "big" PHRF chute on my 109. But my sailmaker came back with sail designs in the 155-165 m2 (1,655-1,774 sq ft) range, which seems VERY big to me, especially for double-handing, plus likely to incur a big ratings hit. What are you seeing from your sailmaker for design specs?? Congrats on the new boat, she will definitely be a big change after the S&S. I LOVED the way my 109 sailed over the 12 years I had her, the 112 is a lovely evolution that should no doubt provide at least that many years of enjoyment going forward!!
  12. J/112E

    Ah, hello V.S.! We met a few years back at NYYC during the 109 NAs. Hope all is well with you!! I was hull #171 back in the 109 days, a little bit of an earlier adopter on the 112 I guess. Going to be based out of Boston, but will be down in your neck of the woods for some cruising this summer, with any luck!!
  13. J/112E

    Will do, I'd love to talk to him!
  14. J/112E

    Yes, I have that Quick cockpit mounted remote for the anchor chain on the current boat, it came in VERY handy this summer!! As far as the reversible winch, to the best of my knowledge there is no "stored energy". You turn the handle clockwise for the high gear, counter clockwise for low gear, and then press a button in the middle of the handle grip which puts the winch in a "third" gear that happens to be reverse instead of high when you turn the winch clockwise. There is a promo video here below, but what I'd really like to know form anyone that has used this is if they work well and are useful.
  15. J/112E

    Interesting about the side access panels. On my 109 built in 2004 there were access panels both in the head on the starboard side as well as in the aft cabin on the port side. I am pretty sure that on the 112 I sailed on earlier this month that there was an access panel on the starboard side; I don't remember if there was one on the port side in the head. Great call on the Racor! I had one of those installed on my current boat and it paid dividends almost immediately, when the engine started running poorly and was stalling a low speeds while coming into the dock. Went below, flipped the handle to the second filter and she started up just fine and ran like a dream from that point on. A few weeks lter when the new filter came in I replaced the fouled one and we were good to go. I don't think I'll go with AC or heat, as the times that has been necessary in the past in this area are few and far between. A good dehumidifier that can run while one is away from the boat is worth it's weight in gold however...you leave with the spinnaker soaking wet on Wednesday and when you come back on Friday it is as fry as a bone and the bot is smelling oh so fresh. Thanks for the ideas!!