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  1. 11235


    Well, you can DM them to me, because I PROMISE not to campaign my J/112E in Europe!! ;-) Great job at the European Championships, looks like the the boat and crew respnded well to all types of conditions...can't wait to get mine splashed, perhaps as early as next week.
  2. 11235

    VOR Leg 9 Newport to Cardiff

    Live now!
  3. 11235

    Don't Be This Guy

    Doubtful, as you only get a credit for that under ORR... ;-)
  4. 11235

    Airmar leeway measuring log/depth sensor

    I have one on order to be installed with B&G electronics on a J/112E. My understanding at this point is that the speed/temp/depth info will make it to the mast displays, but the leeway data will only show up on the Airmar app running on the iPad. Like the idea of no paddlewheel, interested to see if it truly displays speed as a negative number while moving backwards!! With any luck, I'll have some real-world feedback for you by the end of June!
  5. 11235


    Well, after a few months of eager anticipation, it would appear that there is a spiffy new J/112E (hull #35 it turns out) sitting on a large transport ship in Baltimore, waiting to be offloaded to clear customs!! Many thanks to TJM.CODE for all of the great help and data from his build of #32, you saved me hours of research time. With any luck, sometime in a month or so she should be all commissioned and ready for sea trials. There may be pics...otherwise, how would you know it happened?? BTW, ratings came in at 57 for PHRF New England, 60 for PHRF Narragansett Bay, and 0.900 on the dot for ORR-EZ.
  6. 11235

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    Couldn't find any good pics, but you can see the setup we had on the 109 pretty well in this video:
  7. 11235

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    I wish I had a better picture of the setup, but apparently I never took pictures from BEHIND the wheel looking forward. I liked the fact the setup was so high, it made it easy to see, and not once in 25,000 miles did I eve get the mainsheet fouled around the binnacle/electronics pod. That is why I'm doing pretty much the same thing with the 112, albeit with a larger chartplotter. Now I WOULD be worried the mainsheet would rip off the 4" Garmin handheld...
  8. 11235

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    Well, I for one when it was time to set up electronics on my J/109 said "to hell with the aesthetics" and was not at all concern what having a chartplotter above the binnacle would look like, and BOY was I happy to have had it there for 12 years!! I had one large Northstar 6000i below at the chart table, and another smaller unit networked on a Navpod with custom stainless steel above the binnacle. The autopilot and a WHAM for the VHF were also mounted there, and it was a fantastic setup functionally speaking, ESPECIALLY when the going got rough. See attached pics of the setup. Beyond making it really easy for the helmsman to figure out where to go, the height of the stainless steel 1) gave us something to pin the boom to as we were dropping and flaking the kite, and 2) a reality-check as to when we needed to increase the hoist on the main because there was so much backstay on.It also was a terrific hand-hold as one moved for and after of the wheel, as that 54" wheel did not leave much room to get through. On my new J/112e, I'm going with a 12" B&G Zeus3 on a Navpod in the same spot, but as the autopilot can be controlled from the Zeus3 I don't need a dedicate control at the helm, and can have a smaller pod with a bigger chartplotter. Which is good, because as I get older my eyesight seems to be getting bad, so the bigger the screen the better. Not a big fan on a loose tablet in the cockpit for navigating, especially if I am single handing. One more thing to drop in the drink!! ;-)
  9. 11235

    what is it?

    As long as you were doing it while drinking Greek beer downstairs at the bar, I approve!! ;-)
  10. 11235

    what is it?

    Hey, aren't you supposed to be working?? ;-)
  11. 11235

    Sooty transom

    I only had that problem when the mixing elbow on the Yanmar engine had become constricted, which kept the engine from burning all the fuel and led to a loss of power and very dirty exhaust fumes. And a sooty transom. As soon as I replaced the mixing elbow the power came back, the dirty exhaust went away, and the transom never looked sooty again.
  12. 11235

    Ubi Maior Jiber

    Good point. The one negative is having four pieces of string to lead across the deck and back to the cockpit versus the 1 with the traditional discontinuous line. But, no more overrides on the furler, or running out of line when you're furling up in a big breeze, so that is nice. And thanks J28 for that link, somehow I did not se the previous thread. Sometimes the "search" function seems to not work for me, telling me to retry in 3 seconds while returning no results. Ugh!
  13. 11235

    Ripoff Alert! Vsport

    Surprised to hear this, I must have used them 5 or 6 times over the year for hats and crew gear for my previous J/boat. They always delivered just what I ordered in a short amount of time. As J/boats touts their status as a "official" supplier and links to them directly off the J/boats web sites, have you thought of reaching out to Newport to see if they can assist you with this? Might be worth a shot, and far less work than small claims court.
  14. 11235

    Ubi Maior Jiber

    Hello all, Does anyone out there using the Ubi Maior Jiber as their headsail furler have any strong opinions on it? I’m in the final stages of specing out a J/112E and am about 99% certain I’m going with this system over the standard Harken furler and tuff luff system. The major advantage as I see it is the ease of single/double-handed headsail hoists/drops. The added advantage is a little less weight aloft and better sail entry shape. It appears that there are two options: rod rigging or a carbon textile cable as the forestay, and either a continuous or discontinuous line for the furler. I’m inclined to keep it simple/less expensive by going with the rod and discontinuous options, any strong evidence-based opinions on the choices? Info here(http://www.ubimaioritalia.com/index.php?p=category-intro-jiber) and a cool video below for anyone unfamiliar. Thanks!
  15. 11235


    It seems unlikely that any sort of One Design class will be possible with the J/112E. As I recall with the 109, right from the start there were OD rules and the only options (other than a shoal draft keel) did not make the boats all that different from one another. With the 112 having options such as a carbon rig and all of that fancy teak decking, it would appear any sort of homogeneity from boat to boat will be tough to achieve. But the truth is that of the almost 700 race I did with my 109 over the years, less than 5% we One Design, as there were never enough of them in my local area to get us our own start.