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  1. T and J Racing


    Sorry to see all the damage, but I'm sure glad it wasn't worse for Hong Kong like Mangkut was 2 days ago. I was in SW Louisiana when Hurricane Rita hit us, the really serious storms are scary stuff. Glad you're OK at least.
  2. T and J Racing

    Old Sails

    Wow, yeah. My SJ24 has an entire suite of sails marked 1978. No obvious damage to any of them, I was just wondering if it would be worth a bit of rehab (telltales, battens, leech cords, etc.) and keep them in cruising service.
  3. T and J Racing

    Captain Licence Course

    Do you always talk to people like that, or is it a feature of internet website discussion forums that one should present as an asshole to strangers? And here I thought we Americans had cornered the market on casual rudeness.
  4. T and J Racing

    Captain Licence Course

  5. T and J Racing

    Captain Licence Course

    Speaking of "commenting on things you have no idea about", no, I do not hold a PADI certificate, rather I have an IMCA Bell Diving Supervisor certification, however we must also demonstrate qualification for a specific task per IMCA C003. Former grease monkey for sure (20 years), field experience is essential to qualify one for mastery of a trade, no? It's not "my measure", it's the correct definition of terms. Interesting to see where you are on that one. Paper dragon?
  6. T and J Racing

    Captain Licence Course

    I agree with Moonduster. It's neither wordplay not pedantic at all, it's a concept at the root of the offshore diving industry I've worked in my entire career: There is a fundamental difference between "certification" and "qualification". Lots of formal training for various things out there, but showing up at the front desk with a card that's on the accepted list by no means indicates one is actually qualified to safely perform the required task, it only indicates a minimum level of training received. Sorry if I'm inappropriately stepping into a SA trolling deal that predates me.
  7. T and J Racing

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    https://bellingham.craigslist.org/bpo/d/speed-boat-wind-shalt/6667765980.html Wind shalt?
  8. T and J Racing

    shit show (front page)

  9. T and J Racing

    shit show (front page)

    My sincere apologies for any cultural insensitivity. As stated, it was only a bit of good-natured ribbing from an ignorant colonial cousin. I shall drink 4 shots of Bushmills next time ashore as penance.
  10. T and J Racing

    shit show (front page)

    I'm pretty sure everyone here is "carping from the sidelines", unless I've accidentally stumbled into a meeting of the 2019 America's Cup Rules Committee. If so, my sincere apologies.
  11. T and J Racing

    shit show (front page)

    Slinging meaningless links and statistics back and forth to "win" arguments with strangers on the internet isn't really my jam. I like racing, I like sailing, ergo I like watching the America's Cup. I like it specifically because of the cutting edge prototype aspect, and I am far from alone in this. Your mileage may vary. Lots of places around to watch old-tech vehicles ply the race course. Goodwood, for example. Jesus Christ, New Zealand? Don't they track motorsports participation in any countries with more than 235 people?
  12. T and J Racing

    shit show (front page)

    And yes, I am well aware that the last great American motorsports world champion of any discipline was the late great Nicky Hayden in 2006 (unless you count Ben Spies in WSB in 2009). I believe GBR is still holding their collective breath waiting for the next Sheene. Hey, maybe it's Redding!
  13. T and J Racing

    shit show (front page)

    FYI, I read your post in this guy's voice: "Now see HERE, good sir! I will HAVE YOU KNOW that the British Empire is the CRADLE of motorsports! Why, the entire INDUSTRY is clustered around Oxford, etc. etc. etc." Sorry I couldn't help it, good-natured ribbing from a colonial cousin, please take it as such. I just like racing is all. TG Briton.jfif
  14. T and J Racing

    shit show (front page)

    Nah, I never said England was a backwater of motorsports or anything of the sort, though it would help their standing in the world's eyes greatly if Crutchlow could actually win a title at some point instead of proclaiming to all and sundry that he "had the pace to win" from yet another gravel trap. But I digress... Rather, I said that England just doesn't have that many people, globally speaking, and can hardly be held out as an accurate demographic representation of the rest of the world in racing participation or fandom. That's all.
  15. T and J Racing

    shit show (front page)

    Are you transposing statistics from a country ranking 21st in the world by population as representative of the entire sports-participating planet? The "more participants" assumption is a broad and inaccurate brush, IMO. As a casual fan, I more equate AC to Formula 1 or MotoGP than to the Tour de France, but that's just me. It seems fair to say that many types of "prototype" racing get the public's attention very effectively. Crappy motorsports participation statistics in the UK might have something to do with the weather, not sure. Anecdotally speaking, I've been a motorsports fan and participant most of my life, and I find production vehicle racing of any sort about as exciting as watching paint dry. Bring on the prototypes, I want to see the very best our engineering minds can produce thrown into the crucible of racing. The ideas that work will survive to race again next year, and some will show up to drive technology in consumer products (curved motorcycle radiators were exotic works prototype stuff not long ago). TG