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  1. T and J Racing

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    I couldn't agree more, at age 52 and in my 4th year of sailing. The only reason I have a club membership is for organized racing, that's it. The few times I've been able to go to club pot luck events I've spent 3 hours staring out the window at the bay wondering WTF I was inside instead of out on the boat. I've gotten some good information from meetings, but I've gotten way better information from reading, sailing, racing, crewing and talking to people at the slip while working on my boat. As a "new" sailor, I don't see the value in yacht clubs other than organized racing events. Because of my work schedule, I cruise solo anyway.
  2. T and J Racing

    Andy Schwenk

    Andy and Stephanie introduced me to racing 2 years ago. My life hasn't been the same since. Top bloke.
  3. T and J Racing

    San Juan 24 polars?

    I've been racing our SJ24 and trying to work out which headsails work best in various conditions in Bellingham Bay. I've searched online to no avail, has anyone run across polars for the San Juan 24? TIA Troy Gessner S/V Wasabi
  4. T and J Racing

    Hoist by your own...

    Wow. I poop bigger than that. Good on ya.
  5. T and J Racing

    Lost everything

    So you're saying that the owners of the boat in question weren't actually shiftless beggars, and that all the posters on here complaining about how they're dragging society down were factually wrong?
  6. T and J Racing

    Lost everything

    If that were true, you'd also keep the judgment to yourself. You're not, like many others.
  7. T and J Racing

    Lost everything

    And that is what I originally commented on. What qualifies you to make that judgment for everyone else?
  8. T and J Racing

    Lost everything

    Again, how does what those people are doing affect you? Who are you to manage their behavior when they aren't affecting yours? Who are you to judge when it does not affect you?
  9. T and J Racing

    Lost everything

    Fine. You do you. Those people aren't interfering in your life the slightest bit, nor telling you to do things differently.
  10. T and J Racing

    Lost everything

    If that were true, no one here would have a problem with someone asking for help. If you feel that way, simply don't help. If you don't want to work so others can sail, then don't. Why insult those in need of help, or those willing to offer that help?
  11. T and J Racing

    Lost everything

    Reading all these enthusiast forums, here and motorcycle racing, plus hearing my fellow man speak casually the last several years the growing philosophy appears to be "I got mine, fuck you" instead of "hey brother, could you use a hand?" So discouraging.
  12. T and J Racing

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I didn't mean SJ21's in general, I was thinking more of someone looking at this particular example and thinking, "what this boat needs most is new canvas!"
  13. T and J Racing

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    Bravo, sir. I go back regularly to Steve Carell's speech near the end of "The Big Short" were he talks about how fraud and cheating never used to work out long term, but now does. I work in an industry where this is a commonplace philosophy, and it kills a small piece of my soul every year.
  14. T and J Racing

    Second boat advice?

    Great advice. Wasabi is a well-sorted boat. Maybe it's better to wait as you say until I can make a bigger step.
  15. T and J Racing

    Second boat advice?

    To be fair, the next boat I acquire will technically be the third boat, counting the wooden Thistle currently residing in my garage.