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  1. chinzw

    Life Jacket Recommendations

    I've done offshore survival, and we did inflation testing, etc. One of the things we were all very surprised was how buoyant we were with full foulies. There was a ton of air trapped inside our clothing that prevented us from sinking deep enough to trigger an activation. Probably not the same without foulies, but then if you're wearing shorts the water won't be that cold that will cause shock.
  2. chinzw

    Life Jacket Recommendations

    How do you go 6 feet under water? Certainly not with foul weather gear. I couldn't even get submerged a few inches when trying to deploy my HIT pfd.
  3. chinzw


    That's looking great! How many layers did you use to glue the carbon tube to the hull?
  4. chinzw

    Keel joint hairline cracks

    This is wrong. Bolt torque guides don't take into consideration the material being clamped, only the fastener's proof strength. Of course if you're torquing a 1" fastener compressing a 1/8 sheet of glass, it will likely crack. The compression strength of the material being clamped needs to be greater than the fastener's tensile strength to be able to torque it to spec.
  5. chinzw

    Keel joint hairline cracks

    As SloopJonB said, the bolts can "stretch" (plastic deformation) during a grounding.
  6. chinzw

    Waterproofing neoprene glove seams

    Reviving a super old topic, but after a whole season of freezing my hands during winter racing and experimenting i have a setup that works really well (bowman so i need the dexterity). I use a three layer approach, start with thin merino wool gloves, then i put on industrial nitrile gloves (Venom Steel) and the i put on my regular leather sailing gloves. Used this in -5C/-10C and i was never cold, and dry. And if water ever sips in through the cuff, the merino wool will keep you warm. The wool will also wick the sweat of your hands out through the cuff.