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  1. ahab in puget

    PNW Offshore is on (modified)

    sounds good to me.
  2. ahab in puget

    Swiftsure 2021 cancelled

    ^ Santa has been asked for our boat...
  3. ahab in puget

    Swiftsure 2021 cancelled

    I am interested in a 150+ mile race and not in Race Week. I think holding a replacement for Swiftsure on over Memorial Day ´╗┐Weekend would make sense. I will miss hanging out in Victoria but the delivery is much shorter and I do like PT.
  4. ahab in puget

    Swiftsure 2021 cancelled

    the Boss. It is a j35 and we are doing it fully crewed, not the cooler DH action.
  5. ahab in puget

    Swiftsure 2021 cancelled

    This makes it worth a lot for us prep'ing for pac cup. Before 2020 pac cup was canceled, I was getting to the point that I was most likely just going to do a loop up there at some point but if it was a race, more motivation. It would be an interesting short handed race. And as Rainy Day said, not hard to be self self sufficient and there is a lot of room between the two marinas. Would end up being a hybrid cruise, race and qualifier for me. Could be a very fun long weekend.
  6. ahab in puget

    Swiftsure 2021 cancelled

    just make it a feeder for a PT to Neah bay or the like race...
  7. ahab in puget

    Swiftsure 2021 cancelled

    Any discussion of having a WA endpoint for the NW Offshore (formally known as the Oregon Offshore)? Maybe PA or PT? I am assuming that if Swiftsure is canx'ed, Victoria will not be used for the finish. I am all for having some WA to WA race in the place for Swiftsure. I want to get offshore and there are not a lot of races around here that have not included Canada...
  8. ahab in puget

    J35 Anarchist

    There is only one or two days a year you would be sticking to it here in the great pwn. But the rain water might puddle on it from time to time.
  9. ahab in puget

    J35 Anarchist

    ^ white hides a certain type of stain well.
  10. ahab in puget

    J35 Anarchist

    good looking boat. If you want a j35 in the pnw, that one is the the one I would be looking to get. Would not take much work at all to get it water ready, by the looks of things.
  11. ahab in puget

    J105 rudder bearings

    I replaced the lower on my j35 last year. It was feeling a bit rough. It had a couple of flat rollers. Would have lasted some more but it was out of the water. The upper felt factory new. Figure the failure time is a very long time for the upper.
  12. yeah, go T'bird. Sails well in just about all conditions, one design around (esp up in Port Townsend), good handicap boat, and a local legend. As they say, if you can still see the T'bird, you are losing to it.
  13. ahab in puget

    Are all the fastest sails black now?

    As Lego Batman said, "I only build in black or really really dark gray."
  14. ahab in puget

    Masthead kites on Fractional design

    I have crewed on a 40.7 that moved one of the halyards to mast head and ran spins off of that. Worked just fine. Did not see any really bad bending. As stated above, the spar is stout. Just remember that this is free advice on the interwebs...
  15. ahab in puget

    What Rope for Spin Pole Bridle?

    I re did my bridle set up with 5mm sk78 for my j35. Works great. I am going to get on this bungy idea though. Sounds very clever.