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  1. ahab in puget

    Anybody Know The History Of This Farr 39ML?

    another problem with bringing a 39 ML to the PNW is that you will have to race Absolutely boat for boat. Not an easy program to keep up with.
  2. ahab in puget

    Winter Vashon

    Grace E signed up. We have 5 now. Always room for more. Looking like we will have wind.
  3. ahab in puget

    Winter Vashon

    I am on the Boss. What boat are you on with the express out of the water?
  4. ahab in puget

    Winter Vashon

    Anyone looking forward to Winter Vashon this year? 62 boats signed up so far. Just need one more J35 to get a 1D start for them.
  5. ahab in puget

    J35 Anarchist

    Any more J-35s that want to join the fun in Winter Vashon? We have four right now; Great White, Shearwater, Those Guys and the Boss. We just need one more to get a one design start. Something Special, Melange, Altair, Solution, Grace E? Just need one more...