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  1. IwannaBoat

    Discoverer Annapolis 18

    I appreciate all the advice guys! I have been watching the AYC calendar to find an event that will work with my current schedule. Ill make sure to get in touch with him to get started!
  2. IwannaBoat

    Discoverer Annapolis 18

    I do understand that waiting might be the best option, and I have no problem with that. I have been keeping my eye out for the sailing club meets. So far the times conflict with my schedule. I just figured I could start learning on my own time if there was a good boat out there. I'm really surprised you guys didn't recommend this boat. I saw that it was being used as the primary training boat for new sailors. I guess once one is familiar with sailing, there are better boats out there for this type of sailing?
  3. IwannaBoat

    Discoverer Annapolis 18

    Hey guys I believe I found a boat that might actually work. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/boa/d/2000-catalina-capri-1420-mod/6463429613.html From what I have read, this boat does not have positive buoyancy and can sink if filled with water. I found something called a Hobie Cast Mast Flotation to keep the boat from turtling. Will this be sufficient for me or will I need something more? I really do not want to lose a newer boat from the mistakes I will be making. Will this boat suit me well for what I'm looking for? I've read it can be a bit harder for new sailors, but more work/learning doesn't really scare me away from this.
  4. IwannaBoat

    Discoverer Annapolis 18

    I don't intend on starting in the ocean. I was hoping there was something I could start learning on in the lakes for the first year or two. Once I was somewhat comfortable with sailing, I was hoping this same boat would be able to handle some ocean. I also did find those same classes here, I just prefer the idea of putting that money towards a boat. I do understand that classes would greatly accelerate my learning to sail. My plan was to take some free online sailing courses to get familiar and attend sailing club meets they have here for first time sailors.
  5. IwannaBoat

    Discoverer Annapolis 18

    If I understand correctly, your referring to a "flotation" device as something to keep my personal self from drowning (such as a life jacket)? If so, I am considering something more universal as I will also be getting into water sports in the near future. Here's a pic:
  6. IwannaBoat

    Discoverer Annapolis 18

    Thanks for all the helpful information! The boat suggested would better suit what I am really looking for, but the problem is storing something of that size. I live in an HOA regulated area that has been pretty strict in terms of what can be visible behind the fence. Given that, the boat cannot exceed 6 feet max on a trailer. This boat exceeds these height requirements when I looked through specifications. I also currently cannot afford even the cheapest 3rd party storage, but are in my future plans for when I get a bigger boat (and finances) when I'm more experienced. From my understanding, the first boat I inquired is questionable in regards to its condition. If its worth considering, I can inspect it to the best of my ability. I am not familiar with adding flotation and don't mind some work, I just want to make sure it works appropriately. I want to buy the correct boat the first time. If this is something that may not work well for me, I am patient and don't mind waiting for the right one to come along. I expect patience to be an important part of learning to sail.
  7. IwannaBoat

    Discoverer Annapolis 18

    Hello Everyone! I have been looking to get into sailing for quite some time now and would like to get my first sailboat. I have never sailed before but am looking to learn/practice on this boat. Since I don't have much money or space, I was hoping to get a boat that could fit a few adults and be sturdy to take out on the ocean rather than starting with something small like a sunfish. I found one on craigslist, but have no idea if its a good buy or is a good boat. I have searched around a bit and read that it should be sturdy for ocean sailing and holds up well with time? https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/boa/d/sailboat-discoverer-annapolis/6401854656.html So far, I've learned that sails, ropes, and pulleys all need to be in good condition (not sure exactly how to tell) and that a jib is very good to have for sailing. What should I be looking for when I go look at the boat? Again, I am new to this but am excited to learn!