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  1. Dynex Dux vs. New England STS

    locking Brummell splice. It takes me about 15minutes/splice.
  2. Dynex Dux vs. New England STS

    I hooked one end of the spliced setups to my trailer hitch on a small incline the other end to the trailer with the wheels blocked. Trailblazer in neutral than in light gear stretched out a couple inches in 30 ft. I haven't noted any creep since then. 7mm STS. 24' Corsair.
  3. Who is using ToT PHRF?

    NEMA (New England Multihull) uses TOT as well as Off Soundings.
  4. I have both and trying to use a Quatix on an F18 would be an interesting exercise. It works great but takes a free hand, and is very distracting when using.
  5. Dynex Dux vs. New England STS

    I had Dynex Dux for 7 years and made a new set of cap shrouds and forestay for my Tri from New England STS over last winter. I can t detect a difference, and didn't have to retune after stretching them after splicing. When West Marine has a 40% of bulk rope sale, it is very reasonably priced.
  6. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    perfect weather for the GlowBoat team. I sailed double handed with a long time friend, Norm Farr, and we kicked ass in the multihull fleet. I also served a nice Mount Gay and tonic as bartender Friday night, and hope some of you got my extra spiked drinks. Now to fall....... ed
  7. iRegatta - anyone use it, recommendations?

    I have trouble seeing the screen on my iPhone in full sunlight, with sunglasses on, and that has limited the use of iRegatta, even though the features seem cool.

    Interesting tour of the boat. I hope they get her back in one piece.
  9. SUP vs Kayak? (cruising content)

    I sup 100s of miles a year, but it is not a good way to get out to the mooring on GlowBoat. I use a walker bay plastic dinghy for that. Maybe an inflatable, but one person at a time doesn't work. From the Osterville 3Bays race in September from the bridge.
  10. Best Sail Material for sport boat, sailing PHRF

    I have 2 seasons on my paneled Dimension Polyant carbon GPL05 jib made by Glaser sails and have been extremely happy with the shape holding and the durability. If you get carbon, make sure no metal rings are used, only webbing.
  11. 600 Wet Sand

    Hopsail, Yes I do a fresh poli-glow finish every spring, and it lasts all year. Some areas where the mooring scratches shows some tannin stains by the end of the season. I find it easier than compounding/waxing. My tri is a 1999 model but the hull looks new when I launch.
  12. 600 Wet Sand

    I have used poliglow successfully for 5 years. I sand it off with 200 grit and then recoat. way easier than compound/wax and I have no sign of tannin brown waterline, ever. I am amazed at the scratches the mooring makes on the bow, presumably in light wind. Sand it away and start with a fresh layer next year. I don't use the chemical remover at all. I wouldn't use it in the cockpit, too glossy. No recommendation there, except I whiten it up with a clorox/water spray.
  13. Un-Sound Boatworks...

  14. Square top main?

    F24 Mk 2; 5 full battens including the gaff. About a 1.25 m squarehead.