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  1. Slected37

    Atlantic Crossing on a 23' Star Boat

    Well.. not sailing but... two Finnish guys crossed atlantic with 4,3 meter sportsboat (Marino Mustang) in seventies..
  2. Slected37

    Modding Selection37

    Ho, I bought a Selection37 from France last year and sailed (better say shanghaid) her to cold Finland. She didnt actually like the idea of starting a new life in north.. allmost everything inc. motor was renewed during transportation. Really liked how the boat handled in all most every conditions. Smooth and light.. Except sailing straight to heavy waves in northsea.. but thats another story. This boat was introduced&tested in Voiles magazine ten years ago. Well.. my intentions are to mod boat heavily for more suitable to singlehanded sailing. Making cockpit go little further in aft, replacing wc, routing all ropes to skipper, making a proper swimplatform, probably a small extension etc normal stuff. Also most likely to redesigning keel (theres a casting company specialized for keels nearby) to compensate lack of crew ballast and make it little bit more modern. As for now I'm keeping fixed rig as stock. I've googled for pictures, information and stuff for allmost an year now and i think that ive found lots of material considering the boat, but does anyone know more about this old thread about " Goldeneye". Pictures, general information etc. Or if you guys know anyother more modded Selection37 information is more than appreciated. Why Selection37? Cheap, retail price not affected by modifications that much, Cheap, fits perfectly for my needs and baltic sea/finnish archipelago conditons. And did I mention it was a bargain.