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  1. CBGK

    Swede 55

    Swoon. "Trekka" and the gorgeous Endangered Species. Promise I won't drool on her.
  2. CBGK

    Swede 55

    Love the #34. Bravo. The tail chop and the photos for the race win do not look the same. Any how #34 loved to GO GO GO any weather reached high and a joy. Smiles and congrats. Miss that gallant gal.
  3. CBGK

    Swede 55

    Looks cut off from that sexy transom taking out the lazarette to the aft cabin. Beer run boat. Adjusting and sorry for being mean.
  4. CBGK

    Swede 55

    Cutting off your nose to spite your face. Ha! We Used to get strange takes on KYTE for docking and going through the locks. From above and at distance such a narrow gal surely '25. Then for the 55 vs '52 for docking costs, and then put near some crazy massive power boats (docking was often screaming on board and always possibility of us being smashed).. At Bell Harborwe had people step aboard to take pics without permission, and then asked if they could look at the staterooms. and hot tub Another group got into Bell Habor and told us that a brother had a sound cam and "we were dessert to watch." That was kinda scary. She did not look cared for in the last sale pics. Glad she is loved again (?) and getting to do what she was built for. I was spoiled for many other makes because KYTE was exceptional. 2 handed off shore rowdy quartering seas, lots of sail adjusts with reefing at 3AM. Ahhh, miss you lovely lady.
  5. CBGK

    Swede 55

    What happened to the transom? We had put a Sail-0-mat on. Did not work well at all including all the Spectra lines. But that looks sheared off to flat. Curious. And the Spinnaker not the original. Darn. I will get over this lost love.
  6. CBGK

    Swede 55

    She was KYTE #34 and it was A. Saw her once on doc in Alameda, just sold. Cried. It was quite the rowdy down coast in Nov, lots of work (rudder mainly and keel bolts etc.) once in the bay area. Then.... saw the post on that beauty for sale, again. Was with A at the time and a heart wrench. She was glorious and we were out most days on the sound and about as you know. Heard about your new beauty from A. Back in the area and would like to see her.
  7. CBGK

    Swede 55

    Sailed #34 and miss her dearly. We raced and beat Maxis and down the coast 2 handed. Not my choice in November, years ago. She is still in my dreams. True love.