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  1. Where do you work on your boat?

    I'm in Virginia, but down in Charlottesville
  2. Where do you work on your boat?

    Wow. Looks cool. In Virginia (I see boat registration)? If I may ask, how much do you pay for a warehouse?
  3. Where do you work on your boat?

    These are awesome!
  4. Where do you work on your boat?

    Not in a PUD. No HOA. We live out in the "county". Thanks everyone for the great ideas!
  5. Where do you work on your boat?

    Thanks for the advice. Those are nice looking tools! Crash: 4 hours is the round-trip time, but you are right. That's why I want to do it at my home. I will be redoing the mast step and any other areas I find. Fleetwood: Thats the thing I was thinking of. WIll likely need to extend the poles to get more height. Slug: Now that's something I hadn't seen before.I will need to look more into that.
  6. Where do you work on your boat?

    Thanks for the advice. Those are nice looking tools!
  7. I am in the process of buying a 26' sailboat (S2 7.9). It will be on a trailer. The deck will need fiberglass work. I plan on taking on that project. My problem is that I don't have a garage big enough to fit the boat. Where I live is kind of landlocked too (Charlottesville, VA) . I plan on sailing out of a marina about 2 hrs away (which would be the closest boat yard too). I don't really want to commute 4hrs each time I work on the boat, so I am looking for suggestions that I can investigate near home. I was thinking of one of the canvas shelters, but not sure if the complete lack of temperature regulation would be a problem with fiberglass work. I can't afford to build another stickbuilt garage at this time. What do other people do? WHat about renting a large space (garage, warehouse, workshop)? Seems that would be expensive. Any other suggestions? Bart