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  1. sailforbeer

    Carbon cutter No. 2

    overlay is an idiot and has clearly never been on a boat before. Or, overlay, show us a boat somewhere, anywhere, when on a cracked sail tight reach, the forward foot of the headsail does not chafe someplace on either the pulpit or the lifelines. Bob, the boat looks great.
  2. sailforbeer

    Selling a boat - reverse auction?

    A reverse auction for a "left coast dart" was done on these forums in 2012. The boat started at $65,000 and sold for $40,000.
  3. sailforbeer

    Yet another foiler

    for +/- US$18,500, it better be easier to sail than a Waszp and prettier than a UFO! If a UFO is entry-level on price and looks, and a Waszp is more advanced on price and looks, then this is... what? Why not just get a Waszp? And if you don't know how to foil, why not get a UFO? Hard to see what market it is after. It does look cool tho.
  4. sailforbeer

    Emotional support peacock denied flight by United Airlines

    Emotional support... hamster? Flushed down a toilet? This world gets weirder by the day.
  5. sailforbeer

    Oyster Yachts gone bust

    Oyster is going "bust" so that they can reorganize to avoid the liability of the keel fiasco. They will go through a suitable period of ominous press releases, scare their employees, depositors and suppliers to maintain the charade, and re-emerge with a "white knight", who will secretly be the same investment group that owns then now, with some lipstick and subterfuge. You heard it here first.
  6. sailforbeer

    Add one word.

    Fletch Lives Matter
  7. sailforbeer

    Sailors Powerboat

    A sailor's powerboat is a powerboat built by a sailor. Greg Salthouse's take on this is brilliant. I lust after this boat. Outboard motor in a well (runs quietly and efficiently, easy to repair, doesn't take tons of room inside), big open cockpit, comfortable salon with views, and cozy bunks. Not too big, not too small. Not too fast, not too slow. This is the Goldilocks of powerboats. In my opinion.
  8. sailforbeer

    Why the tie?

    nice nav setup!! what boat Slug?
  9. sailforbeer

    CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    happy new year. will this be the year that CATARI splashes and sails?
  10. sailforbeer

    Average American worker productive only 2:53 a day

    To the OP. Let me see if I understand this... You're citing a home video, made clearly from a laptop or some similar device, with poor camera angle and a recently unboxed shower curtain as a partial backdrop, to point out that Americans are unproductive, posted on a sailing website which, almost by definition, we are viewing because we are procrastinating from doing something productive?
  11. sailforbeer

    How long to shit?

    A "must read" archive topic:
  12. sailforbeer

    Clipper Does a Vestas

    Not a word from the Clipper Race organizers yet on what caused this grounding? Or did I miss it? Breakdown of the chain of command on the boat? Malfunctioning gear? They didn't zoom out far enough to see, um, Africa? Or just plain stupidity and there is no way to write a press release on that with any positive spin?
  13. This was a long time ago. We never got to see the table.
  14. sailforbeer

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Can someone explain (yeah right, never mind) why she is wearing a wetsuit? And why, after Ashland crew is aboard, she is capable of climbing the mast to just below the spreader, which, remember, is broken? While clad in a shortie. Maybe there's a force 11 storm a-brewin' at the spreader!
  15. sailforbeer

    FP Americans have not seen the ocean

    Does Brian Hancock have to include, in every fucking piece he writes for the FP, the fact that he sailed a Whitbread? Good for you Brian, but instead of some drivel that talks about, well, mostly, you, and then makes vague statements like... ...maybe you could put down your glass of rosé (spelled with an acute accent mark, btw) and do a fucking internet search? Maybe try this: Google