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  1. Why the tie?

    nice nav setup!! what boat Slug?
  2. CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    happy new year. will this be the year that CATARI splashes and sails?
  3. Average American worker productive only 2:53 a day

    To the OP. Let me see if I understand this... You're citing a home video, made clearly from a laptop or some similar device, with poor camera angle and a recently unboxed shower curtain as a partial backdrop, to point out that Americans are unproductive, posted on a sailing website which, almost by definition, we are viewing because we are procrastinating from doing something productive?
  4. How long to shit?

    A "must read" archive topic: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/1414-dropping-the-kids-off-at-the-pool/
  5. Clipper Does a Vestas

    Not a word from the Clipper Race organizers yet on what caused this grounding? Or did I miss it? Breakdown of the chain of command on the boat? Malfunctioning gear? They didn't zoom out far enough to see, um, Africa? Or just plain stupidity and there is no way to write a press release on that with any positive spin?
  6. This was a long time ago. We never got to see the table. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/18643-epoxy-help-involves-beer/
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Can someone explain (yeah right, never mind) why she is wearing a wetsuit? And why, after Ashland crew is aboard, she is capable of climbing the mast to just below the spreader, which, remember, is broken? While clad in a shortie. Maybe there's a force 11 storm a-brewin' at the spreader!
  8. FP Americans have not seen the ocean

    Does Brian Hancock have to include, in every fucking piece he writes for the FP, the fact that he sailed a Whitbread? Good for you Brian, but instead of some drivel that talks about, well, mostly, you, and then makes vague statements like... ...maybe you could put down your glass of rosé (spelled with an acute accent mark, btw) and do a fucking internet search? Maybe try this: Google
  9. My newest project

    /sarcasm font on/ Bob, the whole fucking horizon is bow down. Easily by .25". Can you adjust the planet's trim ballast too? Thanks; I don't want to fall off.
  10. My newest project

    You really ARE an idiot. Clearly a typo. "Real" boat stuff. Every village needs it's idiot. Congratulations on your appointment to this exalted position.
  11. J112E

    If yo're referring to Davanti Tyre or J/Lance, nope... "The spec included an IRC friendly keel without bulb, Axxon high modulus carbon mast with carbon spreaders, carbon boom and carbon steering wheel." Cite The boat appears to have come from a dealer with that keel, but that is not the production spec for a typical J/112e which offers the normal L keel or a shoal draft keel. It is an "IRC friendly" specification, created by an industry insider. I'd venture there was a quite a bit more than the usual expense associated with a "stock" boat. To be clear, I don't really care; good for them for putting another boat on the water. But that is not a typical J/112e. And it is typical of what is perceived to be the back-room dealings by an IRC friendly guy who has a lot to gain, personally and professionally, if his IRC friendly boat wins races.
  12. J112E

    So someone took a low-volume production J/boat, realized it did not go well under IRC because of the L keel, and built an entirely new keel for it solely for the rating advantage since IRC discourages bulbs and Ts and Ls and/or favors straight keels... IRC, meet hypocrisy: 2.4 IRC discourages unnecessary expense at all levels.
  13. Vineyard Race 2017

    Well the plot thickens... Two boats going into the last event of the season, tied for the Sagalo Trophy. Yes you guessed it! Young American and Gemini! Will either boat do the Gearbuster and break the tie? Or not risk it... Was Gemini out of compliance with her certificate in the Vineyard Race? Where is that missing transom box? Ahh, the intrigue of the season culminates with these cliffhangers!
  14. My newest project

    I can't wait for the sea trial. Actually, no, that will probably go fine and everyone who has a stake in the project will be happy. I can't wait for the comments after the sea trial. One photo of the boat heeling over and it's over! Proa will tell us how it is heeling too much because of the weight of Perry's ego on one side. Pano will do some math saying that the angle of coefficient (whatever that it) is all wrong and way outside the design parameter. Overlay will post that it's because one engine is missing. (Bob, that'll be $2 please. I'm not cohorting, just toadying up to your side. I'll have my Nigerian account manager send you my details for the deposit. Thanks in advance.)
  15. J70, cheating and pros

    I don’t know why there is such a fuss about this. The J/70 class is about to die; in a matter of a few years, it will be populated by club hacks and people will be bitching about it’s PHRF rating. Maybe you didn’t see this, but I received this press release just today. Really exciting stuff and I’m stoked to move on from the pokey J/70. __________ September 12, 2017; Newport, RI: The answer to racing sailor’s dreams is about to start production! Presenting the brand new, totally unique, J/BravoSierra one-design speedster! After introducing the J/105 in 1991, and turning the sailing world upside down by claiming to be the first manufacturer to offer an asymmetrical spinnaker on a retracting J/sprit, and by referring to the boat in sophisticated Euro metric numbers instead of boring imperial feet, the J/marketing team now presents its latest naming scheme, using letters instead of numbers! This revolutionary J/branding totally disguises the fact that we just enlarged our last boat on the photocopier at 107%. And because we are going to use the word “speedster” in every press release and in every paragraph, it’s definitely going to be faster. The new J/BS speedster redefines sailboat racing and shared adventure with friends and paid crew. It fulfills the growing need to simplify payroll and reconnect with those you really can afford to sail with. Strict class crew limits will ensure that no more than four crew are needed, unless there are five, and no more than three can be paid, with the other two or one able to be paid only if certain criteria, carefully enforced, are met. And in an exciting break from tradition, owners need only sit ashore and write checks: no owner-driver rules to prevent this speedster from reaching it’s mediocre performance potential! Imagine a fleet of mundane speedsters sprinting along, with owners enjoying a “dream circuit” of events that tie into regional “classic” races that everyone aspires to buy trophies for. The pros will be salivating in their black Zhik jackets at the prospect of fleecing a new breed of owners. Indeed, each new J/BS comes complete with your choice of crew gear in trendy all black, with lime green accents, or with neon yellow accents. Both colorways will feature absurdly large J/logos, embroidered and screened in many places. In another industry first, instead of being fast and light, the boat will be heavy but will look fast: instead of design development or modern materials, each J/BS will leave the factory with a stock keel and rudder painted orange! This speedster will turn heads on the trailer! Now is the time for the best marketed and most expensive per volume sailboat ever made! The J/BS speedster – the latest one-design class meant to eviscerate the current one-design class (whatever that was). Pure J/BS magic!