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  1. I think this is the first time we've seen the pulpit/pushpit. Was there any consideration to doing those in the satin / sandblasted stainless, instead of polished? Looks great!
  2. First off, respect to the Meridian team. Well done. With regard to the "quick stop" maneuver: having sailed on a planing asymmetric boat, I think I would agree that a quick stop in those conditions would be hazardous to the boat (making MOB recovery much more difficult, obviously, if you've broken something on the boat) and could easily fling someone off. Now having thought about it some, is there any validity to adding to the MOB playbook: If on a fast asym boat, blow the tack line (ensure it has no stopper knot) with an MOB event This would stream the asym back and to leeward, and slow the boat quickly but not suddenly. Helm then turns into the wind to further stop the boat which also helps with the sail take-down. Interested to hear what you all think.
  3. Elan 450. 3 or 4 cabin version (you sacrifice a separate shower stall with the 4 cabin version). Big salon and galley, wide open cockpit with Bimini so kids can play, dive, hang out. Well under budget even after shipping from Europe so you can upgrade sails, equipment and electronics. They are a little on the slow, draggy side with the twin rudder setup. Four cabin version: http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2008/Elan-450-2938702/At-request/Croatia#.WWzTAIjyuUk J/Boats are not ideal for cruising longer than a weekend or in a race-type / camping situation. No storage. Especially on the 112/E.
  4. Could you make a "rack" to flip the sandpiper over on top of the star? Assuming the star trailer axle and tongue could handle the additional load. The rack could be in two halves with rebates cut into it to take the masts in between the boats. The Burb with a 6.5l could handle the towing no problem. Does the Star trailer have brakes?
  5. This was an unintended race organization error, not a competitor error or even a competitor "bending" the rules to their advantage. No sailor should hold anyone else in contempt or in admiration for how they sailed the course. It is what it is. Some competitors read the course and the sailing instructions one way, and sailed it that way. They were correct. Some competitors read the course and the history of the race, and sailed it that way. They were also correct. DQ'ing boats over stuff like this does no good for the sport. Rather this should (and to some degree already has) trigger a conversation about a poorly constructed notice of race and sailing instructions. The RC and OA should let the results stand, but should send a letter to all explaining the ambiguity, while taking responsibility for the ambiguity. And should fix the language for the next event. While the rest of us should stop besmirching one another, and move on. This is a tale to be discussed at the bar, over a friendly drink. Not one to be discussed in a protest room. And certainly not one where someone's reputation should be at risk. Either as an accuser or as an accused.
  6. anyone know who was out taking pictures after the start? yellowish center console as i recall. thanks
  7. This "incident" is so overblown it is mind boggling. It is easy to agree that there were plenty of errors here. By United, by the flight attendants, by airport security, and by the passenger. Share the blame, there's plenty to go around. But this happened ONCE in roughly 895,000,000 times...? Do we really need more regulations? Laws? Hearings? Protests? How about, "shit, that did not go well, let's not do it again" and move on. Over-analysis by all... https://www.rita.dot.gov/bts/press_releases/bts018_16
  8. Those are some interesting TWA numbers for downwind...
  9. maybe if we weren't all such assholes to each other, our sport wouldn't be dying
  10. What nonsense! I was late to class today. Is "bgulari" THE B. Gulari?! The same one that Doug Lord is saying is nonsense?
  11. Zonker: Brent doesn't know what a Code Zero is.
  12. Bob: Exciting? Absolutely! Each little bit, meticulously planned and built. I get it. I love it. This is the best part; all these little bits working together in harmony. Be it on the dock or pounding into a seaway. The attention to detail is impressive. Brent, obviously (!), doesn't get it at all. It is really funny that he thinks Smack is you. I remember Smack's back story. What he has done with his life is admirable. What Brent has done with his life... not so much. Cheers. And thanks for the extra carbon porn.
  13. Bob, I love all the carbon bits. Including the boats themselves! Intelligently conceived and beautifully executed. You should be rightfully proud of your work.
  14. So you are living on the dole, criticizing someone who works for a living? Brent, you're an idiot. You've crossed the line from amusing moron to angry leech. Go away.
  15. Any polars publicly available?