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  1. person9334

    Chartering Minis / Fig IIIs in Europe

    Talon now that I know who you are I agree with Leo, do the transquardra, hell I’d be happy to help deliver your 3200 over to france. There’d be no investment in a new boat, you’d be HIGHLY competitive with a good sail inventory, and you’d basically be prepping your 3200 to do TP or vise versa
  2. person9334

    Chartering Minis / Fig IIIs in Europe

    yeah the fig 3 in France you're going to get your arse handed to you, but you have waaaay more transatlantic racing opportunities, it may even qualify for the race the 3200 was built for the Transquadra. Honestly though, if you are going to race a proto in the mini, get a mini here, and vise versa. Vernon's boat in annapolis would be a fine training platform for a series boat, it just becomes an issue of getting a spot in the mini.
  3. person9334

    Chartering Minis / Fig IIIs in Europe

    The owner of the Annapolis based Figaro 3 chartered a boat for the season in France as well as attending a school over there in preparation for the A2Gr that got canceled. He said it was somewhere around 80k in costs (he provided his own sails) I have no idea if that is just the boat or included flights back and fourth housing, ect. He explicitly mentioned that the school was cheap (~100usd a day), I think it was training with Tanguy Le Glatin in France. He also hired he Sidney Gavignet to come over here and teach him the Fig3 and that was not cheap. If you want to get in touch with the Fig3 owner I'd be happy to help or you can try to reach out to him through Beneteau. I am absolutely in love with the Fig3, fantastic boat, very forgiving at the lower skill levels but tune-able enough and challenging at the top that the IMOCA and Class40 guys are racing and loving them. It is however a horrible light air boat, and at least on the east coast of the US it is difficult to get insurance to race (or even sail) a boat sub 35ft offshore. I've looked heavily and drafted a budget to do the Mini itself but there is a substantial time and money investment difference between finishing and competing. Competing would be 2 year campaign in France and a newer boat (~80-150k), finishing I estimated 1 year sailing the boat in the US with an american based coach (Joe Cooper, Nathalie Criou, Jerome Sammarcelli, ect who know this type of sailing), and then another year of part time investment in France to qualify and see how badly I sail compared to the french Mini sailors. I had planned on getting a 600+ numbered boat ideally a 750+ after I had lots of work and issues with my 400 sereis boat that I (and the new owner) had to fix. Remember that qualifying on a Series/Classe boat is much harder and spots fill up faster than those of prototypes (mostly due to limited availability compared to protos). Also remember that doing a non-european qualifying leg can be tricky, I would suggest something like soloTP, B1-2, or A2B that would allow you to compete and give you a support fleet should something go wrong but you'll need to co-ordinate that with the Mini RC. The Mini NOR is available in English as an FYI, I'd read that ASAP. I can also tell you that Pogo is very responsive via email (I spoke to them recently about the foiler), as is the Mini Classe itself and they are happy to help you (in English) answer any questions you have. I know a new pogo 3 is somewhere around 80K eur, and shipping from france to the east coast (Baltimore) was right around 6Kusd when I was pricing out 888. Another resource to reach out to is Jay who built Speedy Gonzales, you can find him and his wife via their facebook page "The Coconuts sailing Team" they can be slow to respond but have been a great resource, I talked with them about visas and how to sail in France, but this was before COVID. If you are serious about pursuing this I would buy a boat in the US to get an idea of what a mini is like, they handle like dinghies, and don't like big swell, if you aren't used to it and not running 110% all the time a proto will chew you up and spit you out, I had mine up to 23knts, and to give you an idea of the sheer power, I bought used M32 kites for practice sails. My old boat (415) is for sale in FL and has seen a $40k refit, and an incredibly well equipped RG650 is for sale in Annapolis, both of these boats have issues associated with them if you were to try to use them for the transat, but they are both probably capable of doing the race but neither would be competitive. There is a Tiptop for sale in the classifieds here that seemed to have been kitted as a cruising boat, and I'm pretty sure a US built pogo 2 will be on the market very soon. Another thing to note, if you buy a boat and sell it in the US you will take a huge loss, and even then potentially sit on it for years. I hope this helps, I haven't been able to pursue this dream very much further as I either have the money and no time, or time and no money. The year I bought 415 I spent 6 months in the arctic, and came home in the winter so when the opportunity came to sell I jumped on it.... Also link to the Mini listings,
  4. person9334

    North American Mini Fleet

    Towed 415 from NY to Annapolis then annapolis to st. pete’s Fl without issues, applied for permits on my own, its pretty simple in most states. NJ doesn’t want wide loads on the turnpike but we accidentally got on at one point and drove until we could get off, told this to one of the toll agents and they said to just keep going.
  5. person9334

    J/88 for single handed day sailing?

    J/88 here in annapolis "Hornet" The owner and I have double handed her easily on crewed race sails, just need to reduce earlier. The owner has also single handed her a fair bit but not raced as far as I know. He's running a B&G pilot and a SD10 cable ram, makes short handing easy. Think he rigged the boat based on the one that did shot handed transpac or pac cup a few years back.
  6. person9334

    setting up a boat for shorthanded sailing

    agree with trying to rig everything to within arms reach of the tiller, however that will depend entirely on the boat. The minis and the class 40s for example use completely different methods to depower the main, minis the sheet is usually right at the tiller on a lengthy traveller, however many of the class 40s the mainsheet cannot be reached form the tiller and so the boat is depowered with the traveller if driving, keyword, if driving. Many shorthanded races you spend your time doing nav and trimming, adjusting stays ect, and a pilot does almost all the driving. I also hate to say this but the j boat configuration may not be what you should aim for, look at boats like minis or the seascape 27, much easier to handle singlehanded than the likes of a 105 or 80, and the 111s thats nearly the same layout. bug kicker here is the double rudder but nothing you can do about that. For racing a tiller pilot is also essential but you can snag a basic one for $200 on ebay. sheet to tiller just won’t cut it. also an asym is not needed but is easier, the figaro2s raced for a long time of symmetrical sails. This is all a matter of preference in the end, I would go out with another competent sailer try things out, talk to other shorthanded sailors about dousing methods ect, as your boat is probably fine as is as long as you come up with methods for getting jobs done.
  7. person9334

    North American Mini Fleet

    I sold 415 last year to peter fray in st pete’s florida. Boat was refit down there last spring.
  8. person9334

    SunFast 3600

    already sent you a message adrian!
  9. person9334

    SunFast 3600

    Interesting timing on this post, I have been looking at moving up from my SS27 to something I can do some ocean races on. test sailed the 3300 and the italia 9.98, but I’d like something used and somewhere closer to the 36ft mark. I’d rather not bring a boat to the states from europe but the track record of the 10.10 and 10.80 is hard to ignore. I tried to look up some results for the 3600 in conn, anyone raced with/against them or invictus or the newer boats in baltimore, and Houston (this one is confusing as the owner just got the boat a few months ago and its already listed) interested to hear thoughts on the boat.