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  1. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    Grey smog, eyes red and the insides of my nostrils black.
  2. Monsanto is killing you

    Good find..
  3. Absolutely right. What about the luffers flapping about?
  4. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    I was in Delhi a few months back and the pollution was not only very bad but also very visible. News said it was due to neighboring states burning residues in harvested fields but Delhi does contribute a lot and isn't healthy any time of the year. Edit: http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/india/delhi-smog-nasa-pictures-show-heavy-stubble-burning-but-is-it-really-the-villain-here-2432579.html
  5. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    Or maybe it was due to to the cancellation of over 200 coal block allocations by the Supreme Court of India in September 2014. https://scroll.in/article/835288/stumbling-blocks-centre-does-not-have-much-to-show-for-its-coal-block-allocations @Saorsa Your data is old, Indias production surpasses local demand and solar is still cheaper.... the problem with Indian coal is that its mainly lignite and bituminous (more pollution) and a lot of plants are made to run on better quality coal that it imports mainly from Australia. https://energy.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/coal/centre-searching-for-new-domestic-coal-consumers/58189255
  6. Many Trump supporters are skimmed milk from skinny cow types, there are quite a few of the racist/bigot persuasion and then there are those who have been indoctrinated usually as children usually using religion to believe by faith alone. Everything is black and white, their beliefs are right and they fight the evidence in front of their eyes. Anything contradictory is a trick/temptation to overcome and proselytizing for some is a way to save sinners like @Bus Driver @benwynn @Ed Lada @Ishmael who are already damned to hell. It isn't cheery picking, the filter does the job subconsciously. Understand and sympathize, don't "mock" the poor broken child.
  7. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    WTF is your occupation or is it just decoration?
  8. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    Well they have the money to buy space in "Trump" branded towers and access to Trump Jr, maybe enough to influence daddy to help make India great again for them too. Jr tends to crop up as a middleman, I recall something with Russians and emails...
  9. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    Indians are buying access to Trump Jn to help Make It Great Again
  10. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    How about $1500 for a system designed to deliver 1kWH per day @ 4PSH + installation of course which I think you got tourist rates for
  11. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    I wonder where that money is going? Dated I know but as an example it'll do... Attack and heavy-lift helicopters: In 2015, India ordered $3.1 billion worth of 22 Boeing AH-64E Apache Longbow attack helicopters and 15 Chinook heavy-lift choppers. The deliveries are likely to begin in 2019. Boeing beat off competition from Russia, which had offered its Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter gunship and the Mi-26 heavy-lift choppers to the IAF. The Chinooks will plug a crucial gap in the IAF’s heavy-lift capabilities as it currently relies on a solitary Mi-26 chopper to carry payloads to high altitudes. The IAF also urgently requires new attack helicopters. http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/shelling-out-on-defence-7-weapon-systems-india-is-buying-to-build-its-military-muscle/story-ZJ3QAoMfncQeeXivd8UutO.html
  12. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    In 2017 India received 92 million from US 1 and India gave Bhutan 860 million in 2016 2 and 581 million in 2017 3 . India's aid to other countries is more than it receives 4. Most aid received from US goes to NGOs, the government received about 736K . How much does Trumps weekend golf cost? Call it the cost of doing business. 1- https://explorer.usaid.gov/cd/IND?fiscal_year=2017&measure=Disbursements 2- http://www.indiabudget.gov.in/ub2017-18/eb/sbe28.pdf 3- http://www.indiabudget.gov.in/ub2016-17/eb/sbe28.pdf 4- http://mea.gov.in/lok-sabha.htm?dtl/28197/QUESTION+NO3245+FOREIGN+AID 2, 3 and 4 are from the government of India so...
  13. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    You are thinking small...think os small and medium sized businesses getting these offers.. Solar plants for all types of business are avaliable with no initial investment. Buy the electricity at a discounted price till you pay off the agreed cost, no costs of running or upgrading. On site and offsite. 10-15 yrs of nearly free electricity once paid off. Whats not to like? https://www.google.co.in/search?client=ms-android-samsung&source=android-browser&dcr=0&ei=GpJjWsiYMcbdvATM0oDYBA&sjs=3&q=zero+investment+solar+plant+india&oq=zero+investment+solar+plant+india&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.12...
  14. India cancels 150 coal power stations

    Did I mention the price is already cheaper? https://amp.theguardian.com/environment/2017/may/10/indian-solar-power-prices-hit-record-low-undercutting-fossil-fuels
  15. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    Trump is running the country like a reality show he knows there's got to be drama. He has to supply his base with their fix and talking points they can truly believe unlike the fake news. Reality is irrelevant, the show must go on or the curtains fall.