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  1. Posts as rewards as Biden in a bid for reconciliation and "togetherness" will be loathe to trigger the political outrage it'll generate on the right. Somebody has been advising trump, a lot of traps are being setup for the incoming administration apart from the investigation into the incoming POTUS by a special counsel that has already begun.
  2. VhmSays

    Durham update...

    He doesn't work for trump he works for the GOP. The new AG should start an investigation into the origins of this one.
  3. VhmSays

    Did Bill Barr just commit political suicide?

    I clicked on that link, its like a bizarre alternate reality. I strongly suggest all who voted/supported Biden to take a trip and see the world the trump voter lives in, a world where the timing of the vote count published in NYT is extrapolated to the voting machines themselves and presented to the court as evidence of election fraud (Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia) and there are "hammer and scorecard" cyber attacks (Dennis Montgomery - a guy who has made millions from the US government by peddling conspiracies to conservatives who then gave him taxpayer money to prove them*). These "alternative facts" are given credence by a large majority of Republicans so dip in your toes and go visit the kennel. * never managed to BTW and the conned (Joe Arpaio being one) eventually caught on
  4. VhmSays


    See how easy it is.
  5. VhmSays


    He might have taped the call but have you heard it or are you willing to take the word of a guy known for selectively editing and misrepresentation of facts?
  6. VhmSays


    Do let us know when the full recording without cuts is released. BTW did you notice the comments are full of bots praising the guy?
  7. VhmSays


    Hopefully time proves you right.
  8. VhmSays


    90% + approval and Facebook is all he needs to stay relevant and a pita. There will be enough R seniors and wannabes using his endorsement and flag to keep him relevant to the part of the country that voted for him, approves of him and thinks there was a lot of fraud this election.
  9. VhmSays


    Nah, fatty shit floats, so does the undigested part of meals after beans. Milky stuff and some types of fruits cause that too as do a host of diseases and disorders of the gallbladder, pancreas and intestines.
  10. VhmSays


    Hope you are right but he has 74 million ready to vote for him and enough leverage in red districts to swing votes to favored candidates. His approval amongst Rs is quite high 90%+ don't discount him based on the media you consume. The media bubbles in the US and on social platforms are really exclusionary.
  11. VhmSays


    Fines at the most which the GOP and campaign donations will take care of after a lot of litigation and screams of witch hunt which will be believed be nearly half the country. Another set of grievances, sense of unfairness, of being targeted to tear the US further.
  12. VhmSays


    Not happening. Biden has already hinted he's going to leave trump alone and for the "good" of the country, to maintain its "reputation" and keep up the appearances all the cases against him will wind up at the most with fines. No prison time. He will be fleecing donors and playing kingmaker for the rest of his life.
  13. VhmSays

    The Sidney Powell joke continues.....

    They can't spell but can and do plant the seeds for conspiracy. The faithful in their RW bubble will never hear of the mistakes and will believe.
  14. VhmSays


    You believe trump is going to go away? He's got the GOP by its balls and will be running a continuous campaign to denigrate Biden and interfere anyway he can. He will keep himself in the news by upping his antics and the R politicians will still bend over backwards to accommodate him or they will get primaried or lose safe seats. Opposition to him will be required and if a group of Rs are helping and ready to fight the way he likes to they are more then welcome to. Opposition to Biden's nominees has already started, though eminently qualified she tweeted "nasty" things about trump. Do remember trump has the majority of Rs still backing him and thats true about their leaders too, he is their de facto king and this whole undermining of the elections was just a primer for whats to come.
  15. VhmSays

    Mid-Night Train To Georgia

    Its no use voting the demonRats are going to cheat and win anyway, why go to the trouble of getting in line to vote. It'll be better to make a statement and not vote at all, let it be all D votes.