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    Just waiting for the wingers to make excuses for this while baying for the blood of those who take a knee. You see racism doesn't really exist.
  2. VhmSays

    Let the indoctrination begin

    Germ theory denialism has similar arguments, go figure. 99 surgeons recommend surgery but there's 1 who thinks it's just due to your spine being out of alignment and recommends a chiropractionar or homeopathy or standing on your head till the hernia learns it's natural location what do you do? Base policies on what the majority of the people who have spent their lives studying that subject tell us. Stop arguing about the grammar of a language you can neither read nor speak. "A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything." Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. VhmSays

    Let the indoctrination begin

    Steady? Look at the last 50 years, anything like that in the preceding 22000 years? https://xkcd.com/1732/
  4. VhmSays

    Drip Drip Drip

    Yup 33:17 it is.
  5. VhmSays

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Replacing the nation’s motto with his campaign slogan didn't go down too well. After The New York Times inquired about the coins, agency personnel abruptly canceled plans for a coin featuring the president’s signature Trump Tower in Manhattan and his golf course in Bedminster, N.J But the one featuring Mar-a-lago.... Anyone got one of these?
  6. VhmSays

    The Wall

    Why? He old enough and at the fuck you stage in life wrt time, money & power. There's not much growth opportunity and anyway he's going to die soon so why play games that hurt his country, he has got to believe that what he is doing is the right thing otherwise he's just an evil old bastard...
  7. Said the ant to a swarm of locust.
  8. Mueller will not bring dishonor to the US or its institutions by insinuating that the POTUS is a traitor or that the elections are easily manipulated, that half of the country was conned and their representatives knowingly kept them fooled, he is not even interviewing the POTUS cause then he'll have to deal with the lies. The public report will be about those in Trump's orbit who sought to personally profit off the campaign and presidency, not about Trump. There may be another for eyes only report but nothing much will change, the Rs were warned before the elections and ignored it, as long as the base supports him they will too. If there is solid proof of malfeasance he will die of natural causes before he runs for office again but nothing is going to bring into question the will of the American people. EDIT: Obstruction is a decent charge to bring as Trump can claim he was being loyal and trying to protect a man he thought was honourable. The Rs will give him a mulligan on that, not being a politician and knowing the rules and all that.
  9. VhmSays

    Trump vs Property Rights

    30% of the voting public... mostly uneducated, white and over 65, a dying breed.
  10. VhmSays

    Trump vs Property Rights

    He was also elected to " Lock her up"
  11. VhmSays

    A wheel works and a wall works. Did you know that?

    Wouldn't killer robots with lasers be more cost effective? The military can test out their latest weapons and secure the border.
  12. VhmSays

    A wheel works and a wall works. Did you know that?

    You saying these will be operating inside US borders bombing civilians (hard to ID illegals vs vigilante groups from that height)
  13. Not just correct but assert executive privilege over parts that involve the president. @Dogare you nodding in agreement with Rudy?
  14. For use with hinged and unhinged assholes...
  15. VhmSays

    tRump to LIE , live on National TV

    What's that saying about birds and feathers?