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  1. US bureaucracy resembles China a lot.
  2. Bad's thread on the whistleblower shows US going down Chinas path, hiding mistakes instead of taking prompt corrective action and getting rid of those who point out those errors instead of rewarding them and fixing it.
  3. VhmSays

    Modi's Revenge

    Whats humorous about it? Its pretty eloquent, very Obama.
  4. VhmSays

    Modi's Revenge

    Should be available at stormfront.
  5. VhmSays

    Full-on Dictator stuff

    Thankfully. Lets discuss this again when a sensitive Trump case winds up at the SCOTUS and the DOJ moves for recusal of certain Judges, Fox and the RWM starts smearing those judges and investigation into their families and finances are opened in dependant countries with juicy details leaked to the press. One or more of the above are likely and yet you still support him.
  6. VhmSays

    Full-on Dictator stuff

    When the POTUS via an official statement states a thing "should" be it is a demand to his subordinates* to get it done. Edit: the sycophants he has placed in power.
  7. VhmSays

    Modi's Revenge

    Understandably viral in India, language skills required so I'll help translate. Donald really messed up a lot of his pronunciation in India for example the pronunciation of Swami Vivekananda ( pronounced "we wake ah nand") and so Modi called on India to give him some dick. Dho (give/2) as in though and Lund (penis) as in London without the un at the end in hindi sounds exactly like "give him some dick" VID-20200225-WA0001.mp4 Could also be taken as 2 dick but the inflection says give him some.
  8. VhmSays

    Full-on Dictator stuff

    He did not demand that the Stone's sentence be changed either just tweeted his opinion on it. The DOJ which has stated in court that the POTUS tweets are official policy statements then changed their sentencing recommendation causing the case prosecutors to resign. He is the POTUS and has sycophants in positions of power. That you and many others disregard that and brush of his tweets as just another B rate celebrity tweeting is disingenuous.
  9. VhmSays

    Understanding Bernie

    Most americans keep their new cars for 7 to 8 years and then trade in for a new one. Average cost of a new car in the US is about 35k. Add in all the paper and running costs it adds up. There are some really good deals out there especially when your credit rating is good and you have enough to buy outright but again most Americans aren't in that situation and while its easy for us to say go for a cheaper vehicle or a preowned one thats not what happens. Americans are now used to living in debt and have negligible savings, the majority have to borrow against future income to spend an unexpected 1k, many are bad at maths and do not understand credit charges and percentages. These people do not get the deals you do, they do not even get to see them while browsing but they do get loans and keeping up with the Jones is american as well anything. "If there's no bread they should just eat cake."
  10. VhmSays

    Full-on Dictator stuff

    Remember the tweets are "official statements of the President of the United States" and so considered by the DOJ not just his personal opinions.
  11. VhmSays

    Understanding Bernie

    A lot of it is finance costs and a shift to SUVs. Along with finance the fuel, maintenance, registration and taxes all add up especially in a bigger vehicle. Your math is buy the truck, keep it parked and give it away 20 years later no running costs at all. https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2019/09/that-new-car-you-want-will-be-more-expensive-than-ever/?sfns=mo
  12. Have you any idea of trumps social and online media activities? His team thrives on sowing discord, division and hatred. It is done by groups and accounts that have no overt political affiliations but are funded and managed by trumps online media campaign team. Highly targeted ads with outright lies, fake groups stroking fear and hatred. Independent bloggers/accounts that are coordinated from a central office. Please do go see what is in the public domain (Facebook keeps an archive of all ads) Trump has weaponized the net and is gleefully shredding the fabric of America.
  13. VhmSays

    Russia Helping Bernie?

    Maybe this had something to do with it? DNI was replaced and of course now its Bernie thats getting the help.
  14. @A guy in the Chesapeakeso far it seems no one really cares about election meddling, the Rs because its helping them the Ds because they can't do anything without solid proof which is not likely to be easily available or maybe they have their own help from the countries trump has hurt? The guys who are in the know and access to information ordinary mortals don't had this to say in private maybe jokingly... McCarthy said: “There’s …there’s two people, I think, Putin pays Rohrabacher and Trump ... swear to God.” Paul Ryan immediately responded: “This is an off-the-record … NO LEAKS … alright?!” Remember the time invaders were at the border and military had to be sent to guard it. What happened after votes were cast? Trump does not have a problem using the apparatus of the US including its armed forces to win votes, all funded by YOU. Its only people who have problems with the deeds noted by @Mike Gand @Nice!who keep bringing it up. Those in power who oppose it just do not have the capability to do anything about it or maybe they are busy getting "sponsored." I would really like your views on the stuff above, and if you have time go through the stuff below which I think is something that if not tackled leads to dystopia. Once upon a time it was tv and the papers that gave you your window to the world and shaped your veiw along with the people you interacted with and the truth kind of mattered. Nowdays it's social media which is rapidly replacing physical interactions for more rewarding interactions online with like minded people who share your views and passions. The confidence boost with a large backing helps people come out IRL and when there are organized meets and rallies the movement and meme grows. Just look at the flatearthers. Have look at how it has been used in the last few years by the US politicos and other countries, a long read but worth it even though its a left leaning rag... https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/03/the-2020-disinformation-war/605530/
  15. VhmSays

    Anyone we know?

    That guy is clever, he knows if he makes news and gets Trump's or his supporters attention he will get the transplant he needs and till then free dialysis and later on maybe even a medal. It was definitely planned and he would have kept escalating it ( handheld picture > small hand held cutout > lifesize cutout > ? lifesize Trump with Jesus) till the hospital said no and he could make the news. Follow the story of a dying man devoted to trump getting saved by trumps intervention.