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  1. Tubes

    Playing with my 49er - what to do

    I, personally, would LOVE to see what an I14 designed by Julian would look like in 2020. Bonus points to see how his rig would compare to current conventions. But that might be too far of a thread drift...
  2. I can definitely see a use for this. Just like the ronstan or bluewave calibrated turnbuckles but using simple turnbuckles. Plus the stud should make turning the turnbuckles easier. I'd appreciate a link!
  3. Tubes

    pics: TF10, 2019 Vallejo Race

    The guy who mentioned ultrasounds of the beams has retracted that statement. Do you have a personal account of that being the case, or you can prove that there are voids present in the beams?
  4. Tubes

    Playing with my 49er - what to do

    How would hiking on a 49er hull with beams and a 29er rig compare to a B14 in terms of Righting moment? Can't be too tough to add some hiking straps. I'd imagine two sailors hiking off a 49er wing would be similar in RM to a 29erXX.
  5. Tubes

    29er kite hoist system new

    You want the trap wires to sink in the case of a capsize or inversion, not remain on the surface where the occupants are more likely to get caught.
  6. If it has been sitting like that for any serious amount of time, with the inspection ports open, in upstate Vermont, I'd be concerned about the hull structure. There also might be some serious water weight in that hull.
  7. Tubes

    Android Tablet Racing Software

    At this point would it not be more cost effective to a multifunction device, a la Sailmon MAX/Vakaros Atlas? i believe they both have the ability to download data, and Sailmon integrates to their app. Unless it is specifically weather you're after, then Expedition on a windows tablet is the way to go.
  8. Tubes

    Looking for used Laser hardware

    If you're not concerned with class legality, I'd make my own cascade vang. The race rigging vang is a step up from stock, but its not exactly a great set of blocks or rigging for the price.
  9. Tubes

    Looking for used Laser hardware

    This guy is selling the Allen vang for more than the Harken one costs new from LP... Without lines...
  10. IIRC regions of New Zealand have (or at least had) a PHRF rating system, but the database for results was MASSIVE and the ratings would change very often in comparison to US PHRF values. I think the most accurate rating system is the one that adapts ratings to have fair racing in a timely manner.
  11. Tubes

    49er - new style mast

    From my understanding, the metal in the 14 masts is just aluminum isolated from the carbon with fiberglass. Idk about the long term maintenence involved with that, or how the rigs will carry similar bend and weight properties to the other 49er rigs. Interesting to have such a different construction than the southern rigs.
  12. Tubes

    Kevlar in my wetsuit

    I can say with confidence: Those pants work. Just don't expect to wear them again after they've served their purpose...
  13. Tubes


    Has anyone had any serious time with MAX yet? Looking to get one, but is it worth the nearly $300 jump in price from the new Velocitek? Anyone willing to give a review of the product having used it for a while?
  14. Tubes

    Great idea for traps and hiking

    Sorry that was more pointed at the guys who are saying that Moths already have this. I was pointing out that this one in particular has been around for a while.
  15. Tubes

    Great idea for traps and hiking

    This over 10 years old, probably some insperation for the moths in there. Here is a similar idea with different execution on a Moth via Sailmon's instagram: