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  1. Does anyone have experiences with the Ellipse2-D sensor from SBG-Systems? With very accurate heading and position it is maybe a much cheaper alternative to a quadrans? You know other options to get accurate heading data?
  2. Which speed/wind/compass/GPS you can recommend for a 50 feet Racing Sailboat? Speed: Does it make sense to combine an ultrasonic sensor for low speeds with a paddlewheel sensor for high speeds? e.g. Airmar DX900 + Signet 2536 Wind: B&G VMHU 1450mm - is there another option? Compass/Gyro: Precision 9 vs. Quadrans? Are there some others in between this enormous price range? What do you think about Ellipse2? GPS: Which GNSS receiver with exact data especially at low speeds you can recommend? I'm curious about your answers!
  3. Miglu

    B&G H5000 Hercules vs. WTP3

    Thanks for your very interesting answers! With your input, I think that the best option for me is to choose the Hercules with good sensors like the SBG Ellipse2. Do you know a better alternative to the H5000? Do you have any experiences with the Faro or the Bravo4 processor? For me the optimal solution would be a system with the possibilities and data quality of the WTP3 together with the configuration and calibration via Webinterface (like the Hercules).
  4. What are the exact differences between the B&G H5000 Hercules and the WTP3? What are the real advantages of the WTP3? Does the Hercules calculate leeway and upwash? Is there a difference between Hercules and WTP3 in the elimination of boat motion? I want to install one of these 2 systems in my 50 feet Racing Yacht for Coastal Races. What do you think is the better option? Many thanks for your help! Best regards, miglu