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  1. Frogman56

    Staysail on Archambault A31

    Will work fine with more than 8 knots apparent.
  2. Frogman56

    Fast affordable dinghy for 2

    Cmon guys, the 420/470 idea is slower than dogshit. Just too far up the curve is I14, which in below 14 knots is cool with 110 kg/240 lbs. Save that one. Only two good boats really, though very different. a) 505 b) Taser IMO, in your not so windy location, you and your trapezing mum will gets lotsa fun from the 505. Just need beach/beach trolley onto the trailer?
  3. Frogman56


    Bill E is on the money for elapsed. But as the goat, was he the fucker or the fuckee?
  4. Frogman56

    the greatest

    Surely the Myth of Malham type has a claim......excellent pre ior medium displacement with lightweight structure. Farr must get credit for the first Cat 1 all rounder that planed. By comparison, easy to make a downwind oriented sled.
  5. Frogman56

    ........ to Noumea

    Evidently the swell model was suggesting 6m + from around 135 axis, with probably 40 tws out on the shelf, eac around 2 knots all equals ugly. So good early call from the cyc and pro. New start time 0900 Sunday.
  6. Frogman56

    Chiles vs Hancock on what is an "Open Boat"

    Hmmm...... old OZ skiff rule definition: "..shall be an open boat where water has free access to all the boats limbers"
  7. Frogman56

    The Future of One Design

    Yup. The manufacturer does want the class to suceed. But then... a mate of a mate of the production 2ic gets a special that comes off the line late Friday. So then the mate is suddenly closer to the front of the fleet. And the mate tells his mate. So the mate of the mate of the mate coughs an extra 200 folding and gets a slightly better special...... repeat, repeat. And about 2 years later the OD is essentially rooted.
  8. Frogman56

    The Future of One Design

    In theory yes, but the builders are usually first to go into the grey zone, difficult for the ca to police, and then often progress to outright illegality
  9. Frogman56

    Smart/Not Smart - booms above centerline

    Oops....deflected earlier
  10. Frogman56

    Smart/Not Smart - booms above centerline

    .... and because the onset flow gets deflected ore, the jib can be deeper as well, i.e. higher lift, so the longitudinal ce goes forward again.
  11. Frogman56

    Smart/Not Smart - booms above centerline

    Yup, Jumbo jet at takeoff....
  12. Frogman56

    Smart/Not Smart - booms above centerline

    Has been feature for a couple of decades as yacht design refines. In summary, below max heel and short of max efficient rudder angle, the boom above cl with plenty of twist has better lift/drag for the sails and the hull. Really summarised, in say 8 tws, with the 1/4 height main leech on the cl, the positive effects are: 1. Improved flow over the jib 2. Greater sideforce, because the total apparent wind deflection over the rig is increased. 3. The additional twist improves the l/d ratio, probably (mostly) because the tip vortex is reduced 4. Helm is up, with rudder angle towards optimum, (say 3 degrees) so leeway is reduced, reducing hull drag from crossflow. The slot is fairly irrelevant.
  13. Frogman56

    The Future of One Design

    All valid points, but when the integrity of the od is compromised, what do have left? Not very much! And this is the situation now of the Laser, F40, Etchell, to name a few.
  14. Frogman56

    The Future of One Design

    Another issue, which has corrupted most od keelboats (including j24, etchell and Farr 40) is when a licensed builder goes feral, or where bits get modded...think foils in the etchell and f40. Major championships in the above 3 classes have all been 'won' by non-compliant boats. In Melges also! So it is a tough problem, even with strong class organizations. And i guess even the Laser has failed at the basic level of controlling as a true 'no equipment advantage' od. Which tells us, perhaps like a cherub or I14, simple measurement rules might work better for everyone over time?