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  1. Frogman56

    yellow fever

    Big guess from far away: Fatigue standing rigging failure driven by harmonics? Saw similar on a boat with composite rigging in Melbourne.
  2. Frogman56

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Jack, Can you explain this in simplified terms to Ms. Palaszczuk and her colleagues? That would be of great assistance.
  3. Frogman56

    The Swedish Experiment

    RobG, Not sure that there is much trivialising going on. Just that the opportunity costs of addressing covid in OZ might be somewhere around $100 bn. Applied differently, that is an awful lot of preventative and public healthcare.
  4. Frogman56

    The Swedish Experiment

    Ease,, That small scale outbreak might be how it is for some time.
  5. Frogman56

    The Swedish Experiment

    Ncik, Think about it. Localised small pockets might be the new normal with good management. Trying to achieve zero is a pointless, head in the sand jobby.
  6. Frogman56

    The Swedish Experiment

    Unfortunately Terry, not correct. There may be no active cases, but the virus lives on.
  7. Frogman56

    The Swedish Experiment

    Two exhibits: Headlines from NZ.. Virus Eliminated...Oops! And inferentially... Queensland Premier and Chief Health officer
  8. Frogman56

    The Swedish Experiment

    Perspective from OZ... As of of 22 June, the lucky country is a way down the unlocking pathway, plus/minus some stupidity from a couple of state premiers. The big numbers in round figures are: Percentage of population exposed: Estimate 0.4 percent, so about 100,000 Total recognised cases: 7,500 Deaths: 100 Currently in icu: 2 Deaths of healthy persons under 60: zero For some perspective, the excess mortality from the two month bushfire episode over xmas was around 600! Certain politicians seem to have a great deal of difficulty with the idea that elimination is impossible, and that we are in for the long haul of suppression and management. The international borders will reopen very slowly, but at least the PM and most of the Federal body politic are disposed toward that.
  9. Frogman56

    Has anybody started fully crewed racing yet?

    Fully crewed cyca winter racing has resumed in Sydney...
  10. Frogman56

    2020 JJ Giltinan 14-22 March

    Last two races today.... So a full series, but shorter format races. Wind today less than yesterday, probably around 12 knots nne.
  11. Dunno? Could have range and other issues?
  12. Tricky balance between too much information and not enough, imo. With lots of crew changes nowadays as well.. A look at the marks is a good idea too, but sometimes they are not laid until very near start time.
  13. Frogman56

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Will no doubt be very thoroughly checked, but the reduction in deck length probably only a cm or so, as all the rig load disappeared very quickly. For the rest of the structure, probably within normal limits. In a longitudinal beam sense, these boats are actually quite bendy, except for the Comanche!
  14. Using three marks spaced at one minute sailing vmg, you can get 1 minute increments on a 3x3 matrix, so 9 minutes max spread. The crews mostly hate it, but the club and sponsors appreciate it. With the boats now semi one design, 9 mins is ok, on race time around 80 mins. For sprints, handicaps adjusted proportionately.
  15. Frogman56

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Guys, The deck and ringframe issues on the woxi likely a byproduct of the mast compression failure..telescoped 1m below the deck. Word is 2 weeks to fix the hull and Southern all over new 4m piece of mast and sleeve! Back in water 1 December?