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  1. Melges 30 converted to Melges 32

    We own one of the remaining “unturboed” Melges 30s. Crazy fun. We double hand and can plane in 12 knots of breeze. You definitely need to pack on the rail meat to compete upwind in a breeze. The 30 was built in USA, 32 was not. Same hull shape different rudder bearings, 32 has taller mast, 30 has overlapping headsails, 30 has articulating carbon sprit, 32 does not, 30 has 2 cabin top winches, 32 has 1, 30 has runners and checks, 32 does not. Regarding the keels, our sistership, a turboed 30 raced to Hawai‘i in heavy air. She also hit 23+ knots on SF Bay. We race in 30 plus on SF Bay and don’t sweat anything. These are well built 3,700 pound 32 foot boats. Melges 30 and 32 both super cool boats. You can’t go wrong. As far as 1 design goes, its only 1 design if you can match check books etc... Buy the fastest boat you can afford and have fun.