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    i touch myself

    OOO, Its simple. If you are seeking flawless, good luck to you. Honestly, my advice to any woman who thinks she has met a flawless man or any man who thinks they have met a flawless woman is.... ........Run a Mile! Can you imagine trying to live with flawless? Some societal changes have made life more difficult for my husband. Saturday Night Live has now made it impossible for him to say "I like Beer"....which puts my husband in a very tough spot. But I am sure he will survive and press on with life somehow. He has flaws and I have flaws. He lucked out with me because he can spend as much time sailing as he likes. I have long ago accepted the money he lavishes on the other woman in his life (a vintage air cooled Porsche). I like all of his beer drinking sailing and car owning buddies and they like me. He will occasionally acknowledge a misdeed and offer to sleep on the couch (men always seem to joke about sleeping on the couch and I think half of him wants to tell his buddies that he ended up on the couch) but I have always declined the offer. Because every morning when he makes the coffee, I am waking up with the man who loves me. I know that sounds trite in this day and age....but you get to an age and a length of time together when you just acknowledge that you are lucky. I met my husband through sailing. So sailing has been good to me in more ways than one.

    i touch myself

    My husband is an older white guy. He hugs the girls on the boat when they arrive and he greets all of his women friends at the yacht club with a hug. He has a coterie of male pals that like to stay up late and drink whisky and talk about cars they cannot afford. They tell bad jokes when they think I am out of hearing. He looks sheepish when he realizes that I heard them. In short he is your typical flawed sailing male of the species and I still love him to bits. (blush!!) Nobody is ever going to accuse him of sexual misconduct because there has only ever been one woman for him and because his respect for women is self evident . The point I think we are making is that it really is okay to be a man, but most good men know where the line is. I have had three good things happen to me in my life. One of them is sailing. I wish that more women could get the same life enriching experience from sailing as I have had. For better or worse, I would not trade it for anything.

    i touch myself

    Hi Ajax, Not looking for a fight. I had wrote a longer post but then shortened it. I was actually just trying to point out that your explanation for why you are leaving sailboat racing might be misinterpreted. In all honesty, at first read it comes across as you are quitting sailing because you are worried about being accused of sexual assault and that people have told you that you are creepy. I am sure you did not mean top sound like that....but it did read a bit like that. I tried to highlight why you might want to rethink your wording and reasons for stopping sailing. People who love sailing and treat those who sail with them in a friendly and courteous way don't generally quit a sport they love because they are worried about being accused of sexual misconduct. On the other hand people, who have given all their spare time to volunteering, and are generally fed up with a lack of gratitude and a lack of other people picking up the reins, reach an age where enough is enough. Its been my experience that men who would never contemplate inappropriate behaviour towards women, do not worry about being accused of sexual misconduct.

    i touch myself

    Kinda weird public post Ajax.

    i touch myself

    As you doubtless know, women are merciless, competitive, highly focused and generally in better relative physical shape for our age than men. We are often accused of being emotionally intense. I disagree that primal banter makes for success on the race course. As you point out the competitive demands of sailing doesnt appeal to many male sailors....and so if you really want to win you should have women on board. Yet so many teams still lack that critical ingredient for success.!

    i touch myself

    Good number of women skydive. Lots of young women sail......but sailing could do a LOT to be more female friendly so that we stay in the sport..

    i touch myself

    Sadly that is both true and pathetic.

    i touch myself

    Australian actress and musician. She was battling MS and then got breast cancer layered on top of that. She remained upbeat throughout. After she died the breast cancer awareness campaign "I touch myself" remains. She got dealt tough cards but she played them right. Her life is far more inspiring to women than diatribes about middle aged sailmakers. If someone is being obnoxious on the boat or at the dinner table...call them out. The humiliation of being told to stop being a dirty old man in front of other sailors often has a salutatory effect. If that doesnt work.....tell the skipper in front of your fellow crew members that he has to go. 9/10 times the men on the boat will support their long time women crew.

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Terry Hutch and Dean Barker must be relieved not to see these teams in the AC. Now they have a decent shot at 4th.

    Front Page - scotw

    I speak as a woman sailor. The original photo on the FP does not help the cause for women in sailing , but in all honesty it doesnt really hurt the cause for women in sailing. It says far more about the minority of men who felt titillated by such a silly shot than it does about women who sail or most men who sail. We already know that a certain small proportion of the male population never turned 13. It is not new news. Its a shame that the testosterone levels of the editor of the best website of sailing never got in balance but that is not new news either. You dont have to go much further than his facebook page to see that. What bothers me more and offends much more is some of the images and comments posted on the subsequent forum. It started as a vigorous discussion about the images that sailing portrays to women sailors, with strong opinions on both sides. I think both men and women sailors could have chimed in ...but then the usual small minority showed up and the thread turned just plain offensive. I could give the editor a hall pass for some of his SCOTW images if only he shut down and/or banned the truly offensive images and the internet misogynists. So here's the truth about women sailors. We love the sport as much as the guys.We share a passion for sailing. In all my years at dinghy parks and yacht club docks and sleeping on damp sails on distance races, i have nothing but good things to say about the real men I have met through sailing. As a sample population of the male of the species, they are better than average. I have had to knock one or two into shape but generally they are more respectful, more adventurous and smarter than the average. Heck I married one of them, and although the poor thing probably doesnt realize it, 20+ years later , he is still the best thing that ever happened to me and vice versa. But there is always a small sample of sad smutty men, who wonder why they are good looking but unattractive. The good news is that you meet less of them at sailing regattas than fishing competitions!

    Front Page - scotw

    This photo does more to celebrate Women in sailing than the front page. There was something just a little bit "off" about the front page image. If a man preferred the picture on the front page compared to this one, then it says more about the man than the subject of the image. That would be the kind of guy most women hope we were not going to meet on a date. I hope its okay for young women to look good and wear swimwear when sailing....but if you are judging looks by the cover page..... then score yourself as sad. Nice swim wear but I wouldnt be caught in that PFD and for chrissakes, sail the boat flat.

    Death at Cowes week.

    He fell out of an RS Elite.......that is RS's one design keel boat not an offshore yacht. Very sad. Condolences to family friends and crew,

    Someone has been naughty!

    World Sailing is the governing authority of the sport....and the highest sanction they could apply would be to strip him of his Olympic Medals.

    boat advice requested

    Oh God, another 65+ year old design. Sandy Douglass was brilliant but building materials and components have moved on. If Classic Design and needlessly heavy are on his check list, then it checks all the boxes.