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    Order of Vaccination

    well done. Interested which vaccine your recieve

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Most degrees at American Universities take 4 years. Sorry

    OLympics.....Just vaccinate all the athletes

    Indeed. But as a primarily TV event? Or do we think they will cancel. Cancellation would be major blow. I recall when they postponed it, it didnt feel like they put it back far enough.

    OLympics.....Just vaccinate all the athletes

    Rum......I really dont know. Vaccinations are going to be a political nightmare. Take our country. Yes we care deeply about vaccinating the whole world......but Im guessing that behind closed doors the new administration is going to justify using all the vaccinations they pre-paid for to get the US back on track. I think if Olympic athletes from less developed nations get a vaccine, they wont be getting it ahead of their doctors and nurses, but getting ahead of the US 50 year olds. The allocation would almost certainly come from the developed world allocation as a donation to making the Olympics happen. Anyway...just a thought. If the worlds athletes were seen to take the vaccine, it would send a message about the safety of the vaccine.

    OLympics.....Just vaccinate all the athletes

    What makes me more important than anyone else? The only reason I suggested they get vaccinated is that it involves international travel from all corners of the globe and we dont want to create a super spreader occurrence. Many can shelter st home and still do their job online. Grocery clerks and olympic athletes cannot......so I would like to see both categories inoculated.

    Prada Cup

    I said exactly that. If the SIs are final race countback, then Ineos has to win one of two races vs Prada. Prada has to win both
  7. There are rumors that there is pressure to postpone or even cancel the Olympics again. The organizers say they cannot postpone. I think it would be a damn shame for all the athletes from any sport if they cancelled. We have the vaccines , although the supply is tight vs world population. Cannot we make them a priority population and just host the games as a TV event so that the world has something at least to look forward to and bond us together. The alternative is that the athletes arrive, test and quarantine for 2 weeks....although frankly isnt vaccine capacity as important to expand as testing capacity.

    Prada Cup

    Do we know this? Currently it is Ineos vs Prada 2:0 . Including AM it is Ineos vs Prada 4:2 If we assume that AM doesnt show and Prada wind both races It would be 2:2 and 6:6 Tied up. If in event of a tie, it is decided by the last race then Ineos has to win one of two races, Prada has to win both. If in an event of a tie, there is a sail off, then it actually improves Ineos' odds because they only have to win one of three. The loser then has to go back and race AM in the semi If AM was fixed in time (unlikely) AM cannot mathematically make it to the final without all three boats being tied at 4 wins each. It would need AM to win all 4 races 2 each vs Ineos and Prada , and then Prada to win both races vs Ineos. I think it is fairly unlikely for Ineos to go 0 and 4. So I think AM will do the math and take the time to fix the boat right.

    Team NYYC

    And all three are together on one boat. Ashby has tons of A cat experience so he carries the edge there. Ainslie and Scott have tons of talent as well while admittedly not the same origins in foiling smaller boats. I feel the other two teams just havent got quite the same depth of bench strength in the afterguard. On American Magic, Terry has been an amazing sailor in J24s and then TP52 etc, but he was never an Olympic level sailor. Dean, was recognized by Russell Coutts as a great talent and he is but the reality is that he was replaced by Burling in the new age of foiling boats. They are incredible sailors both of them but I question whether they are as good as the ETNZ and Ineos talent. Ben won the gold medal in the Finn class in 2004 . Dean finished 13th in the same event. Head to head in one design, Ben was in a different league.

    Dean Barker's Future

    Even if he won the whole thing, I dont think he drives next time round because he will doubtless want to retire

    Team NYYC

    Agreed he has CEO. However Ben has a role beyond that of the driver. He is the team leader, allocates roles, has a lot of important decisions unrelated to tactics or driving . But he wisely hired a CEO and he doesnt have to do any fund raising. I guess I was merely trying to distinguish his role from the other two dedicated helms; Burling and Barker. I think Burlings job is to drive. same with Barker. Ainslie has some more jobs on top of that. I think he manages them well and delegates well but there seems to me that he has more to do beyond driving the boat than compared to Burling and Barker. Alll three doubtless give lots of feedback and do lots to motivate the team etc......but Ainslie has a management/leadership role that the other two do not have. Its a matter of degree. Same with Hutch. Its a slight difference. Clearly Ben does not let it impact his driving when on the water.

    Team NYYC

    Giles looks at the opposition quite a lot......but he doesnt bet against their moves until he sees a competitive advanatge. He will say for example, follow them around to left side of course , pressure or he will say split at gates. But you point is correct he is entirely focused on where the boat should be two tacks from now, he is not skating towards the puck, but skating towards where the puck will be,

    Team NYYC

    It is interesting how different each set up is LR : Dual Helms. No dedicated tactician. Skipper onshore AM: Dedicated Helm . Team leader/skipper/ team manager is on board as tactician and grinder. Ineos : Dedicated helm + Dedicated Tactician. Team Leader is helm ETNZ : Dedicated helm + Dedicated Tactician. Team leader is ashore. Looked at irrespective of talent and experience the AM structure is the most confusing. ETNZ is the cleanest. ETNZ learnt from San Fran. The team leader stays ashore and picks the best talent he has access to for each role In terms of helming talent I would score Ineos and ETNZ as having the higher raw talent but these are not single handed boats so the whole team package is key. TH has a lot on his plate each and every day. Maybe he is a great tactician but he has too many other roles as well.

    Team NYYC

    Agreed that Giles and Ben are a very well matched team. Ben makes final call but mostly they are so much in synch it is hard to tell. I hear Ben saying he sees more pressure on left and Giles saying copy, we'll tack in 5 boat lengths....almost as if Ben is spotter for Giles rather than vice versa. It is how synchronized they are that gives them an edge that will excel if the boat is fast. Burling and Ashby and Tuke are also well synchronized and Burling is an enormous talent in his own right. AM does not have the same number of giants of talent on board. Goodison is probably their strongest talent and is a talent giant but less convinced that DN and TH are in their prime.. Speaking to friends who have sailed with Goody, they say his tactical sense is among the very very best in the world. However put Goody , Ainslie and Burling in 3 identical boats, Ainslie and Burling would be where the money is placed. If the boat was a foiling dinghy then Burling would probably be the favorite. Add a tactician to the team and 3 identical boats then Ainslie/Scott might tip the balance back to Ainslie. Add a strong boat and Goody could be right up there. Magic had a strong boat but the sheeer team raw talent is not in same league as ineos and ETNZ, and they are not harnessing the talent to its best ability.