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    Death at Cowes week.

    He fell out of an RS Elite.......that is RS's one design keel boat not an offshore yacht. Very sad. Condolences to family friends and crew,

    Someone has been naughty!

    World Sailing is the governing authority of the sport....and the highest sanction they could apply would be to strip him of his Olympic Medals.

    boat advice requested

    Oh God, another 65+ year old design. Sandy Douglass was brilliant but building materials and components have moved on. If Classic Design and needlessly heavy are on his check list, then it checks all the boxes.

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Harry Vanderbilt was descended from the likes of Ellison. Cornelius Vanderbilt makes Larry look like a saint. Despite the similarities between the winning defendes, we await to see if New Zealand can rise to the standard that Tommy Lipton set for grace in defeat.

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The real measure of a team is grace in defeat. In every America's Cup, there is one winner and one loser. Going back over the years, some of the losers and their fans have congratulated the winner. Others have gone home grumbling and complaining about cheating. It will not be the first time or the last time...but history has tended to look down on the grumblers and admire the ones who lost with grace. I leave you with the words of Harry Vanderbilt after winning the 1930 America's cup "Uppermost in our minds is a feeling of sympathy for that grand old sportsman, Sir Thomas Lipton, with whom our relations have been so pleasant. This is perhaps his last attempt to lift the America's Cup. The ambition of a lifetime, to achieve which he has spent millions, is perhaps never to be realized. It has been our duty to shut the door in his face. In defeat lies the test of true sportsmanship, and he has proved to be a wonderful sportsman, quite the finest it has ever been our good fortune to race against."

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Cross post. I agree with your sentiment but if I can restate from my pov. Both TNZ and Oracle demonstrated that they were prepared to think out of the box. TNZ just went further out of the box than any other challenger and in the humble opinion of this spectator.....TNZ had an ingredient of incredible talent on the water who made the best out of the format. Plus thos transitional foils were fast!

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    And returning to the original subject of this thread. Oracle USA was at its roots an American defender. You dont get more American than Larry Ellison. The adopted son of immigrant parents who did not graduate from college....self made billionaire the hard way by building a company that makes and sells stuff globally. He is driven to win and he backs winner. He backed Steve Jobs after Steve was fired from Apple. He backed Mark Hurd when Mark was fired from H-P. Both turned out to be brilliant decisions. So he shook up the AC and brought it into the 21st century? Thats what American entrepreneurs do. So he sought to hire the best talent in the world wherever he could find them? Thats what American organizations do. He lost the AC more times than he won it. But Oracle truly won the AC in San Fran in one of the greatest sporting come backs of all time, ranking alongside the "4 days in October 2004". Ellision and Team Oracle USA will go down as a page turner in the history of the AC

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    It was me who didnt include Glenn when I referred to the importance of the "determination to win" in the forthcoming America's Cup. I am a HUGE admirer of Glenn Ashby and I do not underestimate for a moment the critical role he played in winning the last AC. My main point was comparing the ruthless determination to win of Jim Ratcliffe and Grant Dalton compared to the more convivial approach of Hap Fauth and Doug Devos. Ratcliffe and Dalts decisions are based purely on winning. As an illustration Dalts dropped Dean Barker because he felt it was necessary to win. If Dalts realized that Glenn Ashby needed to retire, despite all that Glenn has done for ETNZ , Glenn would be asked to retire. But...not for a moment do I think that Glenn actually will be retiring. Glenn mirrors Dalts winning decision philosophy and remains a driving force to win on TNZ. Glenn will make sure that everyone on that NZ boat will be there for purely meritocratic reasons and will apply the same criteria to the decision of whether he will be on the boat or not. In contrast if you look at the American conjurer team, it is a bunch of "old mates" of Terry Hutchison, Devos and Fauth ....with an emphasis on "old"....largely from their TP52 campaigns. Why am I so critical of America Magic? Because I am a very patriotic American and I want USA to be sending a challenge to Auckland that is going to whup you. I want a team that reflects America's winning drive and determination and creativity and willingness to crack heads to get 'er done. So when I read AM's mission statement: " We will restore the passion, values and spirit that have made the America's Cup, the oldest trophy in international sports, a legendary contest between sailors and nations." my heart sinks. Restoring the values and spirit of the AC is NOT going to beat the kiwis. Right now, the oldest trophy in sports is owned by one of the newest nations....and there is a reason for that. They wanted to win it.

    SA Front Page has gone

    First of all congratulations on being "fairly successful". Do you have a front page with a following with the same numbers as SA, whether like this or different? Just wondering if you are an online or bricks and mortar business. In the old days the publicists used to say "there is no such thing as bad publicity", now the digital advertising agencies will tell you "There is no such thing as a bad click". So if you are avoiding clicks to your business, Im guessing that profit is not the #1 motive. Perhaps the objective is to be "fairly successful" and not go all out for the win. Seems to me that Scot will do what it takes .....albeit on a small budget because at the end of the day Sailing is not a huge market.

    holy christ!

    I give full credit to that J24. They have not capsized and they are not sinking. We all can tell stories of J24s that broached in microbursts and went straight to the bottom. Very seamanlike to stitch those seams just right so the spin shreds before the boat sinks. Impressed.

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Not NYYC. I would favor BAR which has plenty of relevant talent + backing from a first generation billionaire. I would favor ETNZ which has incredible relevant talent + backing from a nation of fanatical delusional fans I wouldnt know anything about Italy other than the food is very good. I wish I could favor an American team but it seems oddly out of step in terms of the talent needed to win on a foiling monohull and is backed by wealthy TP52 owners who are providing a great and inspirational entry but do they want to honor loyal friends or do they want to win? Make no mistake, Jim Ratcliffe and Ben Ainslie want to win and they will take whatever decisions they need to take in order to win. Make no mistake Grant Dalton, Burling and Tuke intend to defend and retain the cup, and they will take whatever decisions they need to take in order to succeed. The Italians will put on an elegant challenge. The NYYC will put on an honorable challenge. But my money is on "determination to win".

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Seriously good review. This is what we come to SA for. Thank you.

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I was there. The general consensus of the folks who were beaten by NZL is that the kiwis had figured out how to get the best out of the AC 50. They simplified responsibilities accordingly and allocated roles accordingly. The other teams were playing catch up once they saw what NZ was doing but Burling , Tuke and Ashby were very accomplished. That and the NZ foils were better at transitions.. Combination of Design (especially foils) + simplification of the task at hand + brilliant sailors. BUT it was amazing to watch. Now we have the result, its easy to say NZ were dominant but a lot of the races were very close and very exciting to watch. Artemis vs NZ was a stand out. Honestly it was easily one of the two best ACs in my life time.

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    There are all the speed records to capture your attention then. Paul Larsen and Vestas speed rocket must really get your pulse pounding or when the massive multi hulls shatter transatlantic and trans pacific records. I agree the results of the Vendee Globe are stunning achievements (but does anyone who doesnt speak French actually bother following the race on a day by day basis). The Sydney - Hobart is a boat design race. However, I confess I have lost interest over the years in watching boats with clearly different speeds race around short courses . I mean seriously, what is the point? Do one speed test, give a design award to the designer and go home. What has been exciting about the AC since it started foiling is that the skill quotient of the sailors has become vastly more important in winning the game. The kiwis are being unduly modest about Bermuda. They made some design innovations but equally important the sailors perfected the technique of foiling and were a cut above the competition. Burling, Tuke and Ashby are extraordinary talents . I have no doubt that if this next edition was held in the foiling AC 50s again, that despite the others catching up in technology, the kiwis would have won again. I am a red blooded patriotic Americun......but unless something changes I am feeling pessimistic about our chances with American Conjurer because I just dont see the same leading edge talent coming together for the team. (Altho that Brit Moth sailor looks very good). So, in short: . = Horse feces!

    Sobering accident report

    With tragic consequences: It all went pear shaped so very quickly. I am a physician who spent part of my residency in the ER of a large city hospital and I still do surgery. I am somewhat used to staying calm in the face of all kinds of unexpected emergencies and I have been trained to prioritize in rapidly moving scenarios. However, personal honesty compels me to say that this was a situation that deteriorated so rapidly I think it would most likely have challenged any of us. The families and friends of the two experienced yachtsmen who lost their lives will probably come across this thread so I want , again , to say how sorry I am for their tragic loss. The dominoes fell down so quickly . The rest of us can only struggle to learn from this .