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  1. Burn em out in Junior Sailing, Burn em out in high school and burn them out again in college and wonder why we can complete globally. If an athlete gets burnt out with the rigor of high school or college sailing, then I'm sorry, they are never going to survive an Olympic campaign. The sheer drive, determination and desire needed to be the "best in the world" needs to be able to step over the hurdles of college sailing with ease.
  2. I am always happy to acknowledge that my husband owns half the boat. He sometimes gets a little peeved when I explain which half is his. Needless to say I own the back half of our boat.
  3. Hah........I wouldnt dare to try and sail in an Optimist., Now the Mercury.......that is slow....hard to capsize.....comfy......but there is a significant mortality risk from boredom.
  4. If Paul Elvstrom had wanted to turn his talents to football, basketball, hockey or weights, I have no doubt that he would have won 6 super bowl rings (and without deflating a single football), and a parcel of NBA champs etc. The true giant of athletes..
  5. Two Swedish nut cases........they even had sheet to tiller self steering made from a rubber band To quote them "A J/80, is an eight meter long racing boat with the same conveniences as a two-man-tent" One of them was a firefighter, the other an IT consultant. The firefighter must have been running the blogsite because sadly it is no longer working. They are currently in Panama preparing to cross the Pacific in a Viper 640. Oh and FWIW, I would not come close to contemplating overnight for 4-5 days offshore in my J70. But then there were two Brits who cruised the North Sea in a Wayfarer Dinghy so clearly I am not made of the "right stuff"
  6. Didn't the Brits invent wealth inequality?
  7. I am not a Viper owner..... but I congratulate the success of a class that has grown while not allowing paid sailors in your national championships. Well done. Any pics of Fort Walton? Novel location. and......Elon Musk???
  8. Its laughable that an owner would pay a pro sailor to try and win a local PHRF race. Who cares? But if the owner is concealing that he is paying the pro and you want to put a stop to it......here is a way to stop iit. As the Offending Owner (OO) is stepping off his yacht, have the other owners and crews heartily congratulate him on a great race and insist on buying him and his crew + Pro , beers at the bar. At the bar the rest of you continue to express admiration for OO and Pro. Lets call the Pro Stevie. After someone remarks (congratulates) on how Stevie has really helped OO get up to speed. One of the other owners (Bob) casually says something like - Stevie I wish you would give me a couple of tips . And the others agree....yeah Stevie great idea, why dont you sail with Bob for a race next week. Great idea. The OO and Stevie will demur. The owner will want to keep his Pro and Stevie is secretly being paid and doesnt want to sail for free but since they cant admit this they are in a bit of a jam. But if you put up the idea in the right way, after all we are all out here racing PHRF for fun....and its not like OO can look like all he cares about is the pickle dish.....why wouldnt Steve and the OO agree that Steve should circulate among the fleet a bit. If the OO refuses because all he wants to do is win the pickle dish......then he is exposed for the idiot that he is. If Steve refuses because he only sails if he is paid, then his game is up. If Steve agrees to circulate the fleet, Its a plus for the whole fleet (and remind him to buy his share of the crew beer). Then we can get back to the real scandal surrounding the use of performance enhancing steroids at the ladies dominoes tournament.
  9. Hiring a pro sailor to race with you in PHRF is like hiring Trey Flowers to play for your team in your local flag football tournament!
  10. +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Lets have one J70 regatta, call it the National Championship, where you can bring as many pros as you like and anyone can steer the boat. Lets have another regatta.....no pros....nobody paid to sail.....no sailmakers, call it the North Americans. Let the market decide which gets better participation. Lets see how the top boats at the all pro National do when they lose the hired help at the North Americans? I hate "Corinthian" trophies. Please don't tattoo "Loser!" on my forehead. If you want a meaningful trophy, make it an all amateur regatta.
  11. I it depends on what theory you ascribe to... Is it better to groom the hell out of those that don't burn out, or to have a healthy club atmosphere and those that rise to the top can be groomed. I saw it in the 29er. I like the boat because its a lot more fun to sail than the 420. I'm closing in on 30yo and i still love the 29er. If a few other old people want to get an old people's class together i'd be all-in. Especially now that we can finally adjust the damn rig on the water..... But, back when i was actively racing the boat, there were certain sailors and parents that only saw it as a pre-olympics path and didn't care a whole lot about trying to promote it locally in the states. They saw it as this elite thing that if you weren't on the path, why be in the boat? I think if we have a healthy home fleet of quality racers, we will do better on the olympic stage, in all fleets. That mentality is still in the class but at least now it is actively being addressed and steps are being made to open up the class to all ability levels and just getting kids interested in skiff sailing. The problem is all it takes is a few parents who think their kids are too good to sail with the others that can set regional growth back several years it got realll young all of a sudden, and some of those little kids are really good, but i really enjoyed racing well into real life. If i had easier access to sailing and crew i would probably continue racing it, even if i was racing against a bunch of 14yo's... when i was active the average hovered around 17 i think, i raced until i was 24. I would guess the average is around 15 now, with a lot racing that are even younger. This is based off my last race in 2014. Is this the market that the new Rondar High Performance Dinghy (name unknown at moment) is aimed at ? From what little we know (its all rumors and innuendo at the moment) it is supposedly a high performance hull based on a skiff design + assym chute. The chat is that they are aiming at the 20-35 yrs old who wants a 2 person dinghy exciting, lighter and faster than RS 200/400, moderately easy to master, not positioned for the Olympic track sailor but for someone who wants to sail at their local club after college in something a lot more modern and exciting than the venerable Vanguard 15. and a lot less expensive than a 505, But good luck with getting any information from Rondar. You would think they are protecting the trade secrets of the Iphone 8 from Samsung by how tightly they are holding their cards to the chest. They sound like laudable objectives but its all in the execution ......and until Rondar grace us with a look at the boat, and some demos in the US we dont know. On topic......I think there is room in sailing for both the Olympic track sailors and the rest of us. I personally love watching Olympic sailing and I find the whole Olympic spectacle super exciting. I also love racing sailboats at my rather mediocre and amateur level. I find nothing wrong with enjoying both my local club racing and watching Olympic sailing. I find all this angst about how much money is spent on Olympic teams by the national sailing groups as rather silly. If they can raise the money...go for it. Some people seem to think that it is money that could be better spent on the sport in general. What nonsense. Its a hobby. We should be able to pay for our recreational sailing ourselves. I no more expect funds from US Sailing to fund our local club than I expect the profits from Formula One to be redistributed to help my hubby with the cost of replacing the bits that fall off his clapped out Porsche.
  12. Will it come with tan sails as standard? I would like to propose the name "Squick"
  13. . In addition to the undeniable raw talent of the British pair, the rumors from the girls boat park are that they had a unique boat. I470s have been dominated by NZL hulls for a decade and what I heard is that the British decided that it was time for a British team to be sailing in a British hull. So Team GBR funding put together the alchemy of one of the UK's top small boat designers (UK excels in the minutiae of perfecting the shapes of small dinghies because of all their development classes like Merlin Rocket and National 12) and combined that with one of their best artisan small boat builders. They labored together in a secret shed somewhere in the Arthurian Middle Kingdom, testing various theories and dark arts. Finally, something very special emerged. The sword was removed from the stone and Hannah and Saskia grasped the hilt and could feel that it was very good. Anyone from GBR confirm ?
  14. Did I see AC teams out training on your race track? What is the modus operandi for 60 Vipers when two AC. 45s come foiling down the race course? Insurance? Check Okay just enjoy the spectacle ?
  15. Is that him being a pesky Viper at 8.44? Nice rounding!