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  1. A noticable proportion of patients are showing increased liver enzymes(ALT: aminotransferase) in the blood, a marker of liver damage. Greater percentage (approx 50%) of non-survivors showing elevated ALT but approx 25% of survivors also showing elevated ALT. Further monitoring will show if this is transient. Still short on protective equipment , which is probably the greatest bottleneck to testing. More test kits becoming available on daily basis. Incredible effort by Roche Diagnostics, Quest and LabCorp. If you know someone who works for Roche Diagnostics, give them a socially distant hug. Please help by physical and social distancing. Thx Eye.
  2. Protocol as of Thursday. Updating frequently. Getting busy. Stopped all elective surgery to free up respirators but takes time to move out existing patients. Running short of protective clothing and masks. Please help by practicing rigorous physical distancing. 03192020_COVID19_Treatment Protocol _1.pdf

    Scooter Talking Trash bout his Competition

    When has Scooter ever talked trash about Scuttlebutt? He has nothing but respect for what Craig has achieved and is always quick to praise the good work they do there.

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    On behalf of all of us at Dinghy Anarchy, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude. It appears to us that his unique "skills" are well suited to this debate.

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I remember IPL telling you the same thing 30 pages ago but you had a 20 paragraph rebuttal. I only got to the 6th paragraph so I cant claim to fully or partially understand what the rebuttal argument was , but if you look at the results coming in, some of the Tory victories in former Labor seats are because Labour centerist voters were voting for Brexit Party or Lib Dem. Conservative centerist voters were voting Conservative or Lib Dem. Labor didnt win the remainers vote. The Tories did win the Leave Vote. What was IPL's phrase ? ABC. Anyone But Corbyn. A socialist dominated Labour party in the UK is doomed. Unless they regain the leadership of the aspirational New Labour, they will eventually be replaced by the Lib Dems , much as Labour replaced the Liberal party in the 1920s/30s.
  6. There is only one sailor in the entire history of the Olympics who won 3 gold medals in 3 different classes, (winning 4 medals in 4 contiguous Olympics and he didnt even get into Olympic sailing until he was 30.).
  7. Someone might also want to point out to Shakebell that there is no longer an organization called ISAF

    Political & off-topic posts have ruined this site

    His friendship with Farzad Rastegaar ?

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    The bottom line is that leaving the EU is not going to have a beneficial impact on immigration. The UK birth rate and aging demographic means that the UK needs some level of immigration. The EU generally provides a reasonably well educated and law abiding immigration pool. If the reason for leaving had genuinely been immigration, then the UK would have made that a major negotiation point. As others have pointed out, Brexit was never about economics or improving the immigration demographics. It has always been a hard to define urge to be politically independent of continental Europe. Partially coming from the disenfranchised industrially depressed parts of Northern and Midland England, partly from the older demographic of Great Britain and nostalgia, and partly from decades of misinformed media humor which loved to make fun of the EU.....the reality is that trying to use data and rationality to sway the Leave vote was doomed to failure. The Remain campaign failed to understand the emotion involved and failed to provide emotional reasons to stay in the EU. From afar, I see the same thing in this general election.

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    These numbers overstate immigration due to membership of the EU because they include immigration from middle and East Europe countries which happen to be members of the EU but were not entitled to free movement of people when they first joined the EU. The UK government (Blair) decided to allow significant immigration from these countries ( before and after EU membership) . It was a UK decision not the result of EU membership.

    What's The Attraction To Sheltered Cockpits?

    But still better than sitting indoors

    What's The Attraction To Sheltered Cockpits?

    I stopped sailing in sandals a long time ago. I now ski in fully enclosed hard top ski boots. I also wear a helmet rather than the ole bobble top.

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    I thought we agreed, no more healthcare politics on this thread?

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    Sounds like fun. Sounds like the kind of program we would enjoy crewing on. If the laws in the US mean that this is questionable, then shame on those laws!

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    Yeah sorry about that. Consider the matter clsoed