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  1. stormy petrel

    Duh. You do realize that we have been drilling and producing oil from the coast of California for well over 100 years! For many years CA was the #1 oil producing state in the Union and it is still a major producer. Try going for a sail off the coast at Long Beach. Think California and Standard Oil.......we were sucking oil out of the beaches of LA way before the first drop was discovered in Nigeria.
  2. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    My husband has not been following this edition very closely but he made an astute observation when he looked over my shoulder at the tracker this morning: " But darling" he said " They are going the wrong way" He has a point.
  3. Rules??

    Duh. I am a stupid #@$% They are match racing. This will teach me to keep away from threads about rules. My apologies to chitown.
  4. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    I loved this post Maybe IPL arranged for these 5 ladies to greet the negotiators at the hotel and explain to them carefully, in naval terms, that they needed to come to a solution.
  5. Rules??

    OMG. One rule that did not apply at any time in this incident is rule 13. Going downwind, you are either on port gybe or starboard gybe. Rule 13 only applies to tacking. At the time of collision, PC can try and establish if Audi was on starboard. If so, she broke 15 if not she broke 11. Either way she breaks 14.
  6. What boat to buy?

    And a third category of, traditional top sides with modern underbody.
  7. What boat to buy?

    Hi BC,. I was not seriously suggesting the Hood 32 because it doesn't pass your "not too expensive" hurdle......but we are all allowed to dream right? A 2011 used Hood 32 is asking $86k , so let's assume it sells for around $80k . I'm not about to spend $80k on my day sailor but .....given the Gucci category they are in, 32 feet of hand finished craftsmanship , compared to the Hinkley daysailor, ($750,000) or the Morris 36 ($300,000) or the Friendship (if you have to ask.....) , I have always thought the Hood 32 comes out at an astonishing price point and it's not surprising that they hold their value and that Chris Hood is not rich. Incidentally he also builds the occasional new IOD. But again, I'm not seriously suggesting a Hood 32 .......although, sigh, it is sheer eye candy. My more serious suggestion is that you should look at that category of boat that combines traditional top sides with a modern underbody. Unlike your Bristol where the ocean going purpose suits its design, you are looking for something to day sail on Lake Ontario. It has to look good (traditional) but also be easy to sail short handed (modern light design), move well in light air lake conditions (light design) and have space for guests on occasion ( not an uncomfortable converted race boat). I don't think its any surprise that some early posts before mine started to suggest an Alerion. There are others in that category.
  8. 2017 Rules Rule 69

    I thought it was hilarious. Instead of protesting W for a clear breach of rule 11, and requiring their mates on W to make 2 turns in a 12 skiff, they applied ahem an "alternate penalty" . See case 741 (IBWBSF), If I can unclear your jib, you are NOT keeping clear.
  9. Attn All J/Boat Sailors

    I thought you boys had been relegated to your own forum years ago. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/forum/58-jboat-anarchy/. Paging security......we got a couple of escaped old J Boat sailors loose on the forums.
  10. What boat to buy?

  11. What boat to buy?

    But if you could find a used one of these......then I would be very jealous and might even be forced to come and visit as one of your sailing guests for a weekend on Lake Ontario It is all classic lines above the waterline but the underside is modern fin keel and the construction is light. Goes well in light air and is stiff in a breeze. Scores 10/10 in eye candy. Great for the guests. Easy to single hand.
  12. What boat to buy?

    Alerion 28........ Is it expensive? Depends on the value of living.
  13. What boat to buy?

    Carl Alberg designed the Ensign.. Brilliant designer. But for a gorgeous day sailor with a cabin, his prettiest design was the Sea Sprite. I watched a small fleet of them in Bristol RI two summers ago. Very nice. Etchell - Designed as a race boat not a day sailor. Lacks the "comfort" factor for picnics on the lake. A handful for single handed. No room for his 4-6 guests! Shields - Agree is a good looker. Also designed to race but in a different era. Frustratingly heavy for light air. It will sit in its own wake with sails flogging. Short on guest space. Ensign and Sea Sprite - Good lookers. Anything Carl A touched turned out right. To my eye Ensign isnt as good looking as a Shields. Sea Sprite is very pretty. But again, both boats from the full keel era so they will feel slow in light air. But very safe in a squall. IOD - The prettiest of all the "previous era" boats. Just gorgeous. Large sail area so can drift along in lighter breeze but like all the older designs, they get their power from sail area not because they are light weight. Your fundamental choice is whether you want: A modern design which can sail well in light air because it is light OR a traditional design that can handle light air because it has large sail area. Like the OP , I have a soft spot for the truly traditional beautiful lines of the IOD and the Sea Sprite or some of the latest lightest modern boats. Its the stuff in the middle I dont much care for. Reading the OP's wish list , I cant help thinking that his ideal is a modern lightweight construction (so he can single hand and sail with 5 guests in light air) with traditional looking topsides. That is why so many have suggested the Alerion....and it does seem to suit.
  14. To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    Best post on the thread. They are lining up for Mapfre insurance products in the Punjab.
  15. To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    USA NBC Sport USA Outside Television USA The Weather Channel USA TYC International USA USA Univision Deportes USA (Americas) + Bermudas Nautical Channel Venezuela Meridiano TV NBC Sports may have the rights but their last coverage of VOR was 2015! The Weather Channel??? FFS! As Southern Cross posted, there is next to no coverage in the largest consumer marketplace in the world.