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  1. @ancientseawolf Had a lot of fun reading some of their articles. This one is pretty eye opening... Thanks
  2. @dcnblues I did actually do it a couple of times. I found the biggest assholes in those track days so that was it for me. If I am going to fall, I rather fall due to my inexperience than thanks to some redneck trying to hard to be James Bond and cornering too hard on people making them fall. @phillysailor Thank you so much for that link! Awesome. @Lambretta Yes, that's already in the planning I got my tickets for the Miami International Boat Show. If anyone in the group is attending and want to meet, just drop me a message privately.
  3. @Trov√£o I saw it. That's awesome. I started to follow him. What kind of boat is the one in the pictures? Doesn't seem so big for a '47.
  4. @Lost in Translation That's actually a good idea. I don't see myself living at Lake Lanier to be truly honest, but I will find out about classes of other experiences I can enjoy there. I actually had planned to simply move to Clearwater Beach or Ft. Lauderdale to an actual boat (maybe rent it) and simply try it for 6 months or so and get a feeling what life is about aboard. Of course, after all of these great advice, I am formulating a new strategy. Thanks! @samc99us Is there a reputable website I can search about these regattas? I'll search in this forum for more info. Thanks!!! @SeaGul When I say "have fun" is that I still want a sailing boat that can cruise at a descent speed, some performance, etc. Obviously I am not planning on buying a Rapido 60 -if I were single thou.... . About the motorcycle... yes, you are absolutely right, it's all about keeping the "stupidmeter" at the right levels. I am not going to lie, the first month was scary because that "thing" would pop a wheely in 5th gear. Six months later it just felt like an extension of my body. Can't exhaust enough how grateful I am for all your messages! Thank you!
  5. Wow! Guys you're awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time to guide me thru this "dream". I'll try to be short in my answers. @StumbleNola 3G works for me. My 'remote' work is more about monitoring. Probably a song on YouTube requires more data than 100 reports. @soma Thank you! @SeaGulYes, I read the NEEL thread. It got intense! I am not looking for a "floating home". Otherwise I can get one of those at Lake Lanier in GA and fulfill the dream of retirement at sea on water. About the NEEL, I do see a lot of value for the $. NEEL 51 looks pretty slick. I don't know if a trimaran is my thing but never say never. If I had to sacrifice "comfort" for performance, I wouldn't think twice. I still want to have fun. @samc99us sounds good! Maybe my 'stupid' idea of getting the boat I want right away is influenced by my experience when I bought my motorcycle (Honda CBR1000). Everyone told me to start with a 250cc or I was going to kill myself. I went ahead and got the "beast" and everything went fine. Obviously, that may have been immature at the time. I do now recognize that one thing is a 200 lbs thingy compared to a 8+ tons vessel. Yet, I feel the challenge excites me. @martin.langhoff I'll reach out to you before I head down to FL. I may come to the boat show as well. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like a good strategy! @Veeger Yes, I can live with that. 3G really is not bad for monitoring, etc. Not planning on streaming or gaming. None of that. Yes, wife is 'onboard' with the idea (she is more excited than I am to be honest) and obviously there is a lot to 'discover'. My concern with powerboats is that it would be extremely costly for a trip to Europe. Is that a safe assumption? Also, I really like the idea of 'sailing'. I will definitely keep you all posted about this. @KC375 Thank you! I am a little confused with your post. I want a multihull (not a monohull nor powerboat) I do like the analogy of coding before understanding user requirements. Yes, I am passionate about the whole idea for years now. @Zonker Thank you for such a detailed post. I had already thought about learning boat mechanics for the same reasons. Maybe in America is not a big deal, but some tiny island in the middle of nowhere can turn into a nightmare if no access to skilled technicians. I read somewhere not to buy anything older than 10 years. Preferably within 5. Is that really the case? Also I read to invest as much as possible in nav equipments, etc. Again, thank you everyone for your time and knowledge.
  6. @StumbleNolaYes, I will definitely reconsider my internet needs. Looking at prices they are REALLY REALLY high. Thank you!
  7. @robalex117 thank you for the encouragement. I recognize that my family's safety will be in my hands, therefore getting myself ready is mandatory. My course of action will be to move somewhere in Florida. I already got books, videos and training/simulators. This will help me to understand the basics, then take some sort of classes/certification -if such a thing exist- for one year and hire a captain to kick it off with my own boat. In regards to buying a smaller boat, I feel that it will slow things down too much because I would have to sell it later on, then buy the one I really want, etc. I think both the consultant and captain idea are great! I know some of my questions (electricity) may come across too simplistic, but I just wanted to point out some of the concerns without assuming that I can 'google it up'. One thing to keep in mind is that I don't expect to be sailing 24/7. Living on the boat, yes. Sailing like a pirate, no. I just want the freedom to move whenever I want, wherever I want. I envision it more like sailing to Puerto Rico, stay there as long as I want to, then continue to Jamaica, next island, next island, etc. @samc99us Yes, I want to sail on different boat sizes before I make my mind. I thought of 50+' because we plan to have friends and relatives aboard with us at any point in time. We are already 3 (wife and daughter) and one more in the making, so that would be 4. Most of our friends have kids as well, so I have to keep that in mind. I like the Outremer 45. I read great reviews. Also read that they are overpriced and that other boats out there with similar features for 30% cheaper. How truthful is that? HH are cool but I don't need a lot of luxury really. Comfort, yes. Regarding internet, I don't really need a lot of bandwidth. Most of my stuff is in the cloud. The data exchange is minimum. Inmarsats seems pricey!!! Lord. I read somewhere that there are some devices (around $25K) that basically connects you to satellites for a bargain. Not sure. I will research more. Again, for the most part, I will be docked somewhere. And you are right! Who wants to be working while sailing??? No way! I would miss all the fun. Thank you for the good vibes and responses!
  8. Thank you so much for these earlier responses. @weightless, yes. That's part of the plan. That's why I am planning to buy in two years so that I can get ready. That's actually a good idea. I've met people (Ft. Lauderdale) who have lived aboard for many years and asked a lot of questions. So far seems very doable. @tom312 our "assumption" is that both, me and my wife are very self-entertained individuals. In other words, she is always very busy with her stuff and me, being a software developer, my life revolves around computers, coffee and a comfortable chair. So, for the most part we are really in our own little worlds. Also, we both enjoy "home" and same things (watching movies, cooking, beach, etc.). She says the reason is we are both from the same zodiacal sign. Go figure This is not a decision we've made lightly. We are just both tired of the city/inland life, stuck in one place when in reality my business allows me to work even from the moon. We do have inland properties in America and Germany that we are not planning to sell and if we do, most likely will be to buy something near a marina in case we need to take a break from sailing or aboard life. I've been researching in this forum and the reason I ask for help is because the disparity in prices between two boats that seem relatively equals. I just don't want to walk to a marina and get 'screwed over' by a sales person that all they have in mind is to make a buck out of the sale.
  9. Hello crew, I am 39 years old and a software engineer. Not a fatty useless nerd -I was a pro athlete for over 10 years- I just happen to be good at math and computer science and went to college for it. I have no previous sailing experience but I've been raised -since I was born- in a small beach town so I am very familiar with the "sea". I am also a fast learner. Having said that.... I am planning on buying a catamaran in about two years. Budget is around $1M. The idea is to live on the catamaran with my family and work from there. I need some experts' opinion on what should I look for given the following constraints. - I need something spacious -probably more than 50ft?- otherwise wifey will be bickering... who wants that? - I am planning on sailing around the world. Mostly between America/Caribbean to Europe and vice versa (Atlantic ocean) and maybe venture out to the pacific at one point. - I am looking for comfort/performance balance -since I have to accommodate family even thought I would go performance if I were single. I don't mind reaching Europe a "couple days later" if that means my family feels "home". I guess I am looking for a balance but don't want a floating house either. - I am going to need to generate electricity while sailing (I need access to internet on demand). - That being said... I need the best technology onboard for internet connectivity. - Also I want to rely on technology as much as possible for cruising and navigation just for efficiency. I am very athletic so I don't mind physical work if needed. - Luxury is not important. As long as it is comfortable and "feels nice", I am ok. - Should I buy new or used? - Any specific brand? Thank you so much in advance. I just joined the forum. Looking forward to meet great folks here. I got good recommendations online.