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  1. captain on eye

    Marina Laundry

    try a diy boatyard that allows live aboards. think about the amount of nasty bottom paint dust and fiberglass coated clothes that go through the washer and the residual left. I may be guilty myself. lol
  2. captain on eye

    The Heat Wave retired?

  3. captain on eye

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    wish I didn't have two other boats already. boat appears race ready and for a great price
  4. captain on eye

    The Heat Wave retired?

    just found this
  5. captain on eye

    The Heat Wave retired?

    the porno vision goes with the boat
  6. captain on eye

    Marina Hemingway, CUBA

    Sailed in last year. Had at least 12 feet all the way. Just watch out for concrete that has fallen off underwater by the seawalls when you tie up. As mentioned above, channel in is closed during a norther.