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  1. Hey guys I was taking my tender out in the bay and the engine shut off a few times when I got into small swells. On a calm lake it was running fine the entire time except when I ran over wake and it threatened to shut off. Its a 6hp tohatsu 4 stroke, 3 gallon west marine gas tank. Seems like others must have experienced this problem?
  2. thevoyage

    Outboard shuts off - fuel tank sloshing

    Guys this is a brand new gas. Along with a little bit of carb cleaner for good luck. The gas tank is very much air tight as well
  3. Hey all. I looked at a used boat recently and saw these two cracks. It's a late 80s boat. The fact that both cracks on each side are oriented the same way makes me think that they were caused from a specific event. I'm wondering for example if the loss of a backstay or forstay could have caused it. Other areas on Deck do have some crazing for sure. Some around fittings and some in traffic areas. The boat looks in decent boat condition. Not yacht condition. Mast base Mast base right side
  4. thevoyage

    How significant are these cracks?

    Thanks for the help everyone. Yes unfortunately the boat is a few hours away from me so I'm not sure if I want to make that drive again. I wasn't able to look at the area just below the mast step unfortunately. My next step would be a survey if I wanted to buy this boat.
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    Santa Cruz to Vallejo in January?

    Actually I am close to pulling the trigger on a boat in Monterey but I haven't yet. Either way you'll sail by my marina in Point Richmond. Are you planning on going from Half Moon Bay to Vallejo on the second day?
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    Outboard shuts off - fuel tank sloshing

    Guys it's the external 3 gallon tank. That tank is also airtight however
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    Monterey to sf bay?

    Thanks a lot for all the tips guys. If I get this boat i think i might want to just do a 2 day sail with half moon as a stop and take off a monday to be safe...point richmond would be the final target but I've anchored in sausalito before so that gives me a few options.
  8. thevoyage

    Monterey to sf bay?

    Hey all. I just wanted your opinion on how difficult you think it would be at this time of year to sail a 32 foot boat from Monterey to SF Bay. I'd be Looking For Crew and maybe a captain. And how many days should I budget, 3 or 4? I work regular hours... Feel free to move this to the crew section/ another section if you want. If I buy this boat that I'm looking at then it will be happening ASAP. Thanks
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    Monterey to sf bay?

    As much as I'd want to sail, the priority would be to just make it happen. Are there any viable anchorages in between?