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  1. Stingray~

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Again, it’s hard to see why LR is getting blamed, there must be some ‘context’ for why the ‘outrage’ is being directed that direction instead of it being dealt with more politely and civilly. BB (barely 2 weeks on the job) likely has nothing at all to do with any of this, except for now being a spokesman to it. Clickbait for NZ media is all it is, but maybe it helps promotion somehow?
  2. Stingray~

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    posted yet?
  3. Stingray~

    INEOS Team GB

    America's Cup: The Simmer-ing threat to Team New Zealand
  4. Stingray~

    Boats and foils comparison

    Another obvious difference is how the Ineos keel and hull shapes are combination of distinctive flats and verticals.
  5. Stingray~

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    GD’s most important role seems to be about fundraising. With the added role this time of doing it also for ACE. As to there being a ‘larger context’ behind the ‘fury,’ TE hinted briefly yesterday at there being some money problem at play (not this issue, different), I forget exactly how he put it. If so, then my guess on there being a larger context to explain the outrage is correct. I am not blaming GD here, I believe he’s being honest when he says he thought he had a deal with LR about the courses. But given the way the Protocol reads, well he has no choice now but to (re) rectify the situation - and has said he will ‘move heaven and earth’ to do that with the Port.
  6. Stingray~

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Still don’t understand why GD’s fury has been directed at LR instead of at the Port of Auckland, who he now has to re-deal with. There must be a larger context that has him attacking LR instead, perhaps he is after Prada money but is not getting it?
  7. Stingray~

    INEOS Team GB

    In one of the vids above, at around 1:25 they accelerated like a rocket ship before easing up again.
  8. Stingray~

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Funny! I actually like the guy, he’s smart, experienced and has a good sense of humor. His SI Live show starts at the top of the hour, I’m sure it will another fun one.
  9. Stingray~

    INEOS Team GB

    funny ‘Pig’ of a yacht prompted redesign: sailor Mark Orams
  10. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    Symmetrix Composite Tooling
  11. Stingray~

    INEOS Team GB

    6) tack speeds
  12. Stingray~

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    GD says in this audio that they did provide the agreement to the AP. Near the end he also mentions having to relocate TV transmitters if B and C can’t be restored. from the text: “.. this organisation will move heaven and earth and already is talking to the council, ports of Auckland, the harbour master to see if we can change this.”
  13. Stingray~

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I heard that the LR2 rig is an electromagneticfusionpowered AI-controlled system. With a kickass LIDAR buried below deck too, it’s name is the Monster. The commissioning will include BB, swinging naked from a forestay hallowed. At night.
  14. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    Dumb question about that: Does the Ineos hull, with their ‘Skison’ extending all the way to the transom, mean anything about rudder stock lengths?