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  1. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Because the AC50’s depended on human power and human run-across the tramp ballast for everything, the JC75 takes a massive advantage in that they will go to massive battery packs - and power-derived movable ballast. Given all of the extraordinary, non-human, amount of performance enhancing possibility, it will be shocking if the JC75’s won’t be able to thoroughly trounce the coming F50’s. But since both Classes will be at cavitation limits, things could get interesting. Am curious about who is involved in the F50 designs.
  2. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The Protocol clause that RG mentioned again in his latest article refers to AC36 Competitors (teams, as defined in the Protocol) not being allowed to participate in vaguely-defined ‘Ambush’ events. Nothing that I can see prevents, as one possible example, any individual sailor like Ben Ainslie racing under the ‘Team Origin’ banner instead of Ineos in the F50 World Series. Many world-class sailors participate in racing that crosses events, and teams, many ETNZ sailors already included.
  3. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Compared to the AC36 World Series there will be almost 3 times as much action in the F50 World Series during ‘19 and ‘20. $Bertelli is a stylish goldfish but $LE can nourish any fishbowls he wants to, can also choose which ones not to bother putting any water into. LE likely sees the coming potential of AC36 as simply not good enough to engage with, or else he wouldn’t be saying ‘Shrug? WTF?’ and instead aiming for more, faster, higher.
  4. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Dalton had no choice, he was already deeply beholden to $Bertelli and signaled as much when he stepped up during the LV sponsored event and started all the LV bag-tossing that followed. $B was likely watching...
  5. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    ^ No idea if ‘revenge’ plays any factor but it’s cool that LV will continue as sponsor of top-class sailing events despite the PRADA thing. Am still wondering WTF the F stands for. In the Sky article they write: “The aim of Mr Ellison's new series, which one insider dubbed 'the Formula One of sailing', is to create a compelling and structured sporting contest which appeals to international TV audiences.” But despite the article he relies upon, RG intead sticks to: “Foiling 50 circuit being bankrolled by US software mogul, Larry Ellison.” It’s mostly just a branding difference, but then so is the LV / Prada discussion.
  6. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus Sky News (UK) is reporting that Sir Keith Mills the driving force, and longtime backer of Sir Ben Ainslie, is involved in the British arm of the Foiling 50 circuit being bankrolled by US software mogul, Larry Ellison. ... Core Builders Composites has one of the best composite engineering facilities in New Zealand, and internationally, and is said to have in excess of 100 people working on the eight boat project. ...
  7. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    How on earth would it hurt those circuits? It is more likely to ~add~ to the top-tier multihull foiler racing scene.
  8. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    +1 In the best of both worlds, both will provide quality, entertaining sailboat racing.
  9. Stingray~

    Memory Lane

    Thanks for making this effort! Good job
  10. Stingray~

    Memory Lane

    Funny Why sculptures based on 2,600-year-old Greek ceramics are shocking Valencia An outdoor exhibition by Antoni Miró is causing a stir in the city, with some parents saying the erotic artworks should not be visible to children
  11. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    from Sky News has learnt that a company led by Sir Keith Mills, who founded the Air Miles and Nectar customer loyalty programmes, is to run the British leg of a new international tournament that will get underway next year. The sailing industry has been abuzz with speculation for months about Mr Ellison's plans for a competition that will effectively act as a rival to the America's Cup. Insiders said that Sir Keith's Origin Sports Group would play a pivotal in the new series' efforts to build a following in Britain, with the tournament expected to be broadcast on free-to-air television. Under the plans being hatched by Mr Ellison, teams will compete from countries including Britain, the US and Japan on boats similar to those which competed in the last America's Cup. Next year's series is expected to comprise races in five countries, with the number doubling in 2020. A launch event has been scheduled for a venue on the River Thames early next month. Sir Keith, a keen sailor himself, was a shareholder in previous British America's Cup efforts alongside Sir Ben Ainslie, the most successful Olympic sailor of all time. Earlier this year, the venture was sold to Jim Ratcliffe, the founder of chemicals group Ineos, in a £110m deal. Sir Keith has an extensive list of other sporting commitments on his CV, including as chairman of the Invictus Games and a decade on the board of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. ... The aim of Mr Ellison's new series, which one insider dubbed 'the Formula One of sailing', is to create a compelling and structured sporting contest which appeals to international TV audiences. New social media platforms and on-screen graphics are expected to be used to generate excitement in the competition, which previous reports have described as 'The World Series of Sailing'.
  12. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    dogwatch makes valid arguments about the serious risks of frakking to regions that rely on aquifers for their water, and there’s a valid argument to be made about his Brexit stance, but overall the guy seems fairly impressive. He speaks well too, far better than the likes of Sir Keif.
  13. Stingray~


    at A second video from Emirates Team New Zealand explaining how the hydraulic system will work and charge up to enable the the foiling monohull to raise and lower her foils and also how the system will charge up between tacks it takes 15 seconds in the shed.
  14. Stingray~

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Maybe the Class Rule got changed drastically enough that it allowed downforce by the foils and so ETNZ’s original designs for the foil arms got f’d up in this and other ways? That same team also f’d up their higher-wind/load foils for AC35 and by their own admission were lucky with how light the conditions in the Match turned out to be, when the light-airs-optimized foils could be used instead.