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  1. Stingray~

    AC36 - The Venue

    A Government okay for foreign crews to come here to train is likely shortly, Auckland's Mayor says
  2. Stingray~

    Youth America's Cup

    more at
  3. Stingray~

    Youth America's Cup

    It will make money for the (Vice?) Commodore of the RNZYS, if it does somehow happen that teams from ‘15’ countries will be allowed into NZ? He owns the boat-build operation.
  4. Stingray~

    Youth America's Cup

    These AC9 boats, is it permitted to dig the windward foil in at negative attack for massive RM?
  5. Stingray~

    AC36 - The Venue

    Hard to imagine teams’ family members, AC tourists from hotspots like the US and Italy and the UK, or Superyachts and crews, and other hangers-on will be given entry any time soon. Hopefully some race officials will get in but you’d think RNZYS has plenty enough of that.
  6. Stingray~

    INEOS Team GB

    I called for delivery from a close-by ‘Silver Dragon’ Chinese restaurant and the only dish they have going on (lol!) reminded me of this boat. The dish is.... Wild Bat
  7. Stingray~

    AC36 - The Venue

    RG was on TE’s show yesterday and his take was that teams will be allowed in but that the ‘when’ is the big problem for now. He also fretted about SY’s. Hamish Ross was also on and had a much sunnier outlook about the timing for teams. He has not outright said it, but it’s likely he is doing legal consulting on AM’s behalf and so has good insight.
  8. Stingray~

    Youth America's Cup

    There you are, 4, displaying your ignorance again. It is obviously ‘a keel mounted motor on an ~8m sport yacht. ‘
  9. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    All true but on this part, I expect LR and UK will fly both their boats, come spring in NZ.
  10. Stingray~

    Team NYYC
  11. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    This too
  12. Stingray~

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Maybe the containers and mast have arrived, and that kit is being unpacked and prepared first?
  13. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

  14. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    Yes, the Ineos base dating back to AC35 is impressive too. The point I argued is that ETNZ had massive-enough pull with Govt and Auckland that they got an even nicer base (the former Auckland Event Center) out of their AC36 pressure, rent-free, for until they lose or longer, and even including the money for a massive retrofit - also on taxpayers’ backs. That history runs heavily against any tides that argue about how ‘GD and Co have no pull, have no influence to get the Challs onto an even AC36 playing field.’