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  1. inebriated

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    ETNZ sailed their ac50 with windward heel seemed fast to me i think the theory behind the moths being sailed with windward heel is to get the lift of the foils pushing up and towards windward, giving a bit more height the theory would work for the 75's, although they may be a little harder to control seeing as no windward rudder or bodywheight
  2. inebriated


    yeah but you won't say this isn't how you guys think
  3. inebriated


    STOP this does not conform to the narrative though luna rossa is butt buddies with ETNZ so we like them they MUST be a serious contender for the cup whats more, they WOULD OF DEFINITELY been soooooooo fast last cup magically if grr grr oracle grr didn't make the boats better after very basic and translatable R and D had been performed. grr, i hate those oracle guys, they make me angrrreeyyyy grr grr and after stating that money doesn't equal speed (look at the last cup sillies!{ha, we showed those capitalist pigs}), we must now go back on our word and say that the brand new american team MUST be in the race to win (it's also because we like them though, i love it when oracle is replaced, and i bet that these guys will do a better job of choosing people with the same nationality so we love them for that) but team GBR didn't win like ETNZ did last time (and LR would've too) so they're SHIT did i use the right satirical colour?
  4. inebriated


    why do you say that LR would've beaten artemis so handily? i have the feeling that LR had kind of plateaued by ac34 and 35, they've has plenty of shots at the mug but never really gotten anywhere. ETNZ defenitly had it from the start, but if artemis somehow made it through due to the flip or a miracle they also would've reamed oracle although i don't think oracle would of minded so much compared to what happened hahaha
  5. inebriated

    development team of OR in AC35

    @Stingray~ coming from you now who were you supporting during last cup?
  6. inebriated

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    yeah, its just that two skinned sails will always be roughly twice the price of a conventional sail plus, for say a moth, a round section mast cannot be used if the double bolt ropes are adopted, which i assume would add cost to the project. i don't really see any of this becoming the future of sailing for the regular guy like me, the only thing that comes close is maybe the advanced wing system guys which have a single sail with in inflatable(?) inside. it would be more expensive but it looks a bit more applicable IMO
  7. inebriated

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    yeah i can understand that argument for wing sails because they are a different product entirely its just that double skinned sails will always be twice the material and roughly twice the labour to produce compared to a conventional sail that being said, maybe the benefit to cost ratio will be achieved by that much of a speed (benefit) increase as opposed to a cost reduction i don't think a whole lot of benefit can be squeezed out of this rig concept like can be cone with a wingsail, unless the level is that high where .05 of a knot is the difference
  8. inebriated

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    lets be real here their will be no trickle down to any sort of normal sailor with these sails just like wings from what i could understand with the moth situation, the wings were cheaper, and easier to maintain for the average sailor than a conventional rig and sail especially if they were mass produced like rigs and sails, and a single wing is compared to each sailor's two masts and sails which they bring to a regatta to be competetive multiple wings are not needed for a moth sailor at any level, they are more versatile in their tuning and can be brought through the range plus a wing can be repaired, e.g ETNZ fixing theirs where they do become unrealistic though, is when one needs to transport them very expensive. while this new sail configuration may be faster than a single sail setup, and cheaper than a wing to transport, it will not be cheaper for a sailor all up taking the moth as an example a sailor now has two sets of two skins to go through the ranges twice the expense of the sails, and still two masts to be competitive as opposed to a single wing that can be taken through the ranges i can't see this to have any trickel down to domestic sailing even at the highest levels maybe we will see a few setting records around the world, but they don't need the AC to use them before adopting them themselves
  9. inebriated


    the british sailors were the best part about the team hey? righto champ are you exclusively talking about iain percy being the best part about the team he was the only brit that was consistently on the boat not too sure if goodison ever really touched the ac50, but chris brittle may of grinded in a few races when parko was a bit tired hahaha i agree though that they weren't ever going to beat the kiwis boat though i rekon they aren't in this cup because they just don't like the boat TT was pretty keen on cats, but it's not like a new challenger like USA could really compete against them and they were a fair whack quicker than BAR, even though BAR had what is reported to be the biggest budget of ac35 (not too sure though) and everyone's so excited about luna rossa but i'm yet to see them actually perform they would of torn up these challengers if they put in another crack like last cup
  10. inebriated


    for sure hopefully they can grab a few of the old artemis guys i think they really had it sorted last campaign, just maybe a bit too much time in bermuda next to oracle limited their thinking shame they aren't back though, they'd really of given it a good crack this time around
  11. inebriated


    the IMOCA 60's are way more "spectacular" than volvo 70's 4 knot top speed difference taking into account that their was a single man onboard for the 60's top speed of 35 kts while their was a full crew for the 70's 39 kt top speed you can't compare the 60 to ac33 or 34 boats, they're completely in a different game you can see what happens on a smaller scale when a radical boat gets put out but ends up being a flop look at the superfoier for example they'll take a few more cycles to get good a bit of hype when they were being announced but when it came to racing you could consider them to be a bit of a letdown
  12. inebriated


    mmmmmmmmmmmm i think we can all agree that artemis would've also fucked oracle and as for this cup, i don't really see the american challenge to be that competetive sure, they have lots of money, but so did BAR and look where that got them on their first crack i'd say that there will be two competitive teams this cup, IENOS and LR, similar to last cup maybe US magic can get up in it in a cycle or two
  13. inebriated


    it is pretty funny hey, i agree with you although it is kinda coming from both sides, because NZ supporters were saying it was a failure because of so little challengers, but then saying that this one will be great regardless. i even seem to remember people saying "not enough challengers" for bermuda, although i may be mistaken. hopefully we will see more it is a pretty rediculous statement saying that the AC only requires two boats, especially after the last cup where the most competitive racing was seen before the first match race
  14. inebriated

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague