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  1. Teams?

    all the sailors Artemis/Oracle/Softbank do it for the money? haha link
  2. Teams?

    yeah, i'd agree that the final was a whole lot closer racing than the scoreline shows the bad ref call wasn't in the final, but the race with the 1 second finishing margin could have gone either way i really hope Artemis gets back into AC36 IMO they're the only team that could get the cup from NZ this cycle, otherwise i reckon we'll have to wait till the next for someone to get back up there
  3. no doug thats not the answer i was looking for why do you call them UptiP instead of Uptip?
  4. please explain the use of capital letters in the word UptiP??
  5. AC36 Auckland NZ

    like who? JS has only moved teams without his old team ending once, and that was from Luna Rossa to Oracle, and to be honest, any skipper of a team foreign to their home would make that deal seeing as they had a guaranteed entry to the final. whats more is that he has not raced against an Aussie team in his life in the AC, he has been a part of every existing AUS challenge since he has been a part of the AC (discounting team AUS) tom Slingsby, Kyle Langford and nearly all of the other Oracle sailors have only represented Oracle or have had similar experiences to JS i'm not 100% sure what makes you think that just because they get payed more by Oracle doesn't mean that they're money hungry capitalist pigs but please, give me an interview or any reasoning behind them only representing their paycheck its not like all the Aussies in their team could represent their own country
  6. Teams?

    ah i was actually making a statement about the skill level within the Artemis sailing team, particularly Nathan Outteridge and Iain Percy while ETNZ "running over" Artemis "at will" is partially due to the skill of the sailors (predominantly wing trimmer), i think that most would agree that the design package makes the biggest difference in boatspeed, assuming that is what you are referring to in your post in a Pre-start, the boat's speed matters a lot less, and the skill of the helmsman and tactician (if applicable) becomes much more important to the outcome of the start it would have been nice if you had read my earlier and later comments and taken them into account when making such a rude comment but i cant complain too much after all, this is anarchy
  7. AC36 Auckland NZ

    ummmm, ok then? i was just saying that a 4 challenger AC wouldn't be all that successful commercially for NZ and it would be much less exciting then an AC with 6+ challengers wouldn't you agree?
  8. Teams?

    no, i've been on here for a while, just i only now have bothered to get an account, and i can now see why first off, my argument is not based on my assessment of someone else's estimate, i was stating that my own estimate was a whole lot different to sclarkes, which i'd say you'd agree on. oh, wait. i'm a non believer, you CANT agree with me and if you would like to be really technical then yes, the phrase and philosophy was made by Gashby,although i was under the impression that you didn't have 5 brain cells and that you could sense that when i was talking about the sailing team, i was referring to the sailing aspect of their roles. although I do admit, subtlety's do get lost through typing. what i was trying to say, as that any AC35 helmsman could have jumped into Burling's seat and won the AC from jimmy, the same goes for foil and wing trimmer, although a few days of practice would be needed. it looks to me as though you're seeing red after someone dares insult your favourite team and frankly, i cant be fucked arguing with you anymore, it reminds me of arguing with someone with a social disorder sure, what they say back may contain a fair few facts in it but i'll be fucked if they have the social awareness to realise that what they're saying is actually addressing my point
  9. Teams?

    ah no, another one of those it would be great if some of the TNZ supporters would please get a more original mindset than "whatever TNZ does is flawless" yes, they are a successful team resultswise yes, they won the latest AC but it is simply unrealistic to think that everything they do is a gift sent down from god i really respect TNZ for what they have achieved, but i am not so ignorant to believe that they aren't aggressive towards other syndicates that dont gift them money, that their holy Burling-Tuke-Ashby trinity of goodness was more important to the design process than the design team themselves, and the there was a Herbie that won oracle their cup so go on, prove me right and downvote this indio and friends i'm just a bit sick of people believing something is true, just because they think that they are obliged to because they support a ceartain team,be it Oracle, TNZ or Artemis. theres no shame in picking and choosing decisions made by your team that you agree with.
  10. Teams?

    yeah, i was getting to that on the last line of my post although i think you overestimate how much the sailing team contributes to the design process yes, they contribute a whole heck of a lot, but much of the kiwi's innovative design was forged through the designer's expertise and also the situation after AC34 that brought the mindset "throw the ball as far as we can".
  11. AC36 Auckland NZ

    to be honest, unless Artemis comes back or BAR gets their shit together from AC35, i reckon ETNZ will have a pretty easy defence while QR may have potential, a team has only ever won the AC on their first attempts, and that was by poaching half the team, which GD's got an eye out for you can bet your asses that TNZ are already crunching the numbers, while the rest are sitting on their hands, waiting for the rule to come out i feel like it could well be very similar to the '92 defence while i do want the cup to come home to AUS, i think that if TNZ hold it, it will add a bit of security to the class rule, and hopefully we can get a long run with one class, noit a new class each cup cycle like recently
  12. Teams?

    well they beat TNZ in nearly all the prestarts when in the LV final, and in the ACWS as stated before and I think you will find that most instances when the sailors have gone against one another in similar boats, the Artemis sailors weren't focused on the class in contention Paul Goodison is a great sailor, however not many would say that he is better than the likes of Slingsby, Burling and Outteridge he still won moth worlds though, because Slingsby, Burling and Outteridge were focusing on the AC, not moths another example is the 49ers, Outteridge and Jensen could have put the skiffs before AC, just like Burling and Tuke did and they could have comfortably stayed on top of the competition however, Artemis got straight into their AC campaign and TNZ eased into it a bit more, causing a difference of priority between the two pairs the fact of the matter is, the faste boat allways wins the cup. and while i sure couldent win the cup on that boat, i'd say all of the other AC sailing teams could have. the real value of a great sailor like Burling or Tuke is the tuning of the boat and the refinement of the systems, that is a task that not all AC sailing teams could do
  13. AC36 Auckland NZ

    i'll tell you one thing for sure, the nextAC sure wont be able to be up there with the greats if there are only able to be 4 challangers GD'd and NZ would be shooting themselves in the foot if thats the case
  14. Get bent, let's get rid of the jackstays !

    how about some sailing brands invest into magnetic boot technology???