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  1. Teams?

    imagine a tesla challenge
  2. Do you grease your pole?

    a bit of sail tape works well in the socket PROtect tape does it well, idk if they have rs700 stuffthough
  3. AC36 - The Venue

    hahahaha yes
  4. kite foilers have more windward heel because they don't need as much lift due to the lift provided by the kite itself
  5. AC36 - The Venue

    until oracle copy them again and bring out the same thing but faster hahaha
  6. AC36 - The Venue

  7. Team Australia

    @A Class Sailor, not too sure where you got that quote of mine from in post #328 you must have quoted me and then edited it, although that kind of defeats the purpose of quoting me in the first place
  8. AC36 - The Venue

    alright, i must have been looking at older puctures i think that they will show the ac50 though before they show off the 72 KZ-1 is hanging around because it was a visually amazing boat and it got beaten by a different kind of boat altogether, the 72's are a bit less impressive to look at especially with the wing off and the kiwi boat got humiliated by a faster boat of the same kind
  9. Team Australia

    well no, he had 50m IF the london agreement went through similar to saying "i have 50 chickens IF they all hatch" which is pretty much counting eggs when you get back to it he said he had a certain amount of money for a certain situation, not a guaranteed situation though which he recognised
  10. Team Australia

    i don't think anyone is blaming ETNZ for the costs of challenging in ac36 i think that higher costs are absolutely necessary to push a new design, which will only become less and less if this class rule becomes stable and there are more cups using this boat.
  11. AC36 - The Venue

    looks like a bit of both the semi circular fdairing at the front of the tramp and the diagonal crossbeams look like the 72 whereas the fairing on the bowsprit to create a decksweeping jib did not exist on ETNZ's ac72 that i am aware of it seems odd that they would display the boat that lost the americas cup in the way that it did, i could be very surprised if we saw that boat ever again i think that it will be the ac50
  12. Team Australia

    no, counting eggs before they hatch, i don't think you quite grasp the meaning of the phrase
  13. Larry's AC50 Circus

    do you think that they will be faster around a course? or even faster in a straight line sure, they will have more RM with the leeward foil further outboard and the windward foil wheighted (although the ac50 could neg the windward ridder [however this can be discounted due to the added drag ]) similar aero from what we can imagine heavier boat to get up onto the foils so it will take longer to get them ripping (unless whomper foils are used which shaves off top speed) i think it is safe to say that foil tacks will be tricky at best, with probably consistent foil jibes, which amplifies the issue of a boat that is harder to get foiling because it will need to happen multiple times upwind if foil tacks are not acheived the main will not be as versatile in de-powering and flattening out as the wingsail is, so probably not as efficient at the higher ends, or just shit at getting the boat foiling sure, i haven't seen the sims yet, but from what we can look at, the only thing that i can seem going for this boat is the RM so would you agree that it seems unlikley that these boats will be faster around a course??
  14. Larry's AC50 Circus

  15. Harken GP Blocks

    I’m no multihull expert but from what I have learned from chatting with multihull mates it is to do with the fact that there is no vang on most multis, but there is a traveler. On fungus and skiffs the vang takes the vertical loading of the boom and the leech tension while the main sheet plays the boom twist and a bit of the vertical play. On multi’s the main is all into the leech tension and vertical boom movement while you play boom rotation with the trav. Maybe another contributing factor is that the masts on cats are usually so much thicker than skiffs and Singh’s so it takes a bit more grunt to get some bend in Again, I’m no expert on this. I sail skiffs and fungus and this is just what I am thinking and deducing from bits I’ve heard from multihull sailors