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  1. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    ^Surely a time penalty, if they don't ask him to sail back on the correct trajectory. Tapio having some kind of troubles ? Or he has been told to sail back by Ron (wouldn't be a first).
  2. Lakrass

    Team NYYC

    Depending on your line of work it might cost a bit of money to try it and prove the point. What a change between the general comments when boat design was announced and the current ones following each video from Ineos or AM. I follow America's cup for the technological development and innovation, and we are fortunate to have such treat.
  3. Lakrass

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Surely less than 3 hours left if AT doesn't stop at Les Saintes. A bit surprising that still no announcement regarding his penalty.
  4. Lakrass

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    The main goal with twin skins will be to be able to control intrados and extrados independently allowing to maximize both effects and making sure that the air flow stay attached to the surface on every point of sail. That should produce more power since extrados could be a bit longer than classic sail, making the flow quicker, the depression behind the sail more important and thus more power outcome, and reduce drag as you could shape both surface to avoid flow detaching. I really expects them to come close to wing performance by the end of this cycle. It has disadvantages compared to wing but also advantages as they could adapt the profile on the water. I concur with @Kiwing to say it will probably be a factor or development area as important as the foils. Foils provide a greater improvement compared to non foiling monohulls but they are far better known by all teams now and the delta between teams shouldn't be greater than the delta coming from their sails.
  5. Lakrass

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    It might go all the way down to the bulb!
  6. Lakrass

    505 vs. 470

    They are very similar in a lot of aspects and once you can sail one, you will manage the other pretty well. If you are after fun, speed and regular sailing; go for 505. If you are after occasional sailing and minimizing risk of capsize, taking a riff in the 505, go for 470. If both boats are in proper condition, I would advise to begin with 470, build confidence then switch to 505 to raise speed and fun. Interesting quote about the comparison between the two:
  7. Lakrass

    Team UK

    ^ Don't get enough of those. From all those (too) short videos, it looks promising. Could Ineos be on its way to release a new 2 crew boat on the boat market? It does look attractive!
  8. Lakrass

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Development started 2016, a lot of fuss and 2 years later and it's still not really convincing. Add huge batteries and movable ballast on the last AC50 and it wouldn't take a huge effort to have autonomous sailing but what would be the relevance really? Maybe in 50 years as a green mode of transportation over water when they will be able to scale that up.
  9. Lakrass

    Team UK

    Seems appropriate if the battle for the cup is between Lipton and Nespresso! I would really like to see those two in final and I don't mind the outcome as long as it's good racing.
  10. Lakrass

    Team NYYC

    By that stretch, then France doesn't even need to build up a team to be literally into the winning team. Wait until they drink the Champagne!
  11. Lakrass

    trickle down

    Surely they will be able to break the 24 hours record and go over the 1000 miles mark in a day. I was surprised to discover they date from 2008 (single) and 2009 (crewed) for multis, it feels like there hasn't been much development until now and fully foiling. Is it trickle down from AC or general foiling trend? Difficult to tell but great to have such boats.
  12. Lakrass


    Interesting to see Spithill genuinely enjoying this ride. Is he preparing his next move?
  13. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    She caught a Sword fish. It provides a decent pull but not easy to steer.
  14. Lakrass

    Team UK

    Still nice to have a bit of content. Last two cups it felt really long before any interesting picture or video where posted. This one is not the real thing but is the showing the concept on the water instead of an animation. Let's hope they will keep producing (even if I don't expect too much since they will most likely hide the best bits).
  15. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Here is what Are's jury rig looks like during the mandatory test they had to perform.