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  1. Lakrass

    Practice Races This Week

    "Picking", illustration of hull only, and tired brain made me see a very design scoop. Handle is not really ergonomic. Let's keep the picture/video with sails and water to appreciate those foiling beasts how they should.
  2. Lakrass

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Don't forget that those distances are the one covered by the boat and not "distance made good", Sodebo might actually lose more than that while keeping 770 nm average as they have to pass North of Kerguelen. Would be interesting to have the trace of IDEC ahead as well to see how straight they were.
  3. Lakrass

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Not sure they will need to do any "jump", according to forecast this low will move quite nicely at 750-800 nm a day. With that Sodebo could reach Good hope just when a bridge is forming, their window is just getting better especially now that they managed to catch the speedway. Won't be done until they reach France. Positively impressed by their performance so far. It was probably the slowest and least reliable ultime during the Brest Atlantique. I guess refit did her good and then good sacrifices to Neptune (there is always a bit of luck for all the elements to fall at the right place).
  4. Lakrass

    Ac 75 song tracks

    Hum, chain reaction, seeing the song you picked and thinking about flying boat, it had to be Nightwish - The islander (your song first made me think about Amaranth). This might as well get posted to the topic "Next set of rules", after double skins sails, welcome to no-sail boats...
  5. Interesting talks, a bit surprised with the last bit: In apparences, LR has changed less from B1 to B2 so that is expected that they would have better control of their package. Looking at available videos, I had the impression (not saying that it is the case) that LR was the less clean through manoeuvres, they often touch down at exit and it looks like they lose more speed than other boats. Once again it might be illusion, due to sailing condition, viewing angles and so on. I don't buy it that teams don't know where they stand against each other, at least to have an estimate of the area where some boats might stick out from the competitors... 2 weeks to go until we have some clues (not the answer).
  6. Lakrass

    INEOS Team GB

    Or putting as much distance possible (to windward) to the Brussel sprouts Ben ate the day before...
  7. Lakrass

    Ocean Globe Race 2023

    Here you go, plenty to read... Disclaimer: I am not responsible of any lesion you might get by reading this content. And from the same "organiser", The Golden Globe Race (worth a look to better understand the one you are looking into)
  8. Lakrass

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    They actually compete a lot better than during the Brest Atlantique. Was afraid that it was a lost cause if Gitana didn't have any issue as they were basically together after 12h but it looks far from over and Sodebo pretty much matching Gitana, good to see. In Gitana video above, there is a quick mention of them having an issue during the night (unspecified) and that they are back in the race.
  9. Lakrass

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Am I the only one to think JLC might be trying one shortcut too many, doesn't look so bright for him right now or he's seeing something we don't.
  10. Lakrass

    INEOS Team GB

    Interesting to see how late Ineos is dropping their arm and foil in the maneuver, they are basically half way through the turn in some cases, can't recall seeing that from other team and had the impression everyone dropped before starting the turn (as ETNZ is doing in the same vid).
  11. Lakrass

    Vendee Globe 2020

    He mentioned installing 2 mechanisms (prime and backup as originally) to hoist headsails to the top of the mast. Except if both broke again, the difference in their wardrobe seems more plausible explanation (if no other issue). Given the progress over there, the wind might vary quite a lot (intensity and direction) between the location and it can lead to some nm one way or the other.
  12. Lakrass

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Thomas Ruyant had to climb his mast but he never stopped, sounds like he took a real beating during the operation It has to set new system to put headsails going to the top of the mast as both his system broke and he couldn't set any big headsail. Should be fixed by now. Could barely see him slowing down on the tracker.
  13. Lakrass

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I don't remember so much information available from Alex hub during the TJV. Will be interesting to follow (curious about refresh rate also). Do you know if other teams have similar interfaces?
  14. Lakrass

    Vendee Globe 2020

    You don't want to be kept away from the boats despite the closure of the village, here are some live webcams: Might be interesting to look at the closer to the start and see final preparations.