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  1. Larry's AC50 Circus

    ^ And because they don't need to. They can't call it Larry's AC50 circus, or AC anything, and they won't compete with AC audience as people attends AC events because of its name, history, the 3-4 years wait,... But it still the best time to launch this "AC50 like" racing. If they wait until winning the cup back (if they manage to do so), they would look like going back in time and technology to something which took place 7-8 years before. In addition they would be badly hurt if this cup cycle is as spectacular and successful, AC75 would become the new fresh and impressive things, not those AC50's of the past. Thus the best time to launch such campaign is now or in the near future, when we are still feeding of the great footage from AC36 (when we find some). It is now that they have the best reach and possible audience which could divert some from AC but I assume that most will continue following AC anyway.
  2. ^^ Most noticeable advantage is added stability at anchor for the confortable sleep of Madame.
  3. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Fair point, it would be enough to post the question in various parts of SA. You will get totally different answers depending on the thread in which the question is asked.

    Yeah I've watched all the races these boats have done as well - and you are so right Maybe I didn't express myself correctly but what I mean is that gaps will grow very very quickly if you have one boat sailing upwind at ~35 knts and the other going for a reach at ~10 knts because they stop flying. Did any designer speak about the expected acceleration of those boats compared to AC50? This would be a very interesting parameter as the lower the acceleration, the bigger the gap in case a boat stop flying and the other not.

    ^ Add some big obstacles in the middle of the water (spectators boats to get them close to the action) and then you have flipper arcade mode races. That's an innovative race course... Don't ask who pay for the construction cost, it will be cover by ticket price (in theory)

    True. But if it requires them to go for a reach in order to fly upwind, it can quickly become bad for the competition. If one boat stop flying while the other continue, it will create huge gap and it doesn't align with close racing. Foiling tack will be even more critical than during the previous 2 cups. That's actually my main concern, that boats should transition to fly mode in similar conditions and manage similar tacks in order to have good racing. It's not that fun to see 1km+ lead and it can quickly happen with this kind of boats.
  7. Team NYYC

    Main difference with the logo, this one looks serious!

    Is there a rule to forbid using spars to use the code zero as counter weight by locating it as far as possible overboard on windward when not in use? Is the advantage worth doing so and code zero available enough time? Or is the code zero considered as ballast when not in used, in which case located as described in 9.5? The advantage might be negated by the aerodynamics effect already but could be interesting to have an extra 100kg located near the foil.
  9. Team UK

    The 50M and 75M figures from the Italian are probably mind games. They probably wish that other competitors will enter with that kind of budget, that would surely lift their own hopes... While the serious contenders know that a budget in excess of 100M is required to have a proper chance.
  10. Oracle Team USA

    Picked up during the last group meeting: "Hey you know what? Those guys at SA, you can throw whatever dumb ideas at them, they will keep fighting to explain you the truth. You just have to continue denying them using whatever argument, even making your own, and they will keep spending time and energy trying to convince you. It's so fun, you should try some times." I must admit, they are pretty good at it. Speaking of truth and evidence, I would like video, data, whatever proof that a F1 driver is using his foot to break and accelerate his car. We never see his foot and it would be so easy to have that controlled by a control unit on board the F1... But let's speak of that in another thread on another forum!
  11. I just bought a 'Mystery Dingy'! What is it?

    The hull really looks like a laser 2 to me but the sign on the sail doesn't match. It has a double arrow on the jib, not very far off if you move the two lines from the equal to form another < ... Some facts and figures: http://www.laser2sailing.org/boat/specs.php https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_2
  12. Artemis?

    Isn't it the boat used for testing sails by TNZ? Looks alike to me. That would be some coincidence to have someone wearing an Artemis hat nearby. Could they be that they discuss that openly with interested competitors? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12001609
  13. ^ Great read. Is it the first time they are getting a bit more specific about sails? "The rig is still under development but will feature soft sails, including code zeros for downwind legs. The mainsail concept is likely to involve a twin-luff set-up, which creates a much more efficient wing-like transition from the mast to the sail."
  14. Mothquito

    Probably that the gennaker will be mainly use for those sailing in tandem and not in solo. Some more below. Would be interesting to see on water behavior when they begin sailing this.
  15. Do they also plan to change boats in between races for whatever reason (electric shock which could potentially arm nearby fishes, and eventually sailors)?