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  1. Lakrass

    Team NYYC

    By that stretch, then France doesn't even need to build up a team to be literally into the winning team. Wait until they drink the Champagne!
  2. Lakrass

    trickle down

    Surely they will be able to break the 24 hours record and go over the 1000 miles mark in a day. I was surprised to discover they date from 2008 (single) and 2009 (crewed) for multis, it feels like there hasn't been much development until now and fully foiling. Is it trickle down from AC or general foiling trend? Difficult to tell but great to have such boats.
  3. Lakrass


    Interesting to see Spithill genuinely enjoying this ride. Is he preparing his next move?
  4. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    She caught a Sword fish. It provides a decent pull but not easy to steer.
  5. Lakrass

    Team UK

    Still nice to have a bit of content. Last two cups it felt really long before any interesting picture or video where posted. This one is not the real thing but is the showing the concept on the water instead of an animation. Let's hope they will keep producing (even if I don't expect too much since they will most likely hide the best bits).
  6. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Here is what Are's jury rig looks like during the mandatory test they had to perform.
  7. Lakrass


    Quite logical since the president himself banned cheating.
  8. Lakrass

    Team UK

    Definitely not in its normal sailing configuration. Towing the quant from the bow pull the front of the boat down making it extra draggy and causing a bit of extra wake. Still difficult to estimate speed accurately. Or should I say even more difficult to predict speed as it is sailing in a particular configuration.
  9. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    The tracker looks like tadpoles frenzy today. Peche is keeping a good rhythm despite his problem. I hope that its tanks to good balancing rather than a lot of manual steering, otherwise he should get exhausted by now. Quite interesting to see the development of the race and the different choices in the chasing group. When following Vendee Globe, most sailors follow the same routing (or very close) depending on their current position and their routing system (with deep weather knowledge and opponent position). But here after a few day of convergence between Are, Gregor, Susie and Uku; they decided to part again in different groups. Great to have diversity and not a boat procession.
  10. Lakrass

    Team UK

    If it is a constant struggle, it might be a pain to watch but some struggle is not bad at all. It allows for the very best to show their skills and talent, then rise to the top. Yes the America's Cup is a design contest but it's also a sailing one. When sailing dinghies, you also have to balance your boat and have a feel for it to extract the most performance. I really like that this aspect could be kept (in a certain measure) in big scale with AC75's and limit the automation.
  11. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Is it really led by Are. Gregor looks like having the best seat in that fight for 3rd. Will see and as you wrote, the next proper leader board will be established when they pass Cape.
  12. Lakrass

    Start line technology musings ...

    I had the same idea, with projected laser line on the water plus a gyro on top of the mast to stabilize the laser and the camera. The tall mast option is probably the best possible view considering the no drone restriction. Then you could imagine different systems on top of it depending if you want it to be visual for the competitors (projection on water) or the judges (virtual mark on the video feed). Another system would be to have 3 cameras taking pictures of the fleet at the start signal, then have a recognizable object at the front of each boat (like a red and yellow ball) which could then be tracked on all 3 images to provide the position of the front of the boat relative to the start line. That's probably more towards the geek approach. Would not work well with agitated seas but that applies for the above idea as well.
  13. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Peche seems to agree with you and despite his vane issue, he is putting some south in his route. He will be exhausted when he will reach land...
  14. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Gregor might well join them as well. According to your routing he doesn't seem far off the rest of the group. Slats needs a bit more fortune to get back in touch with the leading two. Great to see all boats going well after the hiccups following the start, no serious incident reported for a while. Few equipment lost but nothing race stopping and still a decent fleet with battles in different groups, probably as good as one could expect at the start.
  15. Lakrass

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    It would make sense. My initial though was if the tracking system was not crediting Slats of enough progress and suddenly caught up, but your explanation seems more appropriate. Even if the 3 transmitters refer to the same boat, they might have different identification codes which could lure the tracking system into this situation (current tracker last used 1-2 weeks ago when Slats was ~650-700 nm away from now to which his actual displacement is added). I remember some competitors having trackers not working at time (or voluntarily disconnecting them) during a Vendee Globe. But Slats tracking has not been off for 6-7 days! That we would have noticed.