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  1. Lakrass

    Percentage of the distance foiling

    If we go back a little, they were not supposed to fly during AC34 (at least it was not the intention of the rule) and they were up the foil for a good portion of the race. AC35 was meant to be flying cats and they achieved 100% foiling time on some races. Hopefully they will hold their promisses this time as well and they will be mainly foiling.
  2. Lakrass

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Is a team defined by its legal entity or also the people composing it? For instance if the brit enter the F50 circuit under Team Ineos (without UK), have a specific technical team separate from AC but still use the same sailors. I don't see how this would break the rule. It really feels like that rule is more for dissuasion than anything else. On another note since F50 will basically be one design it won't learn AC teams a lot on a platform they know pretty well already. And I don't think any AC team will be tempted by F50 circuit, it risks to divert from the main effort and you file in a team composed from AC sailors, the expectation would be that they crush the competition since they should know how to sail those boats. Anything but wins will hurt their reputation.
  3. Lakrass

    Team NZ

    Isn't it more to avoid turbulence under the wing and make the bottom part of the wing more efficient rather than providing extra sail area?
  4. Then you have to find the sweet spot where the foils enter the water. The splash around the rudder is really suspicious on the current render as most of the fast foiling boats will have a water spray behind the foil, not in front as pictured. Same for the are where the lifted foil meet the hull, difficult to imagine that it can rotate. But the more you got into the details, the more time you will spend, for what? Their goal is to design and build a boat to sell. Their photoshop works was enough to catch the attention and get some nice publicity, I don't think the goal was to fool people. Would it looks better with a more realistic picture? Definitely! Would they gain something extra from this? Probably not and possibly the opposite considering the added effort required.
  5. Philippe Briand : Is it a cheap way to gain exposure and publicity? I don't really see any dinghy or light sail boats on their new project list, rather the opposite.
  6. Lakrass


    Would it be so dumb for a lower budget team considering an entry to keep low profile until Nov 30th? I mean they could do with a team of engineers and run plenty of simulation until then, it leaves plenty of time to evaluate the concept in details and eventually find some 'out of the box' ideas which might provide a good shot at the cup (if not, at least have better confidence if this will work or not). With the potential good idea in hand and an advanced design, it should be easier to convince some extra sponsors to join in (making up for penalty fees). Late challenge also allows to recruit the crew later and spare some $$$. For a small structure not yet fully convinced by the foiling monohull, it might be strategically interesting to wait until Nov 30th to apply. Lower risk and higher rewards for them than committing now (without bad publicity to draw back in case they realize they won't make it). The drawback is late start to build the boat and less time testing it but such team would only build one boat and won't have the budget to develop it a lot anyway...
  7. Lakrass


    A JC75 at dock will still look like a regular monohull and take reasonable amount of space at the dock (compared to 500 sqm for AC50). As much as this looks like a regular power-boat at deck or slow speed. But there stop the ressemblance as it would for any AC concept at this age. AC is about performance sailing and the relation to papy Sunday sailboat is very thin whatever the rulebook. Defending Imoca might prove risky as they are probably the class which has the most to gain from the outcome of JC75. Imoca is slowly increasing their foiling dependency and if someone manage to have reliable foiling around the world, they probably will go for it whatever ugly beast it requires... JC75 will be an interesting technical challenge anyway and much better than what could be... The Sardinian challenge have been cited as wanting to change the rule in case they win the cup. Have a look at their surrogate:
  8. Lakrass

    Gonet Monofoil

    I agree with Tornado that it would have been interesting to compare Gonet to the multis in foiling mode (not necessarily high wind but high enough wind to foil). I don't expect Gonet to match the multi's foiling performance but if it can manage to be somewhere in between high perf mono and foiling multi that would deserve some appreciation.
  9. Lakrass

    caption contest

    Who said I can't be an Olympian?
  10. Totally agree and sometimes it totally changes the perspective of the boat. Had the same feeling with Formula 1 cars when they run older cars but have to take away the tobacco sponsors, it leaves a hole and the car looks a bit odd and it's a mind game to convince myself that it's still the same car that I cheered for. As a team, I am sure they would benefit more to leave the old boat in their original livery. As current ETNZ sponsors, they are probably in partly due to ETNZ heritage and past success and want to benefit from it but I would rather see a big Toyota or Emirates flag on the old boat than a totally new livery without appeal.
  11. Lakrass

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    How long before the first regatta was superfoiler officially announced? Wasn't it in June 2017 for a first regatta in Feb 2018? Target date for the first regatta is around Dec 2019 for the non-AC50's serie which mean they still have plenty of time to get arrangements done and announce it well in time. It is always preferable to have your product in a near-finished state before starting to sell it, so they are probably trying to have most teams, venues, broadcasts options figured out before any sort of official announcement.
  12. Lakrass

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    ^ That + Even if ETNZ knows anything, why would they be confirming that the event will take place and take focus and exposure away from America Cup anyway? What would be their interest to give any comment on that at this stage? And I am pretty sure ETNZ is well aware of things going around them and are probably more informed than most (if not all) of us here whatever the status of the 'AC50 thing'.
  13. Lakrass

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    The difference is that the JC75 shouldn't use the crane every day (in principle) and spend the night like a boat should, in the water. Berthing is probably one of the limiting factor for the emergence of multihulls in the general public, it takes so much place and parking fees at the marina aren't small... Whether it succeeds or fails, those JC75 should be interesting either way.
  14. The sailrocket is still holding the record for the fastest sail boat, we are getting there... Interesting theory anyway, quite difficult to determine if it's really an interesting configuration. In addition it looks good on paper and probably on flat water, but the venue is unlikely to provide such flat water thus the submerged height will vary/oscillate with time in the configuration drawed.
  15. Lakrass

    AC36 - The Venue

    While they can't put the wing on display for safety reason, they should put a mast and a wire version of the wing, it would allow visitors to appreciate the size of it and it is always easier to picture the whole thing with some reference points.