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  1. Lakrass

    Corona Virus

    It becomes increasingly hard to read anything from the numbers. They only show officially reported cases, depending on testing methodology used by the country the actual number of people who has/had the virus might be between 1 (if everyone has been tested) up to 30 (according to Iceland tests) times more. That's pretty broad. Add to that the fact some countries test after death (Italy) while some don't (will influence death rate). It appears death rate depends a lot on the age of the people who got the virus. If a country manages to isolate 50+ years old, they should have very low death rate. There, it is also very tricky to observe which measures are working best because there is a big difference between what is told/requested by government and how it is applied (let's say that Spanish people won't follow instructions or even recommendations the same way than Japanese). It also seems that, unfortunately, most Western government don't know what they are working towards or trying to achieve. China and Korea were clear that they wanted to contain. Europa wants to spread the spread in time until ??? Vaccine or group immune? Quite unclear. All Western politicians critical of China being slow to react can only point to themselves now, and they had the advantage to know it was coming. And the figure probably looks better than reality (the ratio between cases in Europe and in China is much bigger than numbers shows). Only official cases are reported, not sure how many hospitals can performed the testing and treatment. In small villages, it doesn't matter to know if someone is infected if they can't be hospitalized anyway... Plus the average age in Africa is much lower than Europa, ie. death rate is much lower for them. I also believe that they are more used to epidemics, they don't flag and report on how many people get and die from yellow fever or dengue every year on a daily basis. It's unfortunate but Covid-19 has got so much attention because it has gotten close to people in big industrialized countries. It's "funny" how the spreading maps start to look as the wealth distribution in the world (to some extend)... Now we are left with some ethical questions for our politicians: - How much is a life worth to determine the acceptable financial impact vs number of deaths? - Are we observing the powerful (rich and politicians) trying to save themselves at a great cost for all because they feel they are the most at risk? - Is it best to save as many life as possible and maybe compromise the future and life quality of most, or should we accept more deaths for a better future of the mass? - What is the influence of the public opinion and how does it influence political decisions? - Should we allow states to track every individual to contain similar event in the future? (too late for this time) - The list probably goes on and on... I am quite glad I don't have to answer any of those and not sure there are any "right" answer, it is a balancing act which is different for each country.
  2. Lakrass

    Corona Virus

    I don't get it, silver stock price is going down... They got the wrong bullets for incoming zombies.
  3. Lakrass

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Showed like this, it is quite spacious, dry and clean space.
  4. Lakrass

    Team NYYC

    I believe most of us see the glass half full when it comes to your contribution, and we've enjoyed plenty! Would be delighted to have pictures and reports from half the sailing days of the other teams.
  5. Lakrass

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    If you jokers look closely, the “ground” appears to be sucked up where the hull gets closer, as it should in a Venturi Water flowing under a bridge also get sucked up because the air is moving faster under the bridge, causing the pressure to drop and the water to lift! Or it is just a shadow playing tricks but it can't be that simple. Boats would need "skirts" to prevent outwards flow if there was any hope for ground effect. They would also have to redesign the hull, as LR and ETNZ are sailing, they would be more likely to create diffuser effect and downforce instead of lift. Cars using ground effect for downforce have diffusers with side walls for a reason. Ekranoplan has speed and span to make it work thanks to enough air flow.
  6. Lakrass

    Team NYYC

    World speed records usually required to hold the speed for a given amount of time or distance, in sailing that's 500m as min distance officially sanctioned. Then the sampling rate and accuracy of measurement device should be negligible for the measurement to be relevant and current GPS are still somehow limited to take an instantaneous reading as accurate. Best (public available) GPS accuracy is currently around 1,5m, with a sampling rate of 1sec, it is around 6% of possible error. And we are not taking into account the possibility to move the handheld device on the boat (not difficult to move arm 1m forward in 1 sec, adding 4% extra). High end GPS wouldn't resolve the issue and the numbers couldn't be taken for granted either (except if they hold the speed for long enough). The article is a bit misleading, gyros measure acceleration and allow to correct actual displacement and speed (not measuring speed directly). Fixed on the boat and pretty accurate, that's the value to trust the most.
  7. Lakrass

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I am sure many would like to have the hammer in hand to hit on some particular heads...
  8. Lakrass

    Team NYYC

    Any correlation between those hearing 35 and yanny? Lacking some info anyway about units, which boat he is referring to, wind speed, ... to make it any relevant. Even with all those, not sure we would know much more how they are going against the competition. They do look stable though (can be good, can be bad). In any case, always nice to have some pic or video from the boat, they look impressive whatever their color.
  9. Lakrass

    Women with the America's Cup

    Actually I quite liked VOR approach, women are not imposed to the team, but allow various team arrangements favoring women. AC crew options could become 11M, 10M2F, 9M3F, 8M5F, 7M6F or 6M8F (+ 1 guest for all), crew max weight based on 80kg average for men and 65kg per women or something like that. Teams free to chose whatever combination they want from options. Would probably become a trade off for teams between space, extra crew weight and advantage to have extra roles on board. Not hard imposed limit and since same options are available to all, that stays fair in my view... It still imply that female sailor are not 1:1 equivalent to male which I don't really like, but that would help build a pool of female sailor with AC experience which is lacking and one of the reason of their absence right now.
  10. Lakrass

    AC36 - The Venue

    Should we already argue about what the truck will sell? For those wondering, it will probably be as clear as the rest of their campaign and be fish!
  11. Actually I am more interested in seeing if they are closely matched or if there are big gaps than who is ahead. We could see some gaps building pretty fast and then the team ahead will probably lift off, but I expect that if they are closely matched, they will want to emerge ahead. For the long term, I hope to have (relatively) close races so that it's not a game of catch me if you can from whatever team is ahead. Would also show that the different designs are working well and that it remains open. I don't mind some races with a boat clearly faster upwind and the other one downwind, could also build some suspense. For all following F1, this will feel like pre-season testing. Can only worry if one team is well off the pace or has much more reliability issues than the others. Will know part of the answer soon.
  12. Lakrass

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Found some more regarding L'occitane foils, it looks like the philosophy has changed during the design process. Early representation had the foils much lower on the hull. Even on more recent graphics (from, it still looks like they are entering the hull at the bottom, but not clear to see on such low res and black on black. Could they have gone for foils like Beneteau Figaro 3? But more extreme with much longer arms, that should fit the description about offset, trimaran-like, could fly low. About retractable, they could add some curvature at the end of the arm and push it out to actually lift the foil to take minimum space outside the hull (push to lift instead of pull to lift), and not bad for RM either (they might need some serious beam in the arm depending on its length).
  13. Lakrass

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Quite interesting indeed. Still hard to figure out how flying low, fully retractable and foil offset/trimaran like goes together. Especially that current Imoca's foiling low tend to have the foils near the hull and the one having big offset tend to flight high with bow up. Wonder if we couldn't see some foils looking like AC75's. No pivot point, but if the arm is curved close to the hull, it doesn't take much to take the foil completely out of the water (except a lot of grinding). Does it mean they also have to go anhedral to have some righting moment from the foils and keep the hull from flying high? How else could they control the attitude and avoid going bow up as the hull seem designed to be sailed flat like Apivia? In a sense they did well not to reveal the foils during boat launch, it builds some anticipation and allows us to come with bunch of hypotheses only to be proven wrong when they finally show and release them...
  14. Lakrass

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Quite the opposite, they might create another area of low pressure and generate ventilation on their own (effectively extending the ventilation area)... That was one of the critics about the bulb, there is more risk to generate ventilation than without, but ventilation area might be easier to control. Longer chord is also increasing the risk. It seems quite local and not affect the performance too much though (same with the tip near the surface). The boat stays pretty steady during the video at least.
  15. Lakrass

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I am waiting to see it fully rigged with foils. I expect it could look quite similar to Apivia (which is not bad given Apivia's performance) except for the foils. I quite like how Apivia is sailing quite flat with the foils barely lower than the hull. Downside, it's pretty draggy and sticky in light wind. With deported foils as intended by L'occitane, I expect a nose up attitude like Charal and Hug Boss losing the advantage of the scow (as will be further away than Apivia's, the hull will be higher up, and all boats need to sit on their ass for stability hence the expected bow up attitude). But I like the idea to have retractable foils which don't hang in the water and probably a good platform when foils will be allowed on rudders... The other alternative being very short and curved foils arms to have big foils like Apivia, close to the hull and retractable with the foils pointing upwards when retracted but I wouldn't call that deported as they present their foils in the link above. Might also induce a hell of stress in the curved arm. Curious to see what comes out in any case and I feel spoiled to have so many new boats with such broad approach. Btw, don't read too much about the above, I am probably wrong but they told me I should train my brain and (try to) think sometimes...