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  1. Sidecar

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    The BN number I gave was from memory. Just checked my data base and I made it 2.39. But that would be with the larger “topmast” C 0. FWIW, Beau Greste an MOD 70 tri is 2.55, basically being some 500 kg lighter because of less crew. I think “fat”skegs or keels are the way to go. In displacement mode, they reduce waterline beam (and hence wave making resistance) and provide better balanced lateral resistance at low speeds, especially with the C 0 up. They also provide softer more controllable splashdowns.
  2. Sidecar

    The Incoherent Ramblings of a Toddler

    Oh shut up. We have a professional military. Gen. Miley said today they will defend the Constitution (hint that doesn’t involve following an unlawful order). Simple really. There will be a lot less rioting, death and destruction on their hands if the military uphold the election results rather than assist in their overturn?
  3. Sidecar

    Random PicThread

    Nice to see children relaxing and playing after a hard day’s chimney sweeping..... The good old days of unrestricted capitalism. MCGA!
  4. Drip, leak, flood.........
  5. Sidecar

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Of course. Splashdowns, inadvertent or otherwise and takeoffs are fundamental too.. But as long as there there is enough breeze, it should be pretty quick. It may not be obvious, but AC75’s have Bruce Numbers around 2.5, about the same as the most high powered multihulls, they also only need about 6 knots of breeze to lift a hull.
  6. Sidecar

    Pardon Anarchy

     And you need a pardon for each crime? Do they come in booklets of 20? You get a special discount for orders of over 20 pardons.......
  7. Sidecar

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Now THAT is a big surprise.........
  8. Sidecar

    America's love affair with the law.

    100% correct, but guess the source of the trend? Americans often ask why Aussies are so interested in USA politics and culture?.......Because USA trends eventually will happen here and it scares us shitless. We have enough corruption and bullshit on our own without it being transformed and manipulated into USA’s current surreal art form. You only have to look at our own corpulent bankrupt nut job Trump copycat, Clive Palmer: Steve Bannon and his elk have also been busy over here, and we do have at least one common propagandist: Rupert Murdoch.
  9. Sidecar

    Pardon Anarchy

    And you need a pardon for each crime?
  10. Sidecar

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    There is an all round rig efficiency zone around 7/8th-9/10th using the inherent cantilever strength of the mast for above hounds support which reduces mast panel length and shortens stays, shrouds and fore halliards and the drag and weight that goes with it all, with some mainsail (on a cleaner mast top) above to reduce the jib top vortex, whist still maximising foretriangle, and, not that it is relevant for AC75’s, but a (running) backstay (or swept back shrouds) set above the forestay can help stop mast pumping offshore without the need for an inner forestay. By using the lower hoist position for the Code 0, there is also a slightly further aft CE which might reduce the balance disparity between jib and Code 0? CE is slightly lower as well for reduced RM.
  11. Sidecar

    Pardon Anarchy

    Let Trump pre pardon himself, his family and the rest of his gangster cabal. He would be admitting guilt, so Trump should then be investigated, tried and convicted. Then worry about the pardon. At least Trumpalos will be made aware of the extent of the shitfuckery from the shitbag they blindly, dumbly supported. Whether they accept that reality is another matter.
  12. Sidecar

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    It would be an interesting tactical move by NZ if they raced B1 in the Xmas series and then B2 in the cup itself. NZ would intimately know how B1 sails relatively to B2, but no one else would have a clue?
  13. Sidecar

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Less weight and drag? A special height Code Zero halliard isn’t going to get used much? They have a “spare” jib halliard anyhow? If not, they do now......
  14. Sidecar

    Boats and foils comparison

    Maybe the gaiters/spats NZB2 tried were a way of achieving extra ballast volume as well as maybe some recycled lift from spray deflection? Drag and lift wise, better to put it there than at the “t” foil intersection?
  15. Sidecar

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    This. The reality is that even with “the worst wing ever” at 5 metre span (excluding any additional benefit from the foil arms), AC75’s operate entirely within in the 0-40% wingspan WIG zone. Box kites, sky surfboards and frisbees are just a few examples of objects, which, despite their lousy wing spans all derive some aeronautical benefit outside the WIG zone, more if they could stay well within the zone. FI racing cars also have lousy wing spans..... And a terrible foil shape due to their other functional necessities.