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  1. Solar update

    FWIW, not (entirely) solar, but some hybrid developments happening here in Australia: http://www.antsolutions.com.au/ http://www.windpods.com/pdf/Windpods_Brochure.pdf You don’t need solar and wind farms, we hav enough built environment to do the job....
  2. Solar update

    I have a 24 panel 6 Kw system at ~ 43 degrees south and we generate ~ 7,000 Kw pa which covers all our own usage and generates a small export power profit after meter/grid connection fees over a year. They have been up 8 years and I have regularly checked but never touched or even cleaned them, they seem to be operating with the same efficiency as day one....
  3. Solar update

    For good reason because the people who you have elected and employ in the public service have realised that there has to be a change of ways and are providing inducement to do it....... Get on board, sounds like a plan. Don’t miss out!
  4. Solar update

    Apologies for my contribution to the thread drift.... FWIW, I am solar self sufficient/surplus for power also, and will be going off grid with micro pumped hydro and desalination for extra fresh water when the time is right... if I reckon I can do it......
  5. Solar update

    It? It? What is this “It” you are talking about? There will not be one solution to this global problem. There will be many and varied to suit local circumstances and geography. “It” solutions are the mindset of monopolists who put greed and control before social/global responsibility.
  6. Solar update

    You mean it is too hard and they are too lazy and it is easier to persuade short term politicians to do as they say.
  7. Solar update

    You must have shares in or be on the payroll of a nuclear power company. if you covered every suitable rooftop, and covered every on grade car park, freeway, railway etc with panels and or turbines etc, you would not need any more open land nor any extra infrastructure. And because it is all so widespread, less transmission loss as well, because a lot of the power would be produced locally. Power investment by many, not just a few. If the national grid was (is?) coast to coast and shared/managed, the time difference also helps to balance out peak/base load problems. The great challenge is how to store power. Pumped hydro has the most potential. In Australia, researchers have recognised over 3,000 potential sites with over 400 metres head. Even some of the coal pits are now so large and deep, they are becoming viable as well. And some are right next door to an existing power station. The same must be the case in US, you have a lot more and a lot higher sites than Australia. What is needed is positive constructive strategic thinking, not just short term monopolistic profit control by a few to the future detriment of the planet. Sooner or later, nuclear (and coal) must end up in tears with no way back. What legacy do you want to pass on to future generations?
  8. Solar update

    That is a huge number of Kilowatt hours for a domestic situation especially bearing in mind that you are just past the equinox and still have the summer months to come...... HM panels have you got and what do they rate? What do you do with all the surplus power?
  9. Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    The weight saving won’t necessarily show in the overall displacement figures because it was probably put into the bulb at the bottom of the keel.....
  10. Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    FIFY.... Only 5%?
  11. Caribbean 600

    You seem to refer to the past when’s it comes to stayed rigs and the future when it comes to freestanding ones. Whatever benefits freestanding ones in the future will also benefit stayed rigs as well. if I had used Sponberg’s 3% diameter rule of thumb for wall thicknesses, the respective weights would be around 120 kg and 60kg respectively, and those weights don’t include the bury in either case below decks. Finally, as you have liberally recycled Sponberg’s views on freestanding rigs up thread, may I recycle two that you haven’t: ”....in a freestanding rig, the wind pressure on the sails causes the mast to bend sideways and back. No wires supporting the mast so the mast itself has to have a big enough cross section and thick enough walls to handle the load. This necessarily makes the mast bigger [and heavier] than its equivalent stayed counterpart....” and ”....the mast section size has to be a lot bigger and wall thickness a lot thicker for a freestanding mast on a multihull than for a monohull. This has two bad effects: it makes the mast a lot heavier and it makes it much more expensive to build.....” https://www.ericwsponberg.com/wp-content/uploads/state-of-the-art-on-free-standing-masts.pdf i really am done now.
  12. Caribbean 600

    Mast sizing is derived from P164 of Skenes Elements of Yacht Design. Different materials, but the principles should be the same. Please argue with Mr Kinney. He is qualified, I am not. Re cap shrouds, you are assuming stainless steel or galvanised rigging together with turnbuckles and all the heavy stuff that goes with it. Synthetic rigging is a game changer. You know that. I can tell you that the entire synthetic rigging set up for my boat weighs absolutely peanuts, relative to the spars or stainless rigging, it even floats.... Enough of this, I wish you well with your boat.
  13. Caribbean 600

    I hate returning to a thread after I have had my final say, but clearly you are no structural engineer either. Otherwise you would know that the three principal factors affecting the structure and size of a mast are safety factor, material used and panel length. Safety factor is deterined by the acceptable risk of failure. Every material, no matter how wonderful it is (or will be) is still governed by the laws of mast section geometry and the inherrent properties of section modulus and moments of area. Using equal safety factors and materials, it comes down to (the square of) panel length. So for your boat, I am guessing that you have an above deck carbon mast height of (say) 16500mm. My fag packet calculator, in round section diameters gives: Cantilever mast: 272mm deck, 111mm top and a rough weight (above deck) of 87kg. 2 spreader masthead: 165mm deck, 83mm top and a rough weight (above deck) of 50kg. And you can carry as much extra sail area as you want in front of the mast. You could go smaller section, but not lighter with a 3 or 4 spreader rig. And FWIW the Moth numbers are: Cantilever mast: 85mm deck, 34mm top and a rough weight of 4.4 kg 2 spreader masthead: 51mm deck, 26mm top and a rough weight of 2.8kg. And you can carry as much extra sail area as you want in front of the mast. I know, a moth is single spreader, but it it is cantilever above the hounds. So extra sail area only below the hounds..... In the case of Groucho’s double mainsail, I would respectfully suggest that if he reconfigured one of his mainsails into appropriate foresails, the brute increase in overall area and power would give better all round performance and balance options. I have nothing against una rigs, cantilever or stayed, but they do have their limited place in the world of Caribbean 600 type performance yachting. And FWIW, a stayed Proa mainsail can also be dumped DDW. That I do know from personal experience.
  14. R2AK 2018

    I would rather give up proas than have a pair of rudders like that..... Rudder separation is important, the further apart the better. Sidecar’s, and I believe Bucket List’s are too close together. Your “ideal” rudder set up above would tend to confirm this as well... I found Sidecar works best with the aft rudder locked (lifting) and steering with the front one, so not everything is as obvious as it may theoretically seem. I will be in Melbourne in June, Rick, will catch up with you then..... I will let you know as soon as the dates are confirmed. .
  15. R2AK 2018

    All Multihulls suffer to a greater or lesser degree from this, especially dynamically. What works with 2 hulls in the water doesn’t necessarily work so well with one hull in the water and vice versa. Also speed makes a big difference. What works at high speed doesn’t necessarily work at slow speeds. But you have to start slow and build speed and adjust. Life is self flagellation in one form or another.....you pays your money and takes your choice....