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  1. Sidecar

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    So you prefer to support a lying treasonous gangster?
  2. Sidecar

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    But you prefer to support a lying treasonous gangster?.....
  3. Sidecar

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Your problem is that anyone who isn’t Republican, is a crazy socialist. Biden and Bloomberg are crazy socialists? And you would rather support a lying treasonous gangster?
  4. Sidecar

    Random PicThread

    Remains of a neon sign on Glenelg North Beach South Australia. Carried away in the 1948 storm from the old jetty about a kilometre to the south. You can see the town hall tower in the background. As a kid, it was a good surfing spot, but now totally fucked by overdevelopment and breakwaters....
  5. Sidecar

    empty nest adjustment disorder

    ^^^^^ This. Lots of things all happening at once. Do you have long term projects for retirement? Short term ones don’t give as much sense of purpose and belonging. Leave you kitchen in a mess...
  6. Sidecar

    "National Cleavage Day"

    You mean this Mary Louise Parker?
  7. Much, much worse.......... Even from down here, half a world away.
  8. Why Is it news to you? After all, he worked with Trump’s father for 30 years and learned all the tricks of the grifting trade right along with Donald.........
  9. Excellent choice Sol. Clapton’s “Unplugged” is one of my all time favourite albums.....
  10. Sidecar

    wtf Australia what is yall doing??

    It is possible. After the Dunalley Fire, I saw a melted “tinnie” or two and at least one roadside “trickle” sculpture is adorning a wall at a friend’s house..... I am sure that the Gippsland/ far south NSW fires were much worse....
  11. Sidecar

    R2AK 2020

    You need to do a lot more research before buying anything. There are many others out there who have general experience of pedal power on boats and on R2AK especially. Speak to them. Russ Brown and the guys at Turning Point are two that spring to mind for starters. Rick Willoughby has helped me with many things on my boat, especially electric drive. We have also discussed pedal drive. Still want to do it one day....I am no expert and happy to stand corrected, the conversations were years ago, but here goes: Your set up needs to be geared to what your legs can produce to get ~200 prop rpm. And over long periods of time. To do that you will need 2:1 or 3:1 gearing. Prop size and pitch is important. The bigger the prop diameter the greater the tip speed and hence propulsion. You shouldn’t be looking at anything less than ~ 18” blades and pitch does make a difference. You will have to try many pitches to get the best one for your setup. Rick is not a fan of flex drive systems because they are not particularly efficient and can have a jerky motion which is hard on the legs. If you must have flex drive, keep the length short and the bends as gentle as possible. The ergonomics of how you sit and drive those pedals is also hugely important. I only offer this to help make you aware that it is not as easy as buying what seems to be a simple eloquent solution. If it was, many others in R2AK would have adopted it years ago. Good Luck.
  12. QE2 wouldn’t even if she could...... Simply not done old chap, especially for someone as rude, crass and classless as Trump. Even asking would be poor form......
  13. Sidecar

    I still call Australia home

    You might have been trolling, I was trawling for bottom feeders........Success! Fuck I love this place.....
  14. Sidecar

    I still call Australia home

    Deflection and Bullshit......
  15. Sidecar

    I still call Australia home

    Says the (now righteous) man who blamed it all on Green Local Councils not issuing burn off permits and suggesting that the cunts should have their arses sued off them........