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  1. Sidecar

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Either she was in USA all along, despite reports of being allegedly seen/living in London, Paris, Israel and maybe elsewhere or she was “smuggled”in. So much easier than extradition and preventing her claiming sanctuary in a sympathetic embassy somewhere?
  2. Sidecar


    Say that out loud in the middle of 5th Avenue during a St Patrick Day’s March......
  3. Sidecar

    The Wall

    who knows.... It might even make a bridge?
  4. Sidecar


    If someone had some nous, they would put a noose around the nonce’s neck......
  5. Sidecar

    How did we get to this sorry state?

    ^^^^^This. And it’s not just USA. The whole “free” world suffers from the same malaise to a greater or lesser degree. All bread and circuses.
  6. Sidecar

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Try reign...... To rein is something you do to a horse. Rain is water vapour condensate falling from the sky.
  7. Sidecar

    Front Page: "Shit's about to get real"...

    Mini 6.5’s have their own needs, limitations and peculiarities, but in terms of future innovation in short handed offshore sailing, they can give a good clue...
  8. Sidecar

    Ivanka. You go Girl!

    I was unaware that Chelsea had been appointed special advisor by her dad, like Trump did with Ivanka? Was Chelsea ever in any G7/8 or G20 official photos with all the other leaders?
  9. Sidecar

    Front Page: "Shit's about to get real"...

    “Proper” scows do. Many box rule boats including Imoca 60, even AC 75 have bow restrictions to prevent them becoming “proper” scows, so you end up with this blunt bow approach on the bow width restriction limit of the rule. Mini 6.5’s have the most relaxed rules and the most extreme approaches:
  10. Sidecar

    Front Page: "Shit's about to get real"...

    You have misinterpreted the direction of the water flow on the reverse bow... it is flowing much more along the “foil” than across it. And the dynamic lift available is greater from flatter V sections than it is for sharper V sections. If you were only looking at nose diving and dynamic lift, arguably the most efficient shape from those above would be the overhanging bow, but fully inverted in section and profile?
  11. Sidecar

    Front Page: "Shit's about to get real"...

    The diagram is fundamentally flawed because it assumes that the LOA for the bottom three shapes is the same as LWL for the overhanging bow. Move those three bows out to LOA of the overhang bow, and redraw the sections at the overhang bow stations. There is a significant amount of extra reserve buoyancy further forward on all three of them. Additionally, if there are no strict LOA limits, by using “inverted” topsides, the reduction in hull section girths gives you spare material to extend the bow even further, so what you lose in buoyancy, you gain back in leverage and for the same amount of overall material, you can get a longer waterline, less windage and less shadowing of foresails when heeled.
  12. That is point..... Give him time and opportunity and he will. Who is going to stop him and his cabal? He doesn’t respect the constitution, does illegal things, spreads propaganda and lies to suit and has shown clear vindictiveness to those that say or do anything he doesn’t like..... including accusing opponents of doing “bad” things. He does much worse, more blatantly and openly in plain sight. You behave like an appeasing apologist of the 1930’s...... And that ended well?
  13. Sidecar

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Limited number of libraries and limited times. Sorell Library does it on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.
  14. Sidecar

    Speed in current

    PS ....... And you should also reduce the distance upwind by the reduced time exposure to the 2 knot current....
  15. Sidecar

    Speed in current

    Try this to get a rough idea for 2 knot current and 20 knot wind from same direction parallel to shore line: Draw a line to scale representing your best boat speed and course to steer (CTS) to windward (up page) for the distance to get into the slacker water. Adjust (down page) for leeway and 2 knots current. Work out the time elapsed (TMG). Now draw a line representing shortest distance across to be directly downwind of the point above. Adjust (up page) for leeway and current for CTS. You know from polars or experience what the boat speed is likely to be, and that will give you a TMG. The difference between the two TMG’s gives you the time needed to tack upwind in slacker water between the two adjusted points. Those are the two extremes. And it should give you a good idea, without too much trial and error of different CTS’s in between to find roughly what the optimum CTS is likely to be.... There will be different answers for different boats, different shore line angles and different wind/current scenarios?