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  1. Sidecar

    Random PicThread

    Valerie Perrine?
  2. Trump’s warm hearted respect, grace and magnanimity is breathtaking....
  3. @Saorsa, apologies, I missed a category, FIFY:
  4. Trump is a bankrupt, fraudulent, corrupt, lawless, litigious, treacherous, lying, nepotistic, narcissistic, impulsive, delusional, racist, sexist, destructive, divisive, dissipated, disrespectful, inarticulate, crass, ungracious, vindictive, unstatesmanlike self confessed pussy grabber. He is a disgusting human being and a laughable disgrace of a president. It has nothing to do with being “outside the political class” or elitism. It has everything to do with trust, responsibility, accountability and not being above the law. Anyone who has ever supported him falls into three basic categories: 1) Has or hopes to directly benefit from his corruption, grift and incitement. 2) Is under threat or is being blackmail by him. 3) Has been hypnotised or brainwashed by constant fake news bombardment from Fox/other right wing media and inciting rallies and is no longer (or perhaps never was) capable of independent rational thought and has mutated into a cult participant. There are many who fall into more than one category, which ones are you?
  5. After Putin gave Trump videos of Giuliani doing highly embarrassing things with Russian hookers. Also a “subtle” reminder to Trump.....
  6. Sidecar

    Trump's farewell party.

    Come on Sloop, Trump can’t be in two places at the same time? Maybe load the 21 guns with his offspring and chief perper-traitors?
  7. Be fair guys..... Melania was a better First Lady than those who preceded her. We never saw their tits?
  8. Sidecar

    Russians- again

    I am sure Navalny is a noble man. He also knows he is a dead man walking, and we don’t know what permanent damage has been done to him anyway.
  9. I sincerely hope that you are right on all counts......
  10. Sidecar

    Russians- again

    Unless Novi-Chock totally fried his brain, he must have known and expected what would happen to him upon his return to Russia? Political statement/martyrdom.
  11. Sidecar

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    She is a certainty for a pardon or a freedom medal?
  12. Trump is probably having a (silent) pardons auction..... Those that miss out won’t have offered enough.
  13. You weren’t the only one.......
  14. Sidecar

    A message for our righty elk

    Or they are reacting to the overreach of the left. I predicted that impeachment would bring many back that were walking away. Add on the tech worlds vendetta to stop any speech that doesn’t agree with the views expressed by Mr Cooke and people are going to react At best the stats above prove that a few have walked away, at worst, it proves that it doesn’t matter what Democrats do, Republicans won’t reconsider their position on Trump, and will continue to totally ignore the blatant overreach of the right.